go to Hell and enjoy Teror!:-)

I’m a lucky “survivor” after Hell, Norway & Teror, Gran Canaria… 🙂

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N.B. Teror is a quaint small town of Grand Canaria island… as for Hell, Norway, its name stems from the Old Norse word “hellir”, which means “overhang” or “cliff cave”; it has a more used homonym in modern Norwegian that means “luck”… 🙂 at the Hell train station, there’s a sign:”Gods expedition”; “gods” means cargo(freight), while the old spelling of “expedition” has since become “ekspedisjon”, so “God’s Expedition” is a popular and funny reading for English speaking tourists only… last but not least: the modern Norwegian word for “hell” is “helvete” – nothing to do or in common with the Swiss… 🙂 



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  1. New meaning to the word ‘hell.’ 🙂

  2. Beautiful pics Melanie, and enjoyed the name translations. Your posts are always informative. Regards, Ian

    • Hi and thanx for all your generous comments, Ian! I always appreciate your friendly visits… my very best and have a pleasant weekend with your loved one(s)! 🙂

  3. So beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing with us! 😀

  4. What a great headline! And happy and interesting surprise in the content…

  5. 😀 love the photo series – especially the “Hell” one! Beautiful architecture there.

  6. Mare și hazlie este lumea cuvintelor dacă am putea cunoaște chiar toate limbile de frumoasa noastră Terra. După câte am văzut sunt foarte frumoase locurile vizitate de tine la Teror, Gran Canaria. Toate cele bune și un weekend excelent!

  7. Le isole Canarie sono una tua passione; ogni volta che ne parli sveli un nuovo angolo mai visto.

  8. J’aime bien ta façon de jouer avec les mots. Un grand bravo aussi pour la superbe photo de ce pont et du soleil (couchant ou levant?). Bonne journée Mélanie! Bisous!

    • merci bcp, Gisèle! à propos, le français est ma 3e langue et j’espère m’en débrouiller honorablement… 🙂 bonne soirée et amicales pensées, à+!

  9. Destul de ciudat şi îmbârligat cu denumirile astea, dar frumos de nu se poate! Să tot mergi pe acolo!

  10. Happy thanksgiving! besitos y abrazitos!

    • merci, Doris, pero “acción de gracias” es una celebración típica estadounidense, no la tenemos en la “vieja Europa”… 🙂

      • In Mexico they do not celebrate but we know is not about turkey things is about being grateful and I know you are your whole life represents this. 🙂

  11. Or you can come back stateside and visit Hell’s Kitchen, A once poor immigrant area right next to midtown NY. After over a hundred years on being less than, it got gentrified and now holds its own with the other hoity-toity neighborhoods.

  12. “To beer or not to beer” – William Shakesbeer 😛 For your smile, I guess you would recommend to us, your readers to go to Hell and to try a bit of the Teror! ^_^

  13. The beer question is easily answered.

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