my “poor” yard – (still!) my beauty place…:-)

motto:”just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow, lies the seed that with the sun’s love, in the spring becomes the rose…” 🙂
Bette Midler – the Rose:

voilà les roses de mon jardin – esseulées, sans espoir, elles s’inventent un monologue dans la lumière fraîche de novembre… elles sont incapables de traverser la passerelle des saisons et le vent du nord leur sèche les larmes de rosée… je voudrais être une rivière souterraine, sans frontière, sans limites, intemporelle, en perpétuel mouvement – capable de les “sauver”… je ne leur parle pas, je me contente d’admirer leur beauté simple et leur grâce naturelle, d’écouter leur sagesse, de suivre leur équilibre et leur force de vie éphémère…

je regarde tendrement mes conifères pyrénéens, petits “bonsaï”, protégés par les bambous – un monde en miniature aux racines puissantes… j’aperçois une timide coccinelle, dissimulée parmi les pétales, qui me dit tout bas:”novembre nous a encore jeté un sort, repose ton âme, nous reviendrons au printemps avec le premier papillon…” – je lui fais confiance, car je sens un perce-neige et une violette de Toulouse pousser dans mon cœur… ❤ 🙂   

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the roses of my yard feel lonely, hopeless, they invent a monologue in the chilly light of November… they are unable to cross the footbridge of the seasons and the north wind dries up their dew teardrops… I’d like to be an underground river, with no borders, no limits – timeless, in perpetual motion, able ‘to save’ them… I don’t talk to them, I just admire their simple beauty and natural grace, I listen to their wisdom, I follow their balance and their strength of ephemeral life…

I fondly look at my Pyrenean evergreens, tiny “bonsai shrubs”, protected by bamboos – a miniature world with strong roots… I notice a shy ladybug, hidden among petals, whispering to me:”November has put a spell on us again, rest your soul, we’ll be back here in the springtime, with the first butterfly …” – I believe ‘her’, as I do feel a snowdrop and a violet of Toulouse growing within my heart… ❤ 🙂
* * *
Have a splendid weekend in your beauty venue(s), guys! 🙂


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  1. Your roses loook beautiful even though it’s November. Here, I’ve only a couple blooms left and they are not at all fresh looking. We’ve a storm heading our way and I think that it will mark the end of this year’s blooms. As your ladybug said, all ” will be back here in the springtime.” 🙂

  2. Très jolies ces fleurs Mélanie, c’est un peu tristounet de les voir partir, mais le printemps reviendra et elles refleuriront, en attendant, on regarde les photos. Merci mon amie et bon début de semaine, gros bisous, Gigi 😊

  3. You still have some lovely flowers, even in November. The pale pink rose is my favourite. 🙂

  4. Hi Melanie! What a lovely post and pictures. I love my yard as well, although it is only small. Small can be beautiful… yes? Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my posts and I’m now following your blog. I look forward to reading your posts.

    • ❤ merci & welcome to my blogging zone! I totally agree: small can and is nice, too… 🙂 well, I wonder about Texas where I lived for 5 years as the state's motto is:"everything is bigger in Texas!" 🙂 c u asap! friendly thoughts & cheers! 🙂

  5. I love that song and your roses!!!

  6. Lovely words. What is the feathery lavender one between the red and white climbers?

  7. I love those lyrics… Have used them to encourage my daughters throughout their lives. 🙂

  8. Superbes ces photos de tes roses, un dernier éclat de l’été indien avant les frimas. J’aime beaucoup la dernière métaphore. Bonne soirée! Bisous!

  9. There is no outside space at my home. However, I consider the whole village my garden.

  10. Enjoyable visit to your garden Melanie, and your words are beautiful. Your roses look lovely, especially the Blue Moon, I think it’s called. Your little trees are like Bonsai, strong and resilient. Wishing you a great weekend. Ian

  11. ¡Hola Mélanita! I saw Bette Midler today on tv (Live with Kelly & Michael). I have always liked her. I feel she has a beautiful aura. I think the flowers look lovely. If they were here – they would have frozen to their end. We already saw snow once & the weather forecast is calling for a rain snow mix this coming week. Brrr… {Abrazos}

    • Bette Midler is a great artist, appreciated and admired in “old Europe”, too… 🙂 I know your winters are long, chilly, depressing… stay healthy and ‘cool’! 🙂 abrazitos back… ❤

  12. Hi Melanie,

    Just came to play in your playground… it’s been awhile since I visited… I love your way with words. November… pulled my tomato and pepper plants… pickled my green tomatoes… an annual ritual… stuffed the last of the long hots the another night for dinner. Can’t wait til Spring!

  13. Bien jolies, que toutes ces photos et tes mots Mélanie… oui, cette saison passera et l’autre, puis le printemps refleurira! Bonne soirée!

  14. Such wonderful roses Melanie… Roses are the last to give up her blooms, and last year we had a climber which was still in flower at Christmas time. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Sue ❤

  15. Jolie poésie en mots et en images. Pauvre rose… La vie des fleurs est bien brève… Qu’en aurait dit Ronsard? Bon week-end, Mélanie, Hervé

  16. What beautiful roses and flowers! Your yard must be a beautiful oasis for you to enjoy!

  17. Când mă fac mare vreau şi eu o grădină aşa!

  18. Nice, you listen to flowers, too. I love your poem and your sensitivity, bébé.

  19. The last roses are so precious! Deer got into our garden and ate our remaining beauties last week… They probably needed pruning anyway! 😉

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