”laisse-moi devenir l’ombre de ton ombre…”(Jacques Brel)

le soleil se lève plus tôt parmi les branches et leurs feuilles vert-foncé… sa chaleur fond et disparaît sur mes épaules, comme une offrande généreuse, accompagnée d’une prière à l’amour et d’une musique en sourdine… chaque geste demeure incrusté dans nos pensées auprès de nos émotions profondes, des mots doux et des baisers volés avant l’aube… ces derniers jours de juin jonglent avec leur image sensuelle et nous éclairent les cœurs débordants de fleurs d’été, en attendant la rhapsodie du mois prochain… nous remarcherons sur les traces de nos ombres – entre le ciel et la terre, sur le même sentier de l’espoir… 🙂
* * *
motto:”let me be the twin shadow of yours…”(Jacques Brel)

the sun rises early among the stems and their dark green leaves… its heat melts and vanishes over my shoulders, like a generous gift, accompanied by a love prayer and a muted refrain… every gesture stays engraved within our thoughts, close to our deep emotions, sweet words and “stolen kisses” before dawn… these last days of June play with their sensual image and light up our hearts full of summer flowers, waiting for the rhapsody of the following month… we’ll continue to walk into the footsteps of our shadows – between heaven and earth, along the same pathway of hope… 🙂

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L’autre regard… – Andrée Chedid

Si tu te heurtes aux murs de chair
Si tes mots sombrent avant de naître
Que ton sang agrippe tes os
Que ton œil perd sentier
Éveille en toi l’autre regard!
Celui qui transgresse le monde
Et distance le temps singulier
Dans le goulot des jours
Quand s’engouffre la pénombre –
Ameute l’autre regard!
Sa lueur te cherchait…
* * *
🙂 my quick and free version: another look… – Andrée Chedid

if you dash into walls of flesh
and your words sink before their birth
and your blood grabs your bones
let your eye lose its pathway
awaken another look inside you!
whoever infringes the world
and outruns the singular time
within the neck of the days
whenever darkness rushes –
stir another look!
its glow did try to reach you…
* * *
🙂 P.S. todah for your amazingly well-matched photos, “ahermin”! ❤    


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  1. Great collection of pics Melanie. I enjoy your choice of writing as an accompaniment. Regards, Ian

    • thanx a lot for your kind comments, Ian… I do appreciate them all! 🙂
      * * *
      – I did explain the etymology of the word “magnolia”: it comes from a French botanist Pierre Magnol, Professor of Botany and Director of the Royal Botanic Garden of Montpellier, France; I’ve never heard of gals called Magnolia! 🙂
      – you’re right 100% about Nihon: I’ve been to Japan 4 times, I love it and I often miss it… ❤ I did write several posts on this beloved topic… 🙂
      * * *
      my very best, tons of inspiration and c u asap, cheers! 🙂

  2. Un très bel article Mélanie, merci et bonne fin de soirée mon amie, bisous, Gigi 🙂

  3. again so beautiful. I love the golden light shining through the leaf!

  4. Veramente suggestive e affascinanti sono le immagini cha accompagnano il tuo testo.

  5. Beautiful photos. Have a great day! 🙂

  6. Mélanie, c’est très beau, les photos comme les textes… J’aime. Tes mots sont brûlants et Cupidon t’a tiré une de ces flèches! Heureux de te voir heureuse. Bon dimanche! Hervé

    • merci bcp, Hervé! être heureux, c’est un choix et un état d’esprit… comme j’ai précisé @ mon “about”(à propos): je refuse et j’évite de me plaindre de la vie, car c’est ennuyeux et inutile… je ne vis pas dans “un monde des bisounours”, mais j’ai choisi d’être joyeuse, positive, optimiste… 🙂 un dimanche serein et à+! 🙂

  7. Great photos, Melanie. I like the one with the shade of the bird. Such a big luck.

    • yeah, his pix are fantastic and sooo inspiring… 🙂 aber warum “big luck”?…

      • You can’t wait till a bird is flying away and then take the picture in the middle of the stone. There is only luck or Photoshop.

