the ultimate blogger kitty desk…:-)

N.B. for catlover bloggers: THE handy CATable:”play with your cat and get some writing done at the same time… When you’re ready for a break, just scoop the feline out and put it back on your lap.” 🙂 – more here: – its designer’s website:

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P.S. The cat seems to be my Spanish Lucky-Loulou’s twin… 🙂 I’d really like to order this awesome CATable, but it’s not yet available for sale and its designer has mentioned that the cat in the pix would NOT be provided or included in its price… 🙂

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  1. Pisica mea ar avea nevoie de așa ceva, cu siguranță! 🙂 Faină ideea!

  2. I had to laugh at that great innovative design Melanie. The cat could spend hours in there exploring. Ian

  3. Oh my! Bette would be in heaven with this, although one of her beds (out 5) is on my desk next to my laptop. She likes the monitor of the laptop ONLY if I don’t pet her.

  4. Hi Melanie. Your pictures and words are so uplifting. It’s nice to know I can come here to get a reminder of what spring should look like. 🙂 Enjoy it, my friend.

  5. Ah this a awesome! I’m sure Malus will love it, too!😁 Thank you for sharing, dear Melanie!❤️

  6. Cats are precious beings that bring us love and energy! I like your desk and your special cat, too!

    • 🙂 I do agree about cats and I’d like to have a catable… but this desk is not available for sale yet and its designer has mentioned that the cat in the pix would NOT be provided or included in its price… 🙂

  7. Cute! 🙂 I like cats, but I don’t like the table. It’s like a sort of cage…

  8. You spend all the money on a catable and they end up sleeping on your keyboard. 😦

  9. Funny table for full time cat pleasure, indeed. I’m a cat lover too, you know, Lady Mélanie… Have a nice day! Hervé

    • 🙂 oui, Sir Hervé aka Normandy catlover… j’attends qu’elle soit commercialisée et comme disait John: comment on n’y a pas pensé plus tôt?!… alors que les architectes et les designers aiment les chats… 🙂 thanx for dropping by and have a sunny Monday!

  10. I love this desk and I am sure my Princess will be in love with it. Thank you! love, Nia

  11. Cool idea… but I’d bet when you’re ready to get some work done, your cat will be up on your keyboard just as fast as you can type your first sentence! 😉

    • I do agree with you, Mrs P: cats are curious, free-spirited, independent, autonomous, and they listen only to themselves, not to their “masters/mistress”(in our dreams…) 🙂

  12. I am throwing money at the screen, but nothing happens! 😦

  13. That would work, but I’d hate to think what our cats would pull in there with them.

  14. Any cat would love this desk/table. I’m surprised, Melanie, that someone hasn’t designed something like this ages ago.

  15. Je veux le mêmeuuuuuhhhh! 🙂

  16. Ha! Dix fois mieux qu’un arbre à chats! 😉 L’esthétisme et l’utilité pour les propriétaires en plus!

  17. Waw! Ce birou! Funcţional, frumos, deosebit! Iar motanul… bijuterie!

    • ehehehe, mi-as fi comandat unu’ pe loc, da’ pentru moment e doar un prototip, va trebui sa mai asteptam disponibilitatea-i comerciala… oui, un vrai bijou! 🙂

  18. Foarte interesantă… dar aş vrea una şi pentru căţeluşa mea husky dacă se poate!!!

  19. Now that is totally cool…… Pam

  20. This is SOOOOOO fabulous! I just love it. Wonderful.

  21. Foarte tare biroul! 😆 Pisicuța, adorabilă, cu ochii ei curioși! Eu cred că aș fi mai mult atentă la ghidușiile ei decât la scris! 🙂

  22. It will be very usefull for my cats! 😀

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