“Complete friendship is universal…”

motto:”Complete friendship is universal and only this one can be absolute. Any other particular bond lacks of profoundness – if it doesn’t open up to THE universal friendship.”(Jean Guitton)

🙂 “je te donne toutes mes différences…” – JJ Goldman & Michael Jones: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=493R05ifNsI

I’ve always liked the realm of words… I think love, friendship and tolerance have a universal language, there’s an inextricable and invisible link between them… it helps us out to learn and to understand our fellows via their ideas, their sensibilities, their specific emotions that characterize each country, nation, culture, civilization… Friendship is a vital treasure of our life, just like our health… 🙂 A funny, but realistic saying:”we can choose (and preserve!) our friends, but not our family, relatives and neighbors!” 🙂 I’ve had the same friends for “ages”, here in France or elsewhere in Europe, North America, Asia. We keep in touch and we meet as often as possible. It’s not that easy, but we all do our best and we usually make it! 🙂 I’ve been to Spain several times(proximité “oblige!”) and I’ve noticed that olive trees would grow almost everywhere… I’m inclined to compare friendship to a centennial olive tree standing against all odds, remaining solid and constant, in spite of the tough weather conditions and high temperature differences. Genuine friendship does grow year after year, just like the roots of an “old” olive tree: strong and long-lasting, with the ups and downs of the daily life…

I did feel at home @ my Japanese friends’ house and @ the ranch of my Icelandic friends(sheep and horse raisers): they did prove that true friendship could start up even in the most secluded and most unlikely land(s)… I can’t speak Icelandic or Japanese, but my friends do speak English, so our friendly relationship has become universal, borderless, and spiritually rewarding… 🙂

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We all know if and when we need each other’s attention, presence or comprehension. I’ve been honored, grateful to have met my friends – wonderful, generous and hospitable people in my life, priceless gifts in case of any storms, hurricanes, earthquakes or tsunami(s): it’s great to rely upon them 24/24… 🙂 Our inner feelings that “connect” us are being mutual, as built up of: affection, honesty, trust, loyalty, consistency, devotion, respect, freedom to be ourselves. Our moral strength gets regenerated every time we meet again, or whenever we talk on the phone or we email each other. We encourage and we support each other, we relativize and we look at the bright side of everything, we laugh together and sometimes at ourselves, as well – with the same generous spirit and the same feelings that have “linked” us for years… last but not least: we also tell each other what we don’t like to hear – clear and obvious evidence of our selfless, unconditional and loving friendship… which seems to be a fir tree or a pine tree – resisting and surviving at high altitude throughout long and harsh winters, always standing up until the end of time… Life does prepare other “surprises” for us – pleasant or not, but we’re already aware that nothing can destroy deeply rooted friendships and their warm stems that hold us tied-up like 2 arms – if we need to be listened to, encouraged, comforted – today or in the future… 🙂

more about friends & friendship here: https://myvirtualplayground.wordpress.com/2014/08/18/old-friends-now-and-always-purple-rules-rocks/

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  1. Though I have read this before, reading it again reaffirmed my own thoughts about some of the friends that I have made over the years. Some I have had for many many years and some have come from the last decade of my life… but all have the qualities which you so keenly expressed in the later half of this post. I enjoyed it so much I sent it off to a friend who has been on my mind these last few weeks. I am sure she would like this too. Thanks! ❤ ❤

  2. Reblogged this on Window With A View and commented:
    My friend from France, dear M, has so beautifully painted and posted about true friends, I could not resist myself from sharing this with you all. Love you M for this. ❤

  3. You are one lucky gal to have so many lovable friends in your life. I’m amazed the way you feel and expressed about it so beautifully. I am extending my hand for your friendship, dear M!

  4. Căluții sunt minunați, iar interiorul și grădina japoneză, cât se vede, niște bijuterii. Mulțumesc că împarți cu noi toate bucuriile, toate frumusețile! Numai bine, Melania! 🙂

  5. Dear friend, we didn’t know when you took the pix. It looks better than the real thing. You always say the world is small. I think so, too.

