le cœur du Parc National de la Vanoise…(1)

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more pix comin’ asap… 🙂


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    As I looked down on the village, I wondered if the people there thought they lived in the coolest place on earth or do they feel overshadowed by these majestic walls towering over them?

  2. Majestic. Where is your mountain bike? 😉

  3. En bon géographe, j’ai étudié “l’étage alpin”… Je crois que désormais, je vais l’appeler “l’étage Mélanie”… Amitiés, à+! Hervé

  4. Simply stunning! Wow! ❤

  5. Herrliche Bergaufnahmen, ist das in den franz. Alpen oder in den Pyrenäen? Ich vermute in den Alpen.

  6. Merveilleuses montagnes, jolie série. Merci Mélanie. Belle fin de soirée.

  7. You take the most beautiful pictures Human! 🙂 great job!

  8. Magnifique Mélanie! Bonne fin d’après-midi, et agréable soirée, vers un excellent week-end! 🙂 ❤

  9. Oh my. Gorgeous! — and I’d be OK with that means of travel, too! (not the bike…)

  10. Wow, it’s so beautiful there. Have a nice time!

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