clear blue sky & overjoyed sun: cheers, November!:-)

motto:”November always seemed to me the Norway of the year.”(Emily Dickinson) – yes, indeed, even though I’ve been to Norway in June and July… 🙂

October has just paraglided beyond a heavy shaded mirror after its peaceful swansong and I step out to welcome blazing November… 🙂 along the splendid flower lane and throughout the dazzling Milky Way, Fall’s constellations begin to rise and cloud blades go down on the horizon… the Moon can ‘swim’ among them and it’s not afraid of drowning in the elixir of eternal life… at dawn, the chilly air and the wind moan among deserted trees, overcoming the 10th month of the year… my thoughts are misty, but transparent and reflected upon themselves, as my future slips imperceptibly away and I wonder what November will bring?… fading leaves and petals fly everywhere, the earth opens up, whilst atoms of joy pursue the sound of happiness… 🙂

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even sunset wears a necklace of glittering beads and scarlet pearls before it sinks into a rainbow of hope… its golden twilight shows up like pure silk and white jade, I know its shadow will come back with the next season… once again, I realize everything comes and goes, passes and never looks back – except my bamboos… 🙂 I invite you to raise your glass and to toast to Lady NATURE: let’s enjoy it to the fullest and let’s get ‘drunk’ with its vital nectar… and whenever it falls ‘asleep’, let’s hold a laser candle to shine over its unique and perfect beauty… as long as I’m alive and I can breathe Fall’s fragrances, I’ll never be able to resist my spiral of heartfelt emotions and sweet memories painted with a chunk of moonstone dropped by the “Northern Lights”… 🙂


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  1. Ah, yes. To Mother Nature. Cin cin… And another toast to you, Melanie: santé!

  2. Hi hi hi… Noiembrie e luna cadourilor, pentru mine. Sunt nascuta in noiembrie, la fel si sotul meu. Pe mine ma cheama Gabriela, pe el Mihai, asa ca avem de sarbatorit si Mihail si Gavrila. Undeva spre sfarsitul lunii, aniversam anii de la casatorie. Noiembrie, te iubesc! 🙂 PS: Ca de obicei, fotografiile tale sunt incredibile.

  3. A toast to Lady Nature, with her nectar.

  4. Beautiful picture gallery, Mélanie. Did you actually slide down, or go back down the steps? 😀

  5. I love your description of blazing November! Beautiful photos!

  6. Such a delightful post!

  7. I will drink to November. To any day for that matter.

  8. bon aujourd’hui le soleil ne sera pas présent au pied de ma porte de Bretagne, c’est jour de pluie, mais la joie est bien présente malgré tout! 😉 bisous Mélanie et beau dimanche!

  9. Another beautiful collection of photos and words that touch the soul! Hope you are having a great weekend! Happy November!

  10. The words touch my heart and soul, as do the photos. Thanks.

  11. Get up there and take a photogrpah looking down.

  12. Superb writing Melanie, November in Nature’s wonderland, well described. Ian

  13. Tching-Tching Mélanie. Le Cygne me fait penser aux châteaux de Louis II. Tu connais, bien-sûr… Il y a aussi une feuille-fleur (?) qui ressemble à un oiseau… Volons donc sur l’aile du vent. A+! Hervé

  14. Magnifique Mélanie, eh oui, c’est novembre qui est à nos portes, il faudra s’ habituer, bon mois de novembre mon amie, gros bisous 😊

  15. Fotografiile sunt absolut superbe. Transmit atat de multa liniste si caldura! Abia astept sa vad ce mai postezi! 🙂

  16. Hi Melanie… beautiful!!! I just got a photo of these motor powered parachutes on our beach the other day! I would LOVE to fly in one! Hope you are super duper! ❤

  17. I like the attitude! Cheers November & enjoy!

  18. O superba poveste in care culoarea si lumina isi fac culcus in aceasta minunata luna de toamna: NOIEMBRIE! Multumim, simtitm acelasi lucru pentru ca suntem aproape de acest aer pe care il respiram in acesta tara! 🙂

    • cu bucurie si cu placere, Amy! bine-ai aterizat la locu’ meu de joaca! 🙂 Franta-i patria mea de peste 3 decenii, aici voi fi trait mai multi ani decât în România, tara-mi natala. Cunosc (si) regiunea ta… 😉 multumesc pentru vizita-ti amicala si-un sfârsit de saptamâna însorit, ca aici! 🙂 à+!

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