weekend in Bergen – gateway to the Norwegian fjords…

Bergen – porte d’entrée vers les fjords norvégiens et la 2e ville de Norvège, port international agréable qui fait partie du patrimoine mondial-UNESCO… chargé d’histoire et de tradition, avec le charme et l’atmosphère d’une petite ville, devenue capitale culturelle du royaume – un endroit incontournable et malheureusement, l’une des villes les plus arrosées du pays, donc parapluie et k-way indispensables pour chanter sous la pluie… 🙂

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Bergen is the 2nd largest city of Norway, a pleasant international port and UNESCO World Heritage, packed with history and tradition, small-town charm and atmosphere, the cultural capital of the kingdom – a must-see spot and unfortunately, one of the wettest Norwegian places, so umbrella and raincoat are absolutely needed to sing in the rain… 🙂
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P.S. if you wanna spend a wonderful and interesting 3 day-weekend in Bergen: http://www.visitbergen.com/en/


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  1. Looks quite welcoming.

  2. Such a beautiful place! Should add to my wish list for visiting!!!😃❤️

  3. What a beautiful three masted schooner in the harbour! Wonder if it’s a tourist attraction or is a real schooner. Norway sounds truely inviting, but then again all the Scandinavian countrys do. Cheers! Ian

  4. But you found some sun!

  5. Absolut superbe imaginile! Am auzit ca Bergen este un oras superb, ca si Alesund de altfel, mult mai frumoase decat Oslo! 🙂

  6. Great photos. Oh how I love Norway! (Yes, my heritage is Swedish, but I love Norway!)

    • yes, indeed, Miss Mona as Norway is beyond great… 🙂 I do recall you have Swedish roots and origins, but you love Norway… well, I’m not surprised and you certainly know both countries used to be one single kingdom until about 100 years ago! 🙂 last but not least: Norwegians and Swedes have hated each other “cordially” since WW-II as the Swedes collaborated with Nazi Germany(in supplying iron ore!), while the Norwegians fought against them from the very beginning to the end, lots of them died for their homeland… you may have watched “The Heroes of Telemark”, based on a true story, dedicated to the “Norwegian Resistance” and filmed in Norway…(I did realize on the very spot a certain distance and reluctance for the Germans…)

      • I can’t remember the name of the book, and it was really quite boring in its details on military manœuvres, but the main point was how Great Britain tried to beat Germany to the occupation of Norway because of its military value. Who knows what might have happened – or who would be seen as the enemy – if they hadn’t blown it.

  7. Immagini che fanno sognare pace e tranquillità. Buona serata. Osv.

  8. Sempre splendide e interessanti sono le immagini che ci mostri. Uno spaccato di Bergene e dei suoi fiordi.

  9. Și totuși, în fotografii am văzut mult soare. Frumoase locuri! Cu toate acestea, nu îmi doresc prea mult să le vizitez, sunt tare rea de frig.

    • Norvegia e dincolo de minunata, iar curentul cald(gulf stream) “îndulceste” clima si nu-i mai frig decât în… România! 🙂 Când am fost la Oslo prima-data în iulie, erau 34°C!!!

  10. Thanks for the reminder. The first time I went to Bergen, we arrived by ferry from the UK just as the sun was setting behind us. The rain clouds parted long enough to let the view explode in sparkling light and color. Gorgeous!

  11. … de bien magnifiques photos de ces lieux Mélanie! Bonne semaine toute entière à toi!

  12. I haven’t been to Bergen in more than 30 years but instantly recognized it. It is nice to know that it is a lovely as I remember it.

  13. I’ve been there, too! 🙂

  14. These great photos bring back very fond memories. Thank you! John

  15. This is lovely! I love Bergen! I went to university there! 🙂 Thank you for showing me these beautiful photos! 🙂

    • you’re very welcome, Line, my joy and pleasure! I did visit the University, too… 🙂 btw, when do you return to your amazing and beloved homeland?…

      • I was there last May, and I am planning to go in July or August, I go once or twice a year… 🙂

        • O.K. tusen takk! 🙂 er India din faktiske hjem? og hvis så, hvorfor, hvordan komme? – fordi det er helt og fullstendig annerledes fra Norge… Jeg håper du forstår min overraskelse! 🙂

          • Fantastisk! Du kan snakke norsk! 🙂 Så flink du er! 🙂 Nei, jeg kommer fra Norge, flyttet til India for et par år siden. Jeg kom til India først for å jobbe som sosialarbeider, men nå er det kjærligheten som gjør at jeg fortsatt bor her! 🙂 Jeg elsker India også. India er så full av spiritualitet, sjel, hjerte, smil. Det er mange grunner til at jeg ville flytte fra Norge. Jeg elsker fortsatt den norske naturen og landskapet, men det er mange ting som er vanskelig i Norge. Begge landene er en del av meg nå, og jeg er stolt av at jeg har et ben plantet i India og et i Norge. Jeg er forresten født og oppvokst i Stavanger, hvis du kjenner til den byen! 🙂

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