staggering Iceland…

j’aimerais m’envoler avec les nuages ​​vers les falaises où le jour et la nuit s’unissent et deviennent éternité… j’y monterais afin de cueillir le bouquet vert-perpétuel de la vie… j’ai regardé les sources chaudes – véritable champ de bataille où “Dame Nature” ne se dérobe jamais et ne montre aucune pitié à travers les saisons… en Islande, on marche sur la lave solidifiée, couverte de mousse douce, minuscules cassis sauvages, thym arctique et linaigrette… un vrai plaisir de s’y balader! 🙂
* * *
Bolungarvík, Ósvör, Bolafjall, Seltún – amazing Iceland…

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I’d like to fly away with the clouds to the cliffs where day and night merge and turn into eternity… I would climb up there to pick up the evergreen bouquet of life… I watched the hot springs – Dame Nature’s true battlefield: it never flinches and it shows no pity throughout seasons… in Iceland, you walk over solidified lava, covered with soft moss, tiny wild black currants, Arctic thyme and cotton grass… a real pleasure to stroll around! 🙂
* * *
P.S. the top of Bolafjall Mountain offers a dramatic view when there’s no cloud, some say you can even see Greenland’s coasts, situated at about 270kms away… well, I didn’t! 🙂 more Iceland here:


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  1. Oh, was für ein wunderschöner Beitrag, danke Dir… und Salut, Ernst

  2. Love the houses! 😀

  3. Wow, that is some picture. The cotton grass reminds me of dandelion puffs here. The half buried fisherman’s huts are wonderful. What a unique look at Iceland. Thank you.

  4. Fantastic photographs, are they actually houses that appear part buried underground? It must be a beautiful isolated existence living there. Regards, Ian aka Emu

  5. What a wonderful place! It looks beautiful over there… 🙂 Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

  6. Yeah, I would like to go there…

  7. Ce locuri minunate! Peisaje deosebite, unice. Oricum, Islanda este un loc cu totul special, fata de restul lumii. Multumiri pentru aceste fotografii tare faine! O seara frumoasa! 🙂

    • Islanda-i UNICA, nu gasesc superlative potrivite… am fost de doua ori, sper s-ajung si-a 3-a oara asap… am facut mii de poze, vei gasi o mica parte prin blog, daca ai timp si interes. Multumesc si noapte-buna! 🙂

  8. Uno immagina l’Islanda piena di ghiacchi e con vulcani che sputano fuoco. Tu invece hai colto un’altro aspetto di questo paese: il verde e le enormi rocce.

    • buona sera, GP! odio le generalizzazioni e la stupidita delle persone che parlano in completa ignoranza dei fatti e dei luoghi! sì, questo è uno scherzo, una leggenda e un luogo comune: è il paese dei ghiacciai… il clima è temperato dalla Corrente del Golfo, non è mai inferiore a -5°C e da -10 a 15°C fino alla cima dei ghiacciai. Sono andata 2 volte, mi sono innamorata à la vie, à la mort e spero di tornare appena possibile… se avete tempo e interesse, troverete altre foto nel mio blog…

  9. Totul e pe gustul meu, fara nicio retinere! Multumiri!

  10. Ca fait longtemps que l’Islande me passionne profondément…

  11. Simplement superbe! merci Mélanie. Joli jour, bisous, Liz

  12. Ieri m-as muta definitiv in tara aia, pentru totdeauna! 🙂

  13. I’m lovin’ the white fluffy looking ticklers – What are they?

  14. Iceland. My goal for the next trip…

    • O.K. ma’am, lemme know and keep me posted, please… 🙂 oh, btw, our son will spend one week in Iceland this coming September!

      • Will do. And I hope your son has a ball! (If that’s what they do in Iceland.)

        • I don’t get your “ball” expression…? – could you enlighten me, please? 🙂

          • No pun, or anything else intended. “Have a ball” is just an expression meaning I hope he has a really good time.

            • Thanx, Miss Mona! I’d never met this expression before, but I’ve eventually guessed its meaning… 🙂

            • I am so awed by your English as a second language! Doesn’t ever sound second until it hits an expression. Like my Egyptian friend who was told she needed elbow grease to polish something, so she went looking for it in the store.

