Yellowstone & its perfect masterpieces…(1)

voici Yellowstone – un chef d’œuvre éternel: ancien et jeune, doux et violent, fier et modeste, pudique et démonstratif… simplement UNIQUE! ❤

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here’s Yellowstone – THE eternal masterpiece: ancient and young, soft and violent, proud and humble, bashful and exuberant… simply UNIQUE! ❤


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  1. Des photos qui invitent à y aller, ou à y retourner…

  2. Beautiful picturesque Yellowstone. It’s absolutely great how mother nature can shape her landscape, and still show beauty in her creation. I love the tree, it looks like an oversized Bonsai. Emu

  3. Yellowstone is magnificent, Melanie, and I’m glad you were able to visit there. We are very lucky that the land was recognized as being unique and set aside for future generations to visit and explore.

    • yes, Sir! 🙂 but “Sadly, the Bush administration’s sellout of Yellowstone to the snowmobile industry overrides the professional judgment of park rangers and the men and women charged with ensuring the health of our environment nationwide…”(Sean Smith)

  4. Yellowstone, un de mes meilleurs souvenirs de voyage.

  5. Suma waliki, Mélanie = (très joli!)

  6. Merveilleux spectacle de la nature en plein travail, le parc du Yellowstone est magnifique. Merci Mélanie. Bonne soirée!

  7. Ouf! C’est fantastique Mélanie! Bon et bel après-midi à toi!

  8. Wow, Yellowstone! Great photos!

  9. A place that has some pretty repugnant smells but still you can’t wait to see what else is there. To me, it is the closest you can get to an otherworldly geography… strait out of sci-fi… yet it is real. It’s similar to looking at internal organs of a frog. Once you get past some of the less pleasant parts, it is totally fascinating. Really terrific images!

  10. I have never been, Mélanie… This post makes me regret that!!! Lovely… Thank you! ❤

    • well, I’m not surprised at all, Lorrie as lots of Americans haven’t visited your splendid national parks but many Europeans like us… 🙂 past regrets and/or remorse are useless, try to think NOW, in the present tense, O.K. 😉 you’re welcome! ❤

  11. Cerul acela…ce-aș mai mușca din el…

  12. what beautiful shots! I’ve never been there, I wanna go asap!

  13. Magnificent rivers. I think I will respect them rather than hug them. 😉

    • yeah, Yellowstone river is really amazing – more pix asap… 🙂 well, I do see your point, but then again: those are simply my humble suggestions and everyone does whatever thinks and fits him/her… 😉

  14. Mélanie, tes photos rendent parfaitement compte de l’unicité et de la beauté exceptionnelle du lieu. “Grand comme la Corse”! Ben dis-donc! Tes mots reflètent bien ce que tout poète ressent devant “Mère Nature”. Je comprends de mieux en mieux le spiritualisme des Amérindiens. Merci et bonne journée. Amitiés, Hervé. Aficionado de “Mélanie’s crossroads.”

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