octobre – roi des couleurs en Aveyron…:-)

J’adore l’automne – en général, et octobre, en particulier… ce mois-ci est une occasion merveilleuse pour profiter du ciel bleu, le vent doux apporte les parfums des fleurs et de l’herbe des champs et des bois… Je respire profondément l’air frais tous les matins et je me sens plus vivante que jamais, «envahie» par les lumières éblouissantes que cette saison nous offre… En tant que signe terrestre et instinctif, je suis une fille qui aime être dehors – encore et toujours émerveillée chaque année de constater que Dame Nature nous gâte avec son chevalet flamboyant … Je voudrais m’envoler avec ses nuages légers au royaume de l’automne éternel… Je crois que ce serait extrêmement impressionnant d’observer «l’été indien» d’en haut… 🙂

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Indian Summer – Edna Dean Proctor

‘Tis Indian Summer’s richest, latest day;
The skies are bending down, serenly blue;
And, to the south wind’s sigh, the branches sway
With answering music as they lightly strew
Upon the ground beneath, the gorgeous leaves
Of russet-green and ruby-red and gold,
So bright, my heart, sad as the south wind, grieves
To see their glories sinking in the mould!
And every gay and gladsome thing seems taking
A lingering leave of grove and field and sky;
Birds, all the glens and forest aisles forsaking,
In croft and orchard sweet lament are making
For roses dead and loveless winter nigh.
The bees are hovering o’er the lonely flowers,
The gift of mild September’s sunny hours –
Pale asters that have lived through frosty eves,
And still in languid beauty tint their leaves
Amid the mountain fern, that yet retains
Its fragrant breath through all the autumnal rains,
And meek immortelles that, till snows appear,
Will mourn the buried splendors of the year;
While squirrels haste with nuts and acorns brown
That every waft above the wood brings down;
And, on the wing, a golden butterfly,
The last, the loveliest, is flitting by.
So calm! so fair! yet well I know at morn
Wild winds will blow till all the groves are shorn,
And soft mists vanish and the mountains rise
Cold and severe in melancholy skies.
Now fades the sun from hill and stream and dell –
O mellow Indian Summer! fare thee well!


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  1. Another beautiful post, Melanie. Like you, October is my favorite month here. Your pictures and poetry describe it quite well.

  2. you’ve perfectly described it both visually and poetically!

  3. J’adore aussi l’automne et me retrouve dans tes descriptions. Enjoy!

  4. October gave a party;
    The leaves by hundreds came –
    The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,
    And leaves of every name.
    The Sunshine spread a carpet,
    And everything was grand,
    Miss Weather led the dancing,
    Professor Wind the band.”
    ― George Cooper

  5. October is a beautiful month, not just because it’s the month of my birth. It was also the month of my marriage in Vermont many years ago — October 3d. So warm, no coat was needed. Bright sun in the sky and an amazing mix of gorgeous colors in the mountains. The marriage ended after 20 years, but the memory of that day is still a loving warmth for me.

    • @”it’s the month of my birth.” – have you already celebrated your b’day, Miss Mona?… lemme know, please! We did notice the increasing numer of divorces during our 5 years in the US, it’s continued to go up and on, alas!
      * * *
      my very best, stay healthy and optimistic! 🙂

  6. Les couleurs sont belles en Aveyron avec cet été indien. 🙂 Bonne soirée Mélanie.

    • l’Aveyron est un département très pittoresque où nous nous rendons régulièrement, du côté de Roquefort… merci, Vever! bon lundi et une semaine excellente! 🙂

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EScsrZImfqw Cu drag, din toată inima! Toate gândurile frumoase să vi se împlinească în familia voastră frumoasă!

  8. Happy double anniversary, Mélanie! For me, this month is a wonderful time to enjoy, too. Although, each morning and evening are cold, afternoons compensate with soft wind, blue sky, gentle sun, some days, and the fabulous colours. It seems that we have the same preferences in autumn, Melanie. But autumn is sweeter and milder in France, right? All the best and have a nice evening with your beautiful family!

  9. Ottobre con le sue giornate ancora calde e soleggiate è un mese stupendo come le immagini che hai pubblicato.

  10. La multi ani fiicei tale, la multi ani intregii voastre minunate familii!

  11. happy many good years!!! si buna debarcare ai facut ca… debarcarea a salvat Europa!!! eu iubesc doar culorile “doamnei toamna” – nu o luna in mod special!!! dar… altfel ce mai faci??!!

  12. Happy double anniversary, Mélanie! October is fabulous indeed. Hugs!

  13. Ce sont les mois des quatre ours (Bären): Septembär, Oktobär, Novembär, Dezembär. Cheers, Michel 🙂

  14. Yes don’t you just love Autumn, and there are still loads of colour about… Love your Dahlias! They are beautiful… Have a peaceful Sunday! Hugs, Sue

  15. And there’s lots of red in the new spring growth. They sparkle like the richest rubies and garnets.

  16. There must be something about October. It’s a wonderful month here, almost always.

  17. Chez nous il n’y a plus guère de fleurs,
    Le sais-tu?
    Et pas plus d’arbres d’or, par malheur,
    Il a tant plu.
    Chez nous les chênes rouillent.
    Ils s’érodent sur place.
    Tellement la pluie les mouille;
    Ils ne laissent pas de trace.
    Pas de tapis de feuilles.
    L’automne se fait très discrètement.

    Bon week-end, Mélanie. Hervé

  18. La fel ador si eu zilele de octombrie… 🙂

  19. Fall is also my favorite time of the year. Just love that crisp air and last hurrah of nature before winter settles in. That said, I find the dark of November a little tough… so here’s to celebrating Indian summer until then! 🙂

  20. In primul rând îţi doresc să-ţi fie “sărbătorile” din octombrie, cât mai fericite. 🙂 Cât despre zilele frumoase din octombrie, le iubesc şi eu mult de tot şi îmi doresc să ţină cât mai mult. 🙂

  21. wonderful words leading up to the Indian summer… 🙂
    love this:’I deeply inhale the chilly air’ – moi aussi!!! ❤

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