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Nefertiti & Akhenaten – timeless and everlasting love…

j’ai visité l’Égypte il y a plusieurs années et j’en conserve de très chers souvenirs… je suis tombée récemment sur une inscription déchiffrée sur une stèle, supposée être un dialogue(déclaration) d’amour entre la reine Néfertiti – “la belle qui est revenue” et Akhenaton, son roi adoré… l’ânkh ou la croix ansée aura été LA clé magique de vie qui leur a ouvert les portes de l’éternité… 🙂

Akhenaton à Néfertiti… ❤

tu es la plus belle du palais, ton visage est charmant et ton sourire lapis-lazuli est la source de ma joie… mon amoureuse, ma maîtresse, ma reine, ta douce voix me réjouit, mon cœur est envahi par ton amour… tu es sur mes tempes, l’amour me donne des ailes et je m’envole vers toi… tu es unique, ma bien-aimée, la plus brillante des étoiles, tes yeux lumineux m’ensorcellent… tes bras m’enveloppent comme des lianes d’acacia fleuri, tes cheveux sont un piège où je me laisse tomber… tes seins sont comme des pommes rouges, je te respire chaque mot qui sort de ta bouche – pétale de lotus… tu m’offres la vie pour t’aimer de tout mon être, même ton nom m’est vital comme l’air et le sang… reste auprès de moi, avec moi, vis en moi – aujourd’hui et jusqu’à la fin des temps, car notre amour est un rêve éternel.
* * *
Néfertiti à Akhenaton… ❤

mon bien-aimé, le roi de mon âme, seul maître de mon corps, tu es l’arbre le plus majestueux, je viens me coucher à tes pieds couverte de tes branches tièdes… ton regard sur moi est un chant d’albatros, je suis ta marée intérieure et j’y reviens du matin au soir… nos cœurs battent ensemble, ma peau est parfumée d’hibiscus rouge, je t’enivre avec mon nectar divin que tu bois de ma coupe dorée… après l’amour, nous irons nous baigner dans les vagues du Nil, en regardant les pyramides et en nous murmurant:”je t’aime!” – nous dessinerons notre amour avec notre sang dans des poèmes composés par les dieux immortels, profondément gravés sur la porte de notre éternité.

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I visited Egypt several years ago and I’ve kept fond memories(souvenirs) on the Kingdom of the Pharaohs… I’ve lately come across a deciphered inscription, found on a stele and supposed to be a love dialogue between Nefertiti(‘the beautiful one is back!’) and Akhenaten, her adored hubby… the ankh or crux ansata has been THE magic key of life that has opened the gates of their eternity… here’s my speedy translation: 🙂

Akhenaten to Nefertiti… ❤

you’re the most beautiful one of my palace, your face is charming, your lapis lazuli smile is the source of my joy… my dearest one, my mistress, my queen, your sweet voice makes me happy, my heart is overwhelmed by your love, you’re on my temples, love gives me wings that help me fly to you… you’re my only love, the brightest star, your shining eyes bewitch me, your arms wrap me like wattle vines… your hair is a trap where I let myself fall, your breasts are like delicious red apples… I breathe each word that comes out of your lotus petal mouth, you offer me life to love you with my whole being, even your name is vital to me like air and blood… stay close to me, with me, live in me – now and until the end of time as our love is an eternal dream.
* * *
Nefertiti to Akhenaten… ❤

my beloved one, King of my soul, the only master of my body, you are the most majestic tree, I come to lie down at your feet, covered by your warm arms… your gaze all over me is an albatross song, I’m your inner tide, I get back to you from dawn to nightfall… our hearts beat together, my skin is perfumed with red hibiscus scent, I befuddle you with my divine nectar that you drink from my golden cup… after love, we’ll bathe in the waves of the Nile, watching over the pyramids, and whispering one to the other:’I ​​love you!’ – we’ll draw our love line with our blood, throughout poems written by the immortal gods, deeply engraved on the gate of our eternity.

Chinese characters – spiritual gifts from the heart…:-)

a beloved member of my family whose nickname is ‘Indy Jones'(or Edo-san!) speaks and writes both Chinese and Japanese; he’s offered me a booklet with a few Chinese characters among which, I’ve chosen 7(my favourite digit!): peace, eternity, gentleness, love, harmony, happiness, destiny – key words in all languages! 🙂 in Chinese culture, writing is a sacred art form and it takes years to practice it and to get to express it in a personal style… Master Yang said:’words are the voice of the heart; calligraphy is its painting.’ – ’cause each written character has always had spiritual significance in Chinese thoughts…

the act of writing is seen as parallel to the universal process of creation and an embodiment of the principles that govern LIFE: our spirit alone and its energy can create ART… everything in the Universe is supposed to be linked together by a shared origin, spirit and energy, with a tendency toward harmony: well, this is Lady Nature’s way… 🙂 According to the Confucians, we can reach harmony via certain essential qualities that are innate in ourselves: compassion and benevolence, righteousness and wisdom, which could be ‘translated’ by:’do unto others as you’d have done unto yourself…’ – thus, we’ll gradually perceive the very essence of the Universe, we improve ourselves, and also our environment… 🙂

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Calligraphy is a picture language formed by ‘pictograms’ denoting concrete ideas: sun and moon, plants and animals, man-woman-child, etc, a matter of letting the true spirit inside flow FREE, with no hindrance from the nature’s actions… any character depicting a word or a concept is connected with our spirit… human and natural worlds mirror each other and they ‘translate’ their meaning(s) via analogy with nature – above all with water that is radical for life… a ‘word’ has its own way of being formed, known as its ‘stroke order’; there are 7 kinds of horizontal and vertical ‘strokes’, usually called ‘7 mysteries’ and the person who has mastered them is able to write ‘eternity’ whose 7  ‘strokes’ represent each of the 7 mysteries… 🙂

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