I like ‘to learn’ the places I visit and ‘so reluctantly I leave you…’:-)

motto:”Et je vous quitte à contrecœur,
pour combien de temps? – ni vous, ni moi n’en savons rien,
Mais j’emporte mes souvenirs avec moi
et je les chérirai à jamais…”(Un adieu à contrecœur – Thomas Mansfield)

je pense aux lieux inconnus que je visiterai ces jours-ci et je me rappelle de ceux que j’ai déjà parcourus… j’aime les “apprendre”, les explorer à pied et après avoir fait leur connaissance, je ferme les yeux afin de saisir leur pouls et les emmener avec moi, imprimés sur la rétine de ma mémoire visuelle… il y a des villes ou des villages qui se laissent abordées, apprivoisées, acquises mieux et plus durablement que d’autres qui demeurent obscures, car trop “chargées et peuplées”, ou trop simples ou trop banales… des endroits qui ne m’attirent pas, ne m’inspirent pas, ne me font pas rêver… il m’est arrivé plusieurs fois de me sentir tellement à l’aise quelque part que j’avais la sensation qu’il m’appartenait, qu’il était mon “royaume”…

alors qu’avec d’autres, étrangement il m’a été impossible de les “apprendre”, comme si on avait interdit à mes pas de les traverser, malgré mes efforts… ces endroits me séduisent parce qu’ils ne se laissent pas conquis, occupés, dominés, mais ils sont libres et indépendants, débordent d’une générosité innée, en m’offrant des images et des rêves merveilleux, qui semblent avoir débarqué d’un autre monde, d’un autre temps, d’une autre dimension… mon premier amour aura été Paris, bien-sûr, unique pour moi, suivi de Londres, NYC, Prague, Édimbourg, Valencia, Bergen, Lofoten islands, Westfjords(Islande), Key West, Fujiyama, Kyoto… les empreintes de mes pas et une partie de mon cœur sont restés un peu partout, ma liste pourrait continuer et j’y rajouterai bientôt d’autres… 🙂

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motto:”And so reluctantly I leave you,
For how long – we’re both unsure,
But I take with me my memories
To cherish forever more…”(A Reluctant Farewell – Thomas Mansfield)

I think of some unknown places that I’m gonna visit soon and I remember those I’ve already experienced… I like to “learn”, to explore them by long strolls and after having met them, I close my eyes to take their pulse and I try to bring them over with me, printed on the retina of my visual memory… certain cities or villages let themselves approached, tamed and acquired – better and more substantially than others which stay unclear, as too “loaded and crowded”, or too simple or too ordinary… they don’t attract me, don’t inspire me, don’t make me dream… it did happen to me several times to feel so comfortable somewhere that I had the feeling it would belong to me, it was my “realm”…

while with others, strangely impossible to “learn” them, as if my footsteps had been banned from getting across them, despite all my efforts… these spots still seduce me as they don’t let themselves conquered, occupied, dominated, but they are free and independent, full of innate generosity, offering such lovely images and wonderful dreams that seem to have landed from another world, another time, another dimension… my first one has been unique Paris, of course, followed by London, NYC, Prague, Edinburgh, Valencia, Bergen, Lofoten islands, Westfjords(Iceland), Key West, Fujiyama, Kyoto… my footprints and a chunk of my heart have remained all over, my list could be much longer and I’ll add some more venues in the following days… 🙂


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  1. deine Gedanken über deine Reisen gefallen mir. Du hast gekonnt darüber nachgedacht, schön… 🙂 Ernst

  2. I do understand. There are a number of places etched in my heart and I can re-visit them in my memories. However, I would like to return to some. Atelier Cézanne, Montmartre, Louvre, Saint-Malo… outside of France, Da Nang, Ha Long Bay, Hue, Saigon… I think you get the picture! 🙂

  3. The captivating beauty of travel is a great pleasure and treasure. Memories that linger on and shape our experiences and outlook on life. You have trod many a path Melanie, and I sense more to come. Emu

  4. Truly breathtaking! What a wonderful life to be able to explore the beauty of so many places. I always enjoy your photos. 🙂

    • thanx a bunch of Maltese red hibiscus flowers, Debby! ❤ our travels have always been a question of choices and mutual decisions… oh, I'd need several blogs to share our trips, especially those to Hawaii, Japan, Iceland, Taiwan, US… 🙂

  5. Minunate fotografii, din care se înțelege perfect de ce iubești acele locuri! Voiaje plăcute în continuare, Melania! 🙂

    • multumesc, Zinaida… am ales câteva imagini din “tone” – singurele amintiri pe care le-aducem cu noi de peste tot… 🙂

      • Și la noi se măsoară cu tona ! Amintiri prețioase, pentru vremurile în care vom sta mai mult ”la gura sobei”. 😀

        • da, te cred… mi-ar trebui zeci de bloage pentru o parte din pozele noastre, mai ales din Hawaii, Japonia, Taiwan, USA… 🙂 n-am soba, iar când vad pensionari calatori care au între 75-80 ani, cre’ca nu vom sta vreodata la… gura “semineului”! 🙂

          • Ei, ”gura sobei” e o expresie eufemistică, nu m-am gândit că ai avea cu adevărat sobă, după cum nici noi n-avem! Cât despre călătorit la 75-80 de ani, n-am nimic împotrivă, să ne ajute Dumnezeu la toți! 🙂

