fleurs des champs – beauté(s) à l’état sauvage…:-)

“Les soleils couchants
Revêtent les champs,
Les canaux, la ville entière,
D’hyacinthe et d’or;
Le monde s’endort
Dans une chaude lumière.
Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté,
Luxe, calme et volupté…”(L’invitation au voyage – Charles Baudelaire)

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wildflowers – July beauties in the nearby fields… 🙂

“The setting suns
reclothe the fields,
the canals, the whole town,
with hyacinth and gold;
the world falls asleep
inside a warm light.
over there, all is merely order and beauty,
luxury, peace and pleasure…”(Invitation to Travel – Charles Baudelaire)
* * *
N.B. la fleur rose-fuchsia est surnommée par les fermiers locaux:”la petite orchidée du pauvre”… – the fuchsia pink flower is nicknamed by local farmers:”tiny orchid of the poor”… 🙂


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  1. Ein herrliches Gedicht von Baudelaire über die Beschwingtheit dieser Zeit, untermalt mit fantastischen Bildern. Herzlichen Dank fürs zeigen.

    Un charmant poème de Baudelaire sur la joie de vivre ce moment, ponctuée par des images fantastiques. Merci beaucoup pour le spectacle.

  2. This is just beautiful, Melanie. Wow! I’m on the next flight to France, If only it was that simple. My family come from Rouen, France, St. Jean de Montagne (Perche) and many more places. I have it all in my family ancestry. Anyway, just thought I would mention a couple of places. Paris is another one. Love your site, ma belle!

    • thanx, Miss DéDé! ❤ aha, got it: from Rouen(Normandie, north-western France) & St-Jean-de-Mortagne Perche, lots of French people went mostly to Québec and North America… I hope you'll make it to France asap, try to avoid vacation season: from mid-June to the end of August, and X-mas week, of course! Everything is more affordable, about less 50%: airtickets, accommodation, restaurants…(check out with Air France-US, their packagings are often quite interesting!) If you need any particular infos, do contact me, please! 🙂

      • Thank you Melanie for being so helpful. I went out in the woods today for a few minutes after I worked at my mother’s house. I picked some blueberries, and when I stopped to pick up some wild flowers, there were some wild strawberries. It was fun. Spent the entire day by myself and cleaned. My mother passed away last October. Haven’t taken care of her stuff yet, because I babysit and the children are super active. If I do come to France, I want to stay in Italy in an old monastery with nuns running it. I will feel at home and hope to make some new friends while I am there. But I must do it soon. I am already getting antsy since I planned it five years ago. They say it is lovely in September in Italy. Cheap accommodations and a ticket on the train is what I am saving for. Hugs and have a great day. 🙂

  3. Superbe Mélanie, bon week-end mon amie, bisous, Gigi 🙂

  4. I came home from Italy to find that the wildflowers had returned to our fields. They’re the best kind of welcoming bouquet, beautiful to all that happen upon them. You’ve shared such a beautiful bouquet of your own, today, Melanie. Thank you! 🙂

  5. Miniaturale dar create si surprinse cu atata gratie. 😉

  6. Modeste, dar de o gingășie și o frumusețe care rămân întipărite în minte și în suflet. Zi frumoasă, Melania! 🙂

  7. Au așa un farmec florile astea de câmp! ❤

  8. “Gura leului” imi aminteste mereu de vacantele la bunici. In gradina lor erau nenumarate, de toate culorile. Multumiri, Melanie!

    • în franceza se numeste “gura lupului”(gueule du loup), iar atât cea salbatica, cât si cea “domestica” sunt prezente din iunie pâna-n septembrie (cam) peste tot… ❤ cu placere si cu bucurie, "Cafeauata"!(nu-ti cunosc alt nume…)

  9. Très jolies photos bien accompagné par le poème! 😉

  10. C’est magnifique Mélanie! Douce soirée! 🙂

  11. Les fleurs sauvages sont plus belles que nos fleurs des jardins. 🙂 Magnifique série. Bonne soirée Mélanie.

  12. Meravigliosa carrellata di fiori spontanei. L’orchidea dei poveri è stupenda come il fiore del cardo. Sei bravissima nella scelta delle immagini, impreziosite dalle tue parole.

  13. Toujours aussi agréables pour les yeux et les souvenirs que ces fleurs des champs! Bonne poursuite de ce mercredi Mélanie!

  14. Ah les fleurs des champs, comme un doux rappel de l’enfance passée à la “datcha” en Russie…

  15. What I love the most about spring and summer are the beautiful flowers. They always give a lift to my heart.

  16. One of the things I miss is lots of wildflowers… Florida doesn’t have many, not like California and the desert but every once in a while I’ll find one and be surprised. Like the weed that I have been pulling in my garden turned out to have a beautiful flower… so now I wait until it flowers and then I pull. 🙂

  17. How sweet is the little orchid of the poor.

  18. Magnifique post, Mélanie. 🙂 Oh, grand Baudelaire! J’aime ses poèmes! 🙂 “L’nvitation au Voyage”… le poème m’inspire beaucoup! hugs! 🙂 Jussara

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