      • But he takes really good pictures. You are lucky, too having such a great friend with so nice photos at the left hand. 🙂

        • 🙂 yes, indeed, but he’s right-handed… photography is just his hobby, he’s very talented and generous:”Mel, everything in my account is (for) free. You may use any of my creations in any way or form you wish. You may modify them, use them in your blogs, websites, projects, for CD/books covers, whatever. You may even pretend they are yours. You may sell them or whatever. I couldn’t care less. You do have my permission for everything you can think of regarding my work. No link-backs, credit or copyright notes, mentioning of my name or nickname are required. Cheers! HA.” – QED… 🙂

          • Thank you very much Melanie. This is very kind of you. I appreciate it very much. If you like to share everything, why don’t give me your passwords, Credit cards and Bank Accounts. 🙂 I have a very strict guideline for myself. Everything on my Website or Blog especially photos are my/our own. Some are taken by my wife when I’m filming, and some text I copy of public websites for explanations or descriptions of certain areas. But I never use it for good. But of course if you like some pictures of mine, just use them or ask for, so I can send it to you without the copy right marking. I don’t care either. You are very welcome to use my photos and I would feel honoured.

            • 🙂 you – funny lad! well, I’m a sharing person – by my own nature and by excellence… to me, the verb “to share” is far more important than “to receive”: it’s simple, deep and true joy of living… 🙂 speakin’ of copyright, I did mention at my “about”: All texts and/or pix of this website are legally protected by international laws of copyright. They may be reproduced with the author’s written permission and by quoting the source(s). In case you’ve come across, recognized or noticed your images(pix) from PUBLIC websites that are covered under “fair and free use” – believed to belong to the public domain, PLEASE lemme know and I’ll remove them from my “playground” immediately. I do respect the work of all the talented folks who have created wonderful “stuff” for our mutual enjoyment! 🙂
              * * *
              danke schön for your kindness and generosity… I’ll let you know and/or I’ll keep you posted, in case of… O.K. 🙂

              • No problems as long as you let me know with a link, it’s ok. All the rest is work of my lawyers. 🙂 It’s nice that you are a caring person, so am I. I think if you don’t want to share anything, you don’t put it on the public part of the internet. I have seen once a public homepage of a website from a Probus club written on the top:*** Confidential only for members of the Club. *** I think I will use something like this in the next post to create some additional traffic. *** Confidential – this post is only for WordPress Staff ***! 🙂

  8. Heureuse d’avoir découvert ton blog il y a peu de temps. J’aime venir me régaler de voir de belles images… Bon dimanche, ici sous la pluie à Paris! 😀

    • mille merci, Yoshi! ❤ si tu as lu mon "about"("à propos"), tu auras saisi le but de mon aire de jeux… 🙂 pour moi, le verbe "partager" aura tjs été plus important que "recevoir", donc je partage tout avec joie, c'est "ça" se réjouir vraiment de la vie…
      * * *
      pensées toulousaines amicales, mais "grisounettes" après la pluie de la nuit dernière… un dimanche serein et à+! 🙂

  9. A treat for the weekend! Thanks much, Melanie! 🙂

  10. Beautiful pictures! Absolutely stunning! *(purrs)*

  11. Frumos… Imi place tare mult “lasa-ma sa fiu…” Multumiri si imbratisari, Melanie!

    • ❤ un sincer multumesc, sweet coffee… desi belgian, Brel e un monument al muzicii franceze si internationale, caci l-am ascultat si-n… Taiwan! fumator îndârjit, a plecat în neant la numa' 49 ani(RIP)… 😦
      * * *
      sanatate si-o duminica relaxanta… pe curând! cu drag… ❤

  12. Colours and soul…

  13. “and your blood grabs your bones” – what a great description of fear! Amazing photos… especially the shadow rock and the orange leaves! Ahermin hit the jackpot!

    • ❤ thanx, sweet Rammy gal! I did do my best for the translation from French into English… 🙂 my favourite photo is the one with the couple behind the red sunshade… yep, "ahermin" is super-talented! 🙂

  14. Love the picture of the bird’s shadow. Beautiful words!!!

  15. Superbe billet, Mélanie, pour terminer cette journée en beauté!

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