“Quand vous devenez pessimiste, regardez une fleur rose…”(Albert Samain)

comme Miss Pink Piggy! 🙂

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“Whenever you feel down and pessimistic, watch a pink flower…”(Albert Samain) – like Miss Pink Piggy! 🙂

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  1. The simple flower in all its colourful beauty is a pleasure to behold. Emu

  2. Tu as raison Mélanie, les fleurs ont cette particularité de me remonter le moral aussi, magnifique mon amie, gros bisous, Gigi 🙂

  3. Foarte darnica Miss Pink Piggy a ta. A daruit tuturor florilor din culoarea sa! 😆

  4. Melanie Yes to flowers as they bring us to the simple present moment of “Now” Love to you Heart to Heart Robyn

  5. Sopra i fiori di ibisco, sotto un meraviglioso porcellino. Un accostamento inusuale ma interessante e fantasioso.

  6. Oh, Miss Pink Piggy is gorgeous. Made me smile.

  7. Acum pricep de ce sunt o fire optimistă. Pentru că privesc în fiecare zi, măcar o floare. 😉

  8. Pink is such a happy & therapeutic color! Although red is my favorite color. Rosita is a close second. I wonder why? LOL! {Abrazos}

  9. Super Mélanie! Agréable week-end!

  10. Samain’s words are so true. Flowers always lift my spirits – and they always bring beauty to the environment whether it be outside or a dingy room.

  11. Beautiful flowers and shots!

  12. Dans le jardin de Mélanie, la beauté des hibiscus et des roses se mêle avec une belle pensée d’optimisme. Lino

  13. Beautiful, Melanie! Have a GREAT weekend, my friend! 🙂

  14. s-ar putea sa fiu offtopic, dar iti scriu un banc (pt. mine nu functioneaza reteta)
    – Care e diferenta dintre un nevrotic, psihotic si un psihiatru?
    – Nevroticul construieste castele in aer, psihoticul locuieste in ele, iar psihiatrul cere chiria.

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