“L’homme n’a point de port, le temps n’a point de rive…”

…”Il coule, et nous passons!” – alors:”Aimons donc! de l’heure fugitive hâtons-nous, jouissons!”(Lamartine – le Lac) 🙂

le chant du cygne m’inonde les tympans, je reste un pas derrière toi, tu disparais vers un monde de lumière sans regarder en arrière… je voudrais tant croiser ton regard lorsque je suis suspendue parmi les secondes de ton départ… je respire profondément et je “prie” dans mon cœur: tu ne pourras pas revivre sans moi, tu me reviendras, nous nous retrouverons ici même où notre temps s’est arrêté en nous laissant la magie de notre amour, tressé de lianes aussi solides et durables que l’Univers infini… nous nous sommes égarés dans un doux rêve et une brise tiède caresse nos instants d’éternité où tout n’est que poussière d’étoiles… nos âmes se renvoient leurs ondes vitales afin de combler le manque de toi, mais nous survivrons dans les couleurs des étoiles filantes et des futures aurores boréales… je n’ai pas besoin de me rappeler tout ce que nous aurons vécu – parfois l’oubli est aussi essentiel que nos souvenirs… 🙂

motto:”(Man has no harbor, time has no shore; it just flows on, and we pass with it! hence, let’s love! let’s hurry and let’s rejoice throughout the fleeting moment!”Lamartine – the Lake)

the swan song fills up my ears, I stand one step behind you, you vanish away to a realm of light without looking back… I’d like so much to run into your eyes when I’m suspended among the seconds of your departure… I breathe deeply and I “pray” in my heart: you could no longer live without me, you’ll come back to me, we’ll meet again right here, where our time has stopped, offering the magic of our love, braided by thick vines, as strong and everlasting as the endless universe… we’ve gotten lost in a sweet dream and a warm breeze cuddles our moments of eternity where everything is star dust… our spirits exchange their vital waves to cover up the emptiness of your absence, but we’ll both survive throughout the shooting stars and the colors of the future Northern lights… I don’t need to recall everything we’ve been through – sometimes oblivion is as vital as our memories… 🙂 

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P.S. Ce post m’a été inspiré par l’événement historique pour l’Europe, en général et pour la France en particulier: passager depuis plus de 10 ans de la sonde spatiale européenne “Rosetta”, le petit robot “Philae” a réussi hier son atterrissage sur la comète Tchouri… Rosetta a largué Philae à plus de 500 millions de kms de la Terre – un moment décisif dans l’histoire de la conquête spatiale qui devrait permettre de recueillir des échantillons du sol de la comète afin de renseigner les scientifiques sur sa composition et éventuellement sur l’origine de la Terre. J’ai tout suivi “en direct-live”, grâce au flux vidéo transmis par le CNES-Toulouse(Centre national d’études spatiales) via ESTEC(European Space Research and Technology Centre) @ l’ESA(Agence spatiale européenne) de Noordwijk(Hollande) que je connais bien depuis plusieurs années… 🙂

This post has been inspired by the historic event for Europe, in general and France in particular: passenger for about 10 years of the European space probe “Rosetta”, the small robot “Philae” made yesterday a successful landing on Tchouri comet… Rosetta dropped Philae at more than 500 million kms from Earth – an outstanding moment in the history of space exploration that should allow to collect soil samples from the comet to inform scientists about its composition and possibly the origin of the Earth. I followed everything “live” thanks to the video sent by CNES-Toulouse(National Center of Space studies) via ESTEC(European Space Research and Technology Centre) @ ESA(European Space Agency) in Noordwijk(Netherlands) that I’ve known for quite a while… 🙂

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  1. The Philae expedition is certainly a voyage of great discovery, unfortunately there are some problems that are cause for alarm, hopefully it will be rectified, and its discoveries will be a benefit to all mankind. Regards, Ian

  2. this event (Philae) is so exciting! Lovely post once again Melanie!

  3. Une réussite qui nous permettra peut être de lever le voile sur ce qui reste encore très mystérieux.

  4. Très intéressant Mélanie, merci, bon week-end, gros bisous, Gigi 😊

  5. It makes me evoke Arthur C. Clarke’s 2061 Odyssey Three, the beginning with the landing in Halley’s comet. It’s an amazing time in the frontiers of science and technology (god’s particle, Mars robotic exploration, M-Theory) and this is a great advance, I remember as a kid, I was quite excited reading the exploration of Halley’s comet by Giotto spacecraft (although I read it years later because that event happened when I was three years old) also by ESA. Perhaps it’ll find a drinker that drinks to forget that he drinks, or a bureaucratic king, or even better a little prince! 😉

    • 🙂 I love SF, too… wish you to visit Toulouse some day and maybe to fly on the A-380: you’ll have genuine French champagne, not an ordinary sparkling wine… santé-cheers, amigo! 🙂

      • Even if in the A-380 would be only a disposable glass half full of warm water in the luggage store I’d love to visit you! 😀 Thanks for giving me a reason to travel to Toulouse, I’ll do my best to accomplish it, Mélanie. Santé-cheers! ^_^ I guess you have already read it, but if not I think you could find interesting “The Last Question” by Asimov. It’s a little tale, but when I think in literature it’s as big as a giant! 😉

  6. Love the motto!

    I am so glad that you wrote the p.s. because your words felt so tragic to me, I feared a great loss had occurred. Then I saw it was not a loss but a celebration. Funny how words can express many different meanings and this made sense equally in both situations!

  7. I always like to see photos down along the wing of a plane. I take them any time I am in those seats… 🙂

  8. I didn’t follow it ‘live’, but it’s very exciting!

  9. Bine ca au ajuns astronautii inapoi, cu bine! Am o anumita admiratie pentru Alexander Gerst.

  10. Once again, a beautiful piece of writing and I have to say that one of the statements resonated with me – sometimes oblivion is as vital as our memories…

  11. beautifulawareness

    nice! 🙂

    • good mornin’, thanx and welcome to my playground! 🙂

      • beautifulawareness

        haha, the water feels fine. i think i’ll stay away. hope you are feeling fine this morning, as well! 🙂

        • 🙂 it’s noon(12:00) – lunch time in “old Europe”… my very best and have a sunny day like here! 🙂

          • beautifulawareness

            Haha, I will visit Europe someday! Never been but I would love the experience. What timezone do you post on wordpress? Your own timezone. I am kind of confused by that. Thank you for all your kind words, encouragement, and friendliness. So glad to have met a friend – from across the sea, on wordpress.

            • I really wish you to visit “old Europe” asap, ’cause your white ancestors did live here before they got there… 😉 no reason to be confused with/by the time zone, it’s very easy: in Western Europe we have 6 or/and 7h ahead your East Coast and 9h ahead your West Coast… so, got it now? 😉 friendly thoughts & cheers! c u asap then! 🙂

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