  6. A lovely post about friendship, Mélanie. Your friends’ houses are very beautiful, and I can imagine that it’s an absolute pleasure to visit them. The bond of true friendship is unbreakable and very precious.

  7. Quand j’allais dans les Hautes-Alpes chez des amis, ils me disaient:”la famille, on ne la choisit pas, mais les amis, oui!” 🙂

  8. Esti o norocoasa! Ei… asemenea! Ospitalieri, deschisi, lipsiti de prejudecati… rari?
    Important e ca exista! ❤

    • nu-s singurii, Dianette… am ales exprès-intentionat: cupluri de prieteni din extremu’ vestic european si din extremu’ estic asiatic… afinitatile comune si reciproce nu se pot explica, descrie, formula, etc… (ele) exista si-atât! 🙂

  9. Il serait dommage à mes yeux d’être obligé de parler anglais pour avoir des amis. Désolé, mais je fais partie des “hussards de la République”. Amitiés, Hervé.

    • @”être obligé de parler anglais pour avoir des amis…” – “obligé”?!… dommage, mais tu n’as pas saisi l’idée de mon texte et ton commentaire “sonne” carrément chauvin et condescendant… ah, “hussard” rime avec un mot que le savoir-vivre élémentaire m’oblige(sic!) à ne pas le nommer… à propos: crois-tu que je “cause” français, anglais, italien ou espagnol pour avoir des amis?!…(question TRÈS rhétorique!) bonne navigation sur des blogs franco-français!

      • Bon… Un coup de colère… Trop de stress issu de cet effet que me fait cette société globalisée, où même Total fait une pub entièrement en anglais offerte à un public francophone. Le “connard”, moi je dis le mot, te présente ses excuses, car tu n’y es pour rien. Ni de mes humeurs, ni de l’évolution de ce monde. Allez, à+! Hervé

  10. Love it!! I think a lot can be communicated with a smile as well!! That is why I always say ‘Any situation can turn into an awesome experience as long as you approach it with a positive attitude and smile!’

  11. What a beautiful post.

    Melanie this is Doris from http://www.miartedoris.wordpress.com
    I got hacked and now this is my new blog http://dorispacheco.wordpress.com/ please follow me. It is crazy I wanted to start a new blog with all my art work and then I got hacked, so it is a good thing, I’ve been trying to get my old one back for a month but I did not convince wordpress that I am the real owner of the blog, thank you.

    • hola que tal, Doris! what a bizarre and frustrating story about your ex-blog… I’m really surprised to hear you couldn’t prove to WP that it’s been YOUR blog, I’d suggest you keep trying, ’cause “WP happiness engineers” have always been kind and helpful… my very best, courage and serenity… con amistad, Mélanita

  12. Beautiful, true friendship that crosses all borders and has no bounds. A friendship that includes all cultures and creeds. The pictures of your Japanese friends’ house displays the harmony of their world. Friendship and simplicity, combined with acceptance. Ian

  13. What I love most about these types of connections is that they just happen… as if they were destined to cross paths. My mother made a lifelong connection when she stopped and talked to a stranger… a Japanese lady who was working in her garden. One of my friends was discovered on an airplane… and I have many that I have met through the internet… including my sweet love. ❤ ❤

  14. Beautiful Japanese house. Complete friendship is… well said.

  15. Melanie I really love the phrase… ‘Friendships and their warm stems that hold us up’. So eloquent and so true.

  16. You know you have a friend when you can take up just where you left off even if it was years and years ago.

  17. Bună și plăcută să-ți fie seara, Melanie! Este frumoasă descrierea prieteniei, ca rezultat al celor trăite de tine, a prieteniilor durabile.Toate cele bune și o săptămână frumoasă!

  18. I love it when friendships knows no boundaries.

  19. Bonsoir, chère amie bloggeuse – nous serons discrètes – etc!

  20. Oh my, “How true” is an inadequate reflection on the depth of meaning of your words, and the connections it creates warming my heart.

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