            • eh, sigur ca m-am prins despre soba… 😉 în franceza se zice:”aide-toi et le ciel t’aidera!” – cu alte cuvinte: a fi sanatos si-n forma depinde numa’ de noi-însine, cu mici si rare exceptii… adicatelea D-zeu îti da, însa nu-ti baga si-n traista, caci nimeni nu (va) face nimic, niciodata-n locu’ nostru! 🙂

  6. @”I like to “learn”, to explore them by long strolls and after having met them, I close my eyes to take their pulse and I try to bring them over with me, printed on the retina of my visual memory…” Such a poetic, lovely and vivid way of expressing the experience: I have felt the same way. Thank you for the gorgeous post and photos. How comforting to know you have left some of your big heart in so many spots on this earth. xoxo

  7. Another lovely post… Such a nostalgic mood to it. I love what you said: my footprints and a chunk of my heart have remained all over. As I was viewing your slide show this thought crossed my mind: Melanie has been to so many places around the world. I wonder how much this has changed her and how it has shaped her in who she’s become. 🙂

  8. Impressive wanderings in territories, tame and uncontrollable both.

  9. Fara cuvinte, as always… Pe pariu ca iar ai “evadat”… Unde, insa? 🙂

  10. Hello Mélanie… such beautiful shots… Japan… Me too I always think about the next travels I’ll make, and I have such beautiful memories about the trips already gone… I’m curious to discover things like you! Cris

  11. Merci Mélanie et nous avons le privilège de voyager un peu par ton entremise, c’est très généreux de ta part mon amie, gros bisous et bon week-end, à bientôt, Gigi 😊

  12. Les villes, les lieux sont comme les livres de notre bibliothèque: il y a ceux ou celles que nous emporterions sur une île déserte. Pour moi, longtemps ce fut Florence. Aujourd’hui c’est Venise, qui aurait ma préférence, j’ai aimé Sydney, un peu comme tu aimes Key West, sans doute. Paris et Londres sont à part. Paris, j’y ai vécu un peu. C’est pour moi la ville qui rend plus intelligent. Londres est la ville ou je me suis senti le plus libre. Bon week-end, Mélanie… Hervé

  13. This post is sheer poetry. Thanks.

  14. So many wonderful photos and travels you share Melanie. My heart has left a few sprinkles too and longs for more adventure. Nice to ‘see’ you. 🙂

  15. À bientôt Mélanie… merci pour ces si gentils partages de tes merveilleux voyages! Bon week-end tout entier!

  16. Frumoase locuri, frumoase cuvinte… Impresionante postarile tale. Iti admir de asemenea si efortul de a scrie si in engleza si in franceza. Sa ai un week-end minunat!

    • 🙂 bine-ai aterizat la locu’ meu de joaca, Sava-Toronto! Am fost de 3 ori în orasu’-ti ontarian… ah, nu-i nici-un efort de-a scrie în cele 2 limbi, caci le voi fi folosit mai mult decât româna… 🙂 te invit sa ma citesti aici: https://myvirtualplayground.wordpress.com/about/
      I was born in Romania, but I’ve lived longer in France, my current homeland; I also spent 5 years in Houston – Clear Lake(NASA subdivision), Texas, USA, that’s why this blog is bilingual: French and English, but Romanian, Spanish and Italian comments are welcome, too!
      * * *
      multumesc pentru vizita, sanatate si-un sfârsit de saptamâna pozitiv! 🙂

      • Ai un loc de joacă foarte special și ești o norocoasă pentru că ai văzut și vezi atât de multe locuri minunate. Ador să călătoresc și o fac de câte ori pot, așa că îmi merg la suflet postările tale… Talentul, sensibilitatea și inteligența ta sunt mai mult decât evidente și cred că ai o viață foarte interesantă. Am remarcat ușurința cu care te exprimi… Sunt foarte impresionată pentru că uneori e destul de greu să te exprimi și într-o singură limbă. Iar faptul că tu ești nu doar fluentă, ci creativă în mai multe limbi mi se pare fantastic. Have a wonderful day! Bonne journée! Buona giornata! 🙂

        • multumesc pentru atentie, timpul acordat si cuvintele-ti amabile… ❤ ce-i drept, mi-e usor si natural sa trec de la o limba la alta far' sa le-amestec… în ceea ce ma priveste, nu-i vorba de "noroc", ci mai degraba de alegeri, alternative si decizii reciproce: a fi pe-aceeasi lungime de unde si pe-aceeasi frecventa cu omu' de lânga mine… 🙂 De câteva decenii, am 2 devize:"memento mori, carpe diem et gaudeamus igitur!" si celebrele versuri ale lui William Ernest Henley:
          'It matters not how strait the gate,
          How charged with punishments the scroll,
          I am the master of my fate,
          I am the captain of my soul.'(Invictus)
          * * *
          molto grazie, my very best y hasta proxima, guapa! 🙂

  17. I just love seeing all your travels my friend!!! Cheers and love dear Melanie!!! xoxo

  18. Les photos sont superbes et je te sens en parfaite osmose avec l’environnement. Merci de partager tes photos de grand globe trotter. Bon week-end! Bises.

  19. I have left bits of my heart all over the place.

  20. Abia aştept să văd pe unde te vei mai duce! 😉 Un week-end excelent!

  21. Melanie, you know how to travel and to explore the places. Moreover, you have a great pleasure of sharing your knowledge to all of us. Thanks so much and have a very beautiful weekend! Take care! 🙂 Fabio

  22. Frumoase locuri ai vazut, Mel! 🙂

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