“my imagination is the highest kite that can fly…”(Lauren Bacall)

motto:”mon imagination est un cerf-volant capable de s’envoler très haut…”(Lauren Bacall)

au bout de la corde le vent caresse mes aigles royaux… oiseaux de papiers multicolores qui flottent parmi les nuages insouciants… j’ai arrêté le temps pour le dessiner dans ma mémoire… la vie ressemble à une plume lourde qui n’atteint pas le ciel… mon cœur est un cerf-volant qui embrasse les étoiles… 🙂
* * *
at the end of the rope the wind cuddles my golden eagles… colored paper birds float throughout nonchalant clouds… I’ve stopped TIME and I’ll draw it over my memory… life is like a heavy feather unable to reach the sky… my heart has turned into a kite that kisses the stars… 🙂
* * *
❤ mille merci “ahermin” for your fantastic pix… 🙂

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bonus musical: The Cranberries – Just My Imagination… 🙂


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  1. Beautiful imagery in that writing Melanie. To be free and float amongst the clouds! That must be what all children dream when they are flying kites. Emu

  2. Inspirate ganduri in armonie cu superbe imagini. Ce poate fi mai frumos decat atat?
    Sa nu-mi zici! Stiu si eu… 😆

  3. Immagini suggestive! Quella che mi ha colpito maggiormente è dove compaiono le mani rosa.

  4. Lovely poem and tribute to Lauren Bacall.

  5. FYI, your link to the Cranberries had a mal ware virus attached to it, my cyber security got it and it didn’t hurt my computer… whew!

    • I don’t understand WHY it’s happened to you Mrs P… it’s very bizarre and nobody else has mentioned this ‘issue’… I copy-pasted the link from ‘youtube’, I’ve just clicked on it several times(in my post) and didn’t have/see any virus…

      • Okay, I did get a You Tube survey for telephone companies, which I stupidly clicked on. It popped up when I opened the link and wouldn’t let me see the video unless I answered it. There was no close box “x” which would allow me to opt out of the survey. That was probably the source, not the Cranberries. Not sure why that came up though.

  6. Yo también prefiero ir a donde me lleve el viento. 😉 {Abrazos}

  7. What happy pictures! Thanks fur sharing! *(purrs)*

  8. Bonsoir Mélanie! Très belles photos. Celle avec les enrochements me fait penser à un tableau de Dali… J’aime les cerfs- volants… et tout ce qui m’évoque le rêve d’Icare, l’envie de voler… Tu le sais bien, je suis un “petit” disciple de Léonard… et je bricole parfois des machines (Infernales?). Bonne soirée! A+! Hervé

  9. Un billet qui donne des ailes Mélanie! Bonne et agréable poursuite de ce mercredi à toi! ❤ 🙂

  10. Thanks for starting my day with joyful soaring!

  11. Stéphane Cassin Photographie

    Une très belle série avec toutes ces voiles colorées, c’est sympa et ça évade! 😉

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