“I’m not a ‘has-been’, I’m a ‘will-be’…”(Lauren Bacall)

Farewell and RIP, Betty Perske aka Lauren Bacall… ❤

sadness, admiration and respect… Miss Bacall was goin' to be 90 next month, but icons and legends NEVER die… Jean Negulesco, the Romanian director offered 'The Gift of Love' to her and she's been a true gift to the Hollywood golden age. She'll be finally reunited with her Bogie – THE love of her life who has been waitin' for her since his 'Big Sleep’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LF_chuSy9G4

“My life has had meaning, with the friendships full and valuable and essential to me. My children, Steve, Leslie, and Sam, are all different–all first-rate human beings with high standards–whom I completely and unequivocally adore–don’t always agree with–but always admire and respect. They all have wit and a sense of humor and, I have hung on to mine.”(Lauren Bacall) – pix from google.fr

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I was lucky to behold her in Central Park a few years ago, as she used to live in the famous Dakota Building, like John Lennon and some other renowned folks. There are 3 actresses I’ve loved over several decades: Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman and Audrey Hepburn – gorgeous, talented, smart, human and classy ladies… Betty’s mama was Romanian, like me, her son Steve is a January ‘Cappy'(like me!), Bogie was born on Dec 25th like my both late parents, lots of people thought my papa was his ‘dead ringer’, and last but not least: she loved France and would come to Paris once-twice/year, her French was quite honorable, our daughters bear the same forename and have the same initials. ❤

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  1. Beautiful tribute to an iconic woman.

  2. I adore these old movies! It makes you fall in love and feel good. She was incredibly beautiful. Hugs, Paula xxx

  3. Rest in Peace, LB… great tribute.

    • 🙂 Hi Missy! welcome to my playground and thanx a bunch of lavender for all your kind comments that are a true present(gift)… ❤ I'm glad and honored to meet you via Lady Lorrie! 🙂 my very best, lots of inspiration and c u asap…

  4. A wonderful tribute to a great lady!

  5. Une grande dame qui a eu une vie bien remplie, j’aimerais bien me rendre à cet âge si je suis en santé, mais j’ai déjà un moins dans mon dossier médical… On verra. Gros bisous Mélanie et bon week-end, Gigi 🙂

  6. wonderful tribute to a great icon and lady of the silver screen.

  7. Une grande dame et une actrice de grand talent, le ciel est en accord avec ces tristes nouvelles, il n’en finit pas de pleurer (je pense aussi à Robin Williams que j’appréciai beaucoup) Bisous Mélanie

  8. Une grande dame, c’est vrai. Tous les petits hasards entre vous sont intriguants et rendent la vie plus humaine encore.

  9. Una bella donna e una ottima attrice.

  10. May she rest in peace. {Abrazos}

  11. Ah! Toutes et tous partent, un jour, oui… il reste le souvenir… bonne fin d’après-midi Mélanie!

  12. I read a book by Kirk Douglas. He wrote that Lauren Bacall was a rare woman in Hollywood. She had just one BIG love! And she helped people! He was freezing during winter and she gave him a warm coat.

  13. I see we have the same taste in classy ladies, though I would add Grace Kelly to the list. So many cool bits and pieces connecting your life to hers.

  14. Oh what a loss… Also Robin Williams, different but both missed! 😦

  15. J’ai créé une communauté “Audrey Hepburn”, sur Google+ il y a plusieurs mois…: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/107283782720436991008 En effet, l’une de ses photos, orne ma table de nuit, mon chevet, depuis des décennies… a accompagné mon épanouissement d’Homme… et ma vie amoureuse la plus intime… Merci pour ce post!

  16. J’aimais (to love) Lauren Bacall… Tu as raison, elle manque et nous manquera… C’était une Grande Dame, de ces femmes dont je dirai: c’est une belle personne, ce qui concerne autant l’âme que l’extrême distinction et l’infinie élégance, y compris dans tous ces mouvements. Je l’imagine entière et courageuses dans ses convictions. So long, Mélanie… Tous ceux que j’aime et admire sont en train de partir avant moi… Quelque part, ce n’est pas juste… Bientôt, qui me restera-t-il à aimer… A part mes proches, bien entendu. Bonne journée quand même… Le ciel a sa parure de gros nuages… Est-ce un hasard? Hervé P.S.: Audrey Hepburn et Ingrid Bergman, me too…

    • j’espère que tu aimes tes proches et qu’ils te le rendent bien… oui, le temps gris est un hasard, Balthazar! 🙂 – ici le vent d’autan vient de se lever… have a serene day, Sir HA!

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