French-Romanian CCC = chic, class and charm…:-)

citation du jour:“Le plus beau maquillage d’une femme: la passion et son sourire.”(Yves Saint-Laurent)

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quote of the day:”The most beautiful makeup of a woman are passion and her smile.”(Yves St-Laurent)

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  1. I have never had good luck with Blondes. However, is there reincarnation? Here is to hoping…

  2. C’est vrai! Merci pour l’inspiration et la beauté, Mélanie. xoxo

  3. I love the message. And very true Monsieur Saint-Laurent.

  4. That is one very natural beautiful woman. I’m in love, beautiful smile and she must have a beautiful personality. Emu aka Ian

  5. Impresionează ţinuta mândră a corpului şi evident acea eleganţă care întregeşte personalitatea, dar cred eu Melanie că exact aşa arătai tu la aceeaşi vârstă. Este o asemănare evidentă.

  6. She suits being in front of the camera.

  7. Hi Melanie, Happy hug hug…

  8. And there is no better thing for a man that to be the reason of the smile of a woman.

  9. Ma come sei bella! Seducente e piena di fascino! Felice ferragosto!

  10. Melanie! Thank you for sharing this beautiful and classy couple! 🙂

  11. ‘a woman’s power is in her sweetness.’ 🙂 ~Thich Nhat Hanh

  12. Moi aussi je suis entièrement d’accord Mélanie, merci et bonne soirée, gros bisous, Gigi 🙂

  13. and chic and classy do not have to end with age. In fact, it’s the opportunity that’s left when the natural physical beauty of youth is gone. And the smile!

  14. Frumoasa este putin spus, este absolut minunata!!! Hugs, Mel 🙂

  15. She is incredibly beautiful Miss Melanie!!! Cheers my dear friend! xoxo 🙂

  16. Ah! Entièrement d’accord avec cela, Mélanie! Bon et bel après-midi à toi!

  17. Love your words and attitude!

  18. She is a natural beauty… and yes chic and classy… beautiful shots. ❤ ❤

  19. Your beautiful baby is all of that and more!!! 🙂

  20. She is a beauty!!! 🙂

  21. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  22. Frumusetea consta in simplitate. 😉

  23. Superba fata ta! 🙂

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