la Belgique gourmande…:-)

“Une vie sans chocolat est une vie à laquelle manque l’essentiel…”(Marcia Colman & Fred Morton) – il semble que 9 personnes sur 10 aiment le chocolat et la bière, mais on pense que la 10e ment; de toute façon, entre champagne et bière, mon choix aura été le premier depuis des décennies… santé! 🙂
* * *
“Life without chocolate is life lacking something important.”(Marcia Colman & Fred Morton) – it seems that 9 people out of 10 love chocolate and beer, but the 10th one might be a “liar”; anyways, between champagne and beer, my choice has been the 1st one for decades… cheers! 🙂

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P.S. How to say “beer” everywhere in Europe… 🙂 If you try to order a beer at a bar in the Czech Republic, the bartender might not know what you’re talking about. There, the stuff is called “pivo”. But before you chalk it up to a language barrier, consider that plenty of non-English-speaking countries use a cognate for the word “beer,” like “bier”(in Germany, Flemish Belgium and Holland) or “bière”(in France). Other countries use different words altogether. Check out how “beer” is said across Europe in the map below, which was made by Scotland-based Feòrag NicBhrìde. Who knows? – it might come in handy during your next trip abroad: 🙂

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  1. Interesting map Melanie, I like Beer and no matter where I travel I think I could smell it out. Just look for a place where a lot of happy laughter and dancing is going on, that’s the first clue to a Beer establishment. Cheers, Ian

  2. I’m not a big beer fan but… I like chocolate 🙂

  3. Le chocolat, d’accord c’est bon! Surtout certaines gourmandises belges… Mais, croquer du chocolat sans une bonne Kwak, voilà qui serait un sacrilège! 😀

  4. I don’t like beer, except a bit of black beer, but in the photographs looks I would have a glass of Belgian bier 🙂 I adore chocolate so much that I said once to a girl to prove my love “I love you more than even chocolate @_@” A friend from Germany offered me chocolates from Switzerland, they were delicious as our artisanal chocolates. Thanks for a delicious post, Mélanie! ^_^

    • I also like brown ale and the Belgian ones are considered to be THE best in Europe: cheers! 🙂 you already know I’m a dark chocolate addict and I had the joy+pleasure to taste the real(genuine!) one in Costa Rica: almost 90% cocoa… most Swiss chocolate contains milk which is not my cup of green tea or coffee! 😉 merci à toi, FR et à+! 🙂

  5. I will stick with just the chocolate! 🙂

  6. 😀 good to know this when visiting other part of Europe! In Indonesian, it is simply called as “Bir” 😉 Oh those Belgian chocolates and waffles… they are as good as Belgian beers, yummy!

  7. Melanie, your post made me grin. As beer drinkers, this is one word we are sure to know before traveling to another country. 🙂

  8. Oh! Le chocolat, comment y résister, surtout le noir, hein! Le reste, je l’apprécie bien, quand il passe, à l’occasion. Bonne soirée, Mélanie!

  9. Je suis aussi une fan de chocolat, pas un jour sans. De préférence en même temps que le café après le repas de midi. Bon, je ne dédaigne pas non plus les bières belges avec modération bien sur. Je vais de suite regarder les vidéos. Bonne soirée! Bisous!

  10. J’adore aussi le chocolat, le noir en particulier et j’aime aussi la bière, avec modération bien sûr. Très beau billet Mélanie, belles photos et belles vidéos mon amie, bonne fin de journée, gros bisous, Gigi 😊

  11. Oh my dear friend, I so want that Chocolate and waffles… yum, I love Belgian Chocolates, I think the best I can get here is Guylian Chocolates… so enjoy all those goodies for me! LOL! Cheers my dear Melanie! xoxo 🙂

    • come over asap, Amy! 😉 oh, the Guylian ones are “industrial”(LOL!), not “hand-crafted” and you can buy them almost everywhere… 🙂 HHH = huge heartfelt hugs… ❤

  12. Belgio: la migliore birra artigianale, specialmente a Bruges! Ciao con immutata simpatia ed amicizia. E’ il tempo che è tiranno e non sempre mi dà la possibilità di commentare. Ma tu sapraiessere comprensiva com me. Vero?

    • grazie, bentornato e prendersela comoda, giovanotto! 🙂 il mio blog non è una situazione di emergenza o di priorità e non riconoscono partecipanti o commenti… tutti abbiamo la nostra vita reale e sarà sempre al primo posto… buona salute, bella serata e à presto! 🙂

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