‘Beauty ethereal, promise divine…’

plongez dans la beauté parfaite de la Nature et laissez-vous flotter vers la “porte des étoiles”, suivez son regard franc et ses principes fiables, explorez-la en silence et humblement… essayez de rester loin des tourbillons dangereux et de gardez vos distances de tout abysse sombre et déserts illusoires… libérez-vous et égarez-vous dans son labyrinthe de (la) VIE qui ne cesse de nous pousser au-delà de nos rêves les plus fous… voici quelques-unes des merveilles de Dame Nature – pierres précieuses, généreusement offertes pour notre plus grand plaisir, notre joie et notre enchantement: des piscines naturelles magiques – des arcs-en-ciel terrestres, sauvages et universels @ l’UNIQUE Parc national Yellowstone, États-Unis – mon préféré parmi quelques autres… 🙂

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dive into Nature’s perfect beauty and sink throughout its ‘star gate’, follow its candid look and its reliable guideline, explore it silently and humbly… try to stay away from dangerous whirlpools and keep your distance from any dark abyss and illusive deserts… free yourself and get lost inside its maze of LIFE that keeps pushing us beyond our boldest dreams… a few of Lady Natures’s wonders – precious gems, generously offered for our delight, joy and pleasure: stunning natural pools – earthly, wild and universal rainbows @ UNIQUE Yellowstone National Park, USA – my favourite one among some others… 🙂


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  1. These are mesmerizing, my friend. So beautiful and match the words perfectly! Sky above and below!

  2. Wonderful photos as ever, Melanie. Merci.

  3. stunning!

  4. Wow! That’s amazing!!!

  5. La nature est toujours pleine d’émerveillement. Merci pour le partage. Bonne soirée Mélanie.

  6. Mon grand regret, être passé si près de Yellowstone, et de ne pouvoir m’arrêter pour cause de timing d’avion pour le retour en France.

  7. Suggestive queste immagini di Yellowwstone, molto diverse da quelle stereotipate che sono soliti a mostrarci.

  8. Love Yellowstone! Need to take Rick there! 😉

  9. Stéphane Cassin Photographie

    these photos are mysterious and extraordinary!!!

  10. You have been to many parts of the world, Melanie. It is interesting to look at your photos.

  11. so beautiful, love the words and photos… this is amazing hope i can visit someday… besitos y abrazitos, Doris

    • ❤ welcome back y muchas gracias, Doris! I warmly and highly recommend Yellowstone: it's always been my n° 1 of all US national parks I visited. Btw, have you been to Big Bend Nat Park?… 🙂

      • you know what? I have not been to Big Bend and is at top of my list, but now looking at Yellowstone, I want to go there, too. I think I have traveled more to Mexico and Europe than in the United States, I been to different states but I am missing the parks, I been thinking about that lately, that I should make a list of places to go and go lol!

        • I’m not surprised, Doris, ’cause most Americans have not visited – at least some of the fantastic US national parks… such a pity and a shame! 🙂 Big Bend is not exceptional and after 2 days, it may be quite boring… 🙂 Yosemite, Bryce, Arches, Zion, Grand Canyon, etc… BUT then again: Yellowstone rules and rocks! ❤ good luck, bonita y hasta proxima! 🙂

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