Espelette: piment(s) & chocolat noir…:-)

nous consommons des aliments divers qui ne sont que “nourriture”, alors que le chocolat noir implique et sous-entend: joie, bonheur, plaisir, érotisme, fantaisie, extase et seul l’amour est un “remplaçant” du chocolat… 😉 à propos, il semble que 9 personnes sur 10 aiment le chocolat, on pense que la 10e ment! 🙂
* * *
we eat a variety of foods that are just “food”, while dark chocolate involves and implies: joy, happiness, pleasure, eroticism, fantasy, rapture and love alone is a “chocolate substitute”… 😉 btw, it seems that 9 out 10 people love chocolate, the 10th one must be a liar! 🙂

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Espelette is a wonderful, typical and unique village in the French Basque region, situated at the foot of the Atlantic Pyrénées, 20′-drive from Biarritz and the ocean coast. It’s been well-known for its dried red peppers – whole or ground to a hot powder, used in the production of the famous Bayonne dry ham and chilli yummy chocolate… 🙂 more here:
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P.S. I’ve already admitted that I’m a “dark chocolate gal”: 🙂

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  1. Biarritz, my favorite place in Europe… just love it down there and I have promised I will be back for my 70th birthday. Living in UK it was so easy to get there, but from Sweden it takes nearly a full day with a change of plane in Paris. I will fly over to London stay there a couple of days and then fly to Biarritz. I wish I had bought a small flat the first time I visit in 1977.

  2. Beautiful village Melanie. I am not a chocolate lover but admit that chocolate is quite enticing. I love Chillis and have never seen so many drying in one place, very colourful. Regards, Ian

  3. “seul l’amour est un “remplaçant” du chocolat”… 😆 tare sau ce? Huh Mélanie…

  4. Hummm, délicieux Mélanie, moi aussi, je crois que la dixième personne ment! Bon week-end mon amie, gros bisous, Gigi 😊

  5. Adoro il cioccolato, extra fondente, amaro amaro. Ne sono golossissimo. Non ho ben compreso cosa sta appeso sulle facciate di quelle case.

  6. Moi, je n’aime pas le chocolat, je l’adore… 🙂 Bises, Liz

  7. the chilies look very hot.

  8. J’appartiens au 9/10e de l’humanité qui aime le chocolat (de façon excessive et assez compulsive). J’aime le Pays basque aussi et selon mes souvenir on y mange très bien… “Les Nourritures terrestres”, quoi! Bonne soirée Mélanie et à plus!

    • 🙂 welcome to the club of the dark chocolate addicts! oui, on mange très bien au Pays-Basque: j’adore tous les fromages de brebis et chèvre servis avec la confiture de cerises noires… 🙂 bonne-nuit et à+!

  9. I am definitely a chocolate lover – and proud to admit it! 🙂

  10. Je pense aussi que tous et toutes aiment le chocolat, oui, sincèrement! ❤ 🙂

  11. Yum!!! chocolate with chili… LOVE!!! 🙂

  12. Melanie and Miss G… send all that horrible light stuff to me… no shame letting it go to waste! 😀 ❤ ❤

    • Mrs Rammy-P, I simply can’t as I’ve NEVER had that ‘blasphemous stuff’ in my home… 🙂 btw, have you ever tried “salt flower dark chocolate”?… total & absolute yummy! ❤ 🙂

      • No… I like the idea of salt… I don’t know about the dark chocolate though. It works out for Rick and I because he likes dark and I like light and if we get an assortment… we both are happy. ❤ ❤

        • aha, I see… well, you may know the Latin proverb:”personal tastes and colors are not to be disputed…” 🙂 you’re happy and it’s all that matters! 😉

  13. I ran out of dark chocolate this week and so tried some lighter chocolate. That was a mistake! Back to dark chocolate again. Phew.

  14. Mmmm… ai gusturi taaare faine, Melanie! ❤

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