“Into each life some rain must fall…”

hier, il a plu… – it rained yesterday… 🙂 

motto:”Into each life some rain must fall, and some days must be dark and dreary…”(Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

I watch life across a sunbeam, even whenever the sky is cloudy or it rains… I never dwell over its negative and temporary side, I move on towards the green light of hope – always ‘on’ at the end of any dark tunnel… between shadow and light, wisdom and phantasy, life and nothingness – 2 entwined hearts, here and now… ❤ 🙂  

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motto:”Dans chaque vie un peu de pluie doit tomber, et certains jours doivent être sombres et mélancoliques…”(Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

je regarde la vie à travers un rayon de soleil, même quand le ciel est gris ou il pleut, sans m’attarder sur son côté négatif – car temporaire, j’avance vers le feu vert de l’espoir – toujours allumé au bout de chaque tunnel sombre… entre ombre et lumière, sagesse et fantaisie, vie et néant – 2 cœurs enlacés, ici et maintenant… ❤ 🙂


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  1. Die Liebe ist überall und nirgends, sie lebt im Schatten, im Licht, verbirgt sich in der Traurigkeit wie in der Freude und der Zufall hilft manchmal auch, dass sie sich entfalten kann. Ich glaube, wer die Natur liebt, findet eher den Zugang zur Seele ohne Umwege. Dein poetischer Text und deine Gedanken gefallen mir sehr. 🙂 Vielen Dank liebe Mélanie für den Beitrag. Ernst

  2. This is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I’m glad you liked my posts. My French is extremely rusty, probably because it was taught to me by a true doyenne, Madame Jacques, many, many, many (lots) of years ago.

  3. It is only after we experience the rainy days can we fully appreciate the sunny. Those of us who live in the northern climes know this all too well. It’s why we appreciate so well the first warm days of Spring.
    Hope you’re well, Melanie. I hope to be on WP more this week and to be able to visit you more. 🙂

    • yeah, I know where you live and I sympathise for your harsh & long winters… quite depressing! what about moving out to Italy?… 😉 molto grazie e buona notte, John! à presto! 🙂

  4. Lovely quotes, and leaves! I’ve got a few charcoal leaves on a canvas waiting for me to take pity and layer them in gold, red… As for the rain, we are a bit tired of it around here. 😉

  5. “I’d like to be a teardrop in your eyes slipping down your face and stopping by your lips: it would be enough for me to better understand your soul…” Can I melt now…?

  6. Beautiful images and such romantic words, Mélanie. I love the heart pendant. ♥ ♥ 🙂

  7. Şi textul dar mai ales pozele îmi fac trimitere la filmul “Cântând în ploaie”. Frunza uscată peste verdele nemuritor al frunzei de palmier, frunzele în formă de inimă, vorbesc despre speranţă şi iubire. Imi place poza ta sub umbrelă. Mi-aş dori să te ferească nu numai de ploaie sau soare arzător dar şi de tot ce ar putea să te necăjească. Suflet liber ce eşti! Nu cred că ar putea ceva să te abată din zborul tău spre locurile şi zările în care vrei să ajungi. Eşti fenomenală!

    • multumesc pentru comentariu’-ti poetic si generos, ca de-obicei… da, sunt un spirit liber si selectiv, nu “fenomenal”, ci doar eu-însami: stiu ce vreau si mai ales ce nu (mai) vreau în viata…

  8. The rain seems to have invoked a romantic mood Melanie! 🙂 Beautiful words and images.

  9. Bellissimi gioielli a forma di cuore e sempre immagini stupende.

  10. Geneviève Ariès

    @teardrop, love the image, super creative and so sensual, Babe! You should consider writing romance novels.

    • “romance novels”, like Barbara Cartland?!… 😉 NO way, bébé for 3 reasons: I’m not a writer, my spare time is and will be more and more limited and I’m just a dilettante & playful Cappy gal… 🙂

  11. You make the gray days look good. 🙂

  12. The rain must fall and I love it! But these words ‘I’d like to be a teardrop in your eyes slipping down your face and stopping by your lips: it would be enough for me to better understand your soul’ … they will remain etched on my heart forever 🙂

  13. “love to love you baby…”!!! do you remember this song? I don’t like rain very much, but in my life, I learned that “dancing in the rain” is something that can save you!!! since then I leave my umbrella and I’m dancing, waiting for the sun!!! m-am bucurat sa te vad “aici”!!! love you, melaniiii!!!

  14. Firstly I enjoy Longfellow. Second, I appreciate the ebb and flow of your own words here. Yisraela

  15. Da, mâine e o alta zi. Poate mai… însorită. 🙂

  16. Hi Melanie! Mrs. P and Colette. Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend! 🙂

  17. Is that one of those Japanese umbrellas? it looks more like a spring rain. Beautiful your smile in the region between wisdom and madness Mélanie 😉

    • yes, it’s a Japanese rain umbrella that I bought in Fukuoka for 3 euros(2US$!) 2 years ago… 🙂 December is quite humid in our region: whenever it snows in the Pyrénées, it turns into cold rain here… gracias y buenas noches in Peru! 🙂

  18. They have said it all! Have a great Sunday, Melanie! 🙂

  19. Magnifique texte et photos Mélanie! Bon dimanche tout entier à toi! ❤ 🙂

  20. Love that beautiful face! 😀 Beautiful expression of compassion! ❤ ❤

  21. Love this, Dear Mélanie! Your line: “behind the clouds where the sun’s still shining” just made me smile. Because no matter how many years I fly, I’m always a bit surprised when we leave the frigid tundra enshrouded in dense winter clouds and swiftly pierce through to the bright, sunshiny sky! Hope you stay warm and dry… 🙂

    • Hi, welcome & mille merci, LLL = lovely luggage lady! ❤

      I love to fly and I do know what you mean… 🙂 while at highschool, I did want to be a flight attendant, but for my mama(RIP), it was out of question… so I went to University, I graduated 5 years later as a language teacher and I've flown quite often for decades… 🙂 last but not least: after 5 years in Houston, TX(NASA area), I live in Toulouse aka "la ville rose" & Airbus City – the European capital of space & aviation… 🙂 if you ever come over, before landing, lemme know and keep me posted, please… deal? 😉 Have a formidable week, in the air and on the ground… 🙂

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