              • Thanx, Miss Mona, glad and honored by your opinion about my English… ❤ I wonder if your Egyption friend speaks French, too? why?… 'cause "elbow grease(oil)" is also a French expression(huile de coude) and a practical joke that means: hard work/effort, courage, energy… 🙂

                • Yes, she does also speak French. Interesting bit of information.

                  • I’m not surprised as we have Egyptian and Lebanese friends who are fluent in French and English! 🙂

                    • You are all awesome! I can’t even speak my father’s Swedish. He wouldn’t teach me, ’cause he didn’t want me to encounter the put-downs he had experienced. Besides, it gave him and my mother a way to speak behind my back while I was still there … 🙂 Fortunately public (and private) schools are doing more to teach children when they are young and ripe to learn language.

                    • yes, ma’am, we are! 🙂 I do recall your story about your papa… All the Americans I’ve met didn’t speak any foreign language(s) because English has been spoken all over the world these past 50 years and they can get along everywhere… 🙂 People who speak several languages are “richer” and more open-minded than others – intellectually speaking as any language involves another culture, civilisation, art, literature, gastronomy, etc. – a general enrichment, understanding, tolerance, respect…

  15. Tu ai ajuns cu piciorul pe tărâmuri pe unde alţii doar cu gândul le ating, iar ce ai surprins din colţul ăla de lume mă face să vreau să ajung cândva acolo, doar că asta nu cred să fie o întâmplare prea curând, de fapt nici ştiecând nu’i. Dar ne-ai adus Islanda aproape, aşa că o putem privi prin ochii tăi.

    • viata noastra-i bazata pe alegeri, alternative si decizii pe care le luam si le-asumam, caci nimeni nu (va) face nimic în locu’ nostru… n-am avut niciodata gusturi de lux, posedam doar casa si 2 masini(ce au 10+8 ani!), nu “aruncam” banii pe haine si “papuci” de marca(brand?), nu fumam, bem putin si rar(socially), avem 2 copii-adulti responsabili, echilibrati, independenti, autonomi si recunoscatori, facem sport si amor… concluzie: suntem un cuplu mixt pe-aceeasi lungime de unde si-aceeasi frecventa de vreo 35 ani… N.B. daca am avea înca o viata, am petrece-o calatorind si citind în limbile pe care le folosim zilnic…
      * * *
      multumesc pentru popas si-o zi senina, afar’ si-n suflet…

  16. Spécial! Mais, que c’est beau Mélanie! Bonne poursuite de cette soirée!

  17. The Dancing Rider

    Beautiful. Solitude portrayed via some of these shots is so inviting. 🙂

  18. Mélanie, thank you for your visit to my blog and for liking one of my posts which now link me to your awesome blog. What a wonderful blog you have here! May you be blessed more abundantly in the name of Jesus Christ. I appreciate!

  19. When I was a teenager, I worked with an elderly woman who was born and raised in Iceland. It’s lovely to see pictures of the land. How interesting the contrasts are… hot from volcano and hot springs and cold from ice.

    I was looking at Wikipedia and saw the same image as the shot of the shore on their page but your photo is much nicer with the overgrown green effect… the angle seems to be a popular one. At first I thought it was the same photo but it is clearly not. Your link at the end of the post opens up this post. I wasn’t sure if you were trying to show something different on the more info section.

  20. The cotton grass is fascinating as are the grass covered houses.

  21. buongiorno Melanie… bellissimo spettacolo la natura! ciao, Franca

  22. Wow, Mélanie, je suis impressionnée – tant de destinations! Tu fais un voyage autour du monde? Bises!

    • ah, non que nenni, mais si j’avais une autre vie, je la passerais à faire le tour du monde et à lire… 🙂 btw, notre vie est basée sur des choix et des décisions que personne ne fait ou fera à notre place:

      “It matters not how strait the gate,
      How charged with punishments the scroll,
      I am the master of my fate:
      I am the captain of my soul…”(Invictus – William Ernest Henley)
      * * *
      P.S. you may know the famous Latin saying: memento mori, carpe diem et gaudeamus igitur! – remember you’ll die, live this very day(moment) and therefore, let’s rejoice! 🙂

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