get a white sheet of paper before nightfall!:-)

peur – angoisse – anxiété… nous connaissons tous, au moins une personne qui affirme qu’elle n’a jamais (eu) peur de rien, mais c’est faux – sur toute la ligne… 🙂 pour quoi? parce que la peur fait partie de notre vie, c’est une réaction humaine, psychiquement saine devant quelque chose d’inattendu, qui nous surprend et nous effraie profondément… en tant qu’êtres humains, il s’agit de notre instinct de conservation que nous manifestons devant un danger imminent – preuve concrète et évidente que nous tenons à la vie, que nous y sommes “attachés”, et que nous voulons éviter tous les risques et nous protéger le mieux possible…

essayons de nous répéter et de nous convaincre que la vie est belle… 🙂 considérons nos journées comme des feuilles de papier blanc, pas comme un buvard imprimé d’expériences, de situations, de circonstances antérieures négatives ou désagréables… renaissons tous les matins, recommençons à revivre sur une nouvelle feuille blanche en la remplissant de pensées positives, en relativisant, tout en restant optimistes… continuons cet exercice mental le soir, aussi, relisons notre page en faisant des commentaires sur le bilan du jour: eh bien, même s’il est “comme-ci, comme-ça”, repensons que demain sera un autre jour… 🙂

* * *

fear – anguish – anxiety… we all know at least one person who says that he/she has never been afraid of anything, but it’s completely untrue… 🙂 why? because fear is part of our life, a human reaction, psychologically healthy in front of something unexpected, surprising us and deeply scaring us… as human beings, it’s all about our survival instinct that we show before an upcoming danger – obvious and concrete evidence that we do care for our life, we are “attached” to it, we want to avoid all risks and to protect ourselves as well as possible…

let’s try to repeat and to persuade ourselves that life is beautiful… 🙂 let’s take our days as white sheets of paper, not as blotting papers stained with prior, negative and unpleasant experiences, situations, circumstances… let’s re-emerge each morning, let’s start to live again over a new white sheet of paper by filling it up with positive thoughts, set into a perspective view, and staying optimistic… let’s continue this mental exercise in the evening, too, let’s re-read our sheet and let’s comment on the daily result: well, even if it’s “so and so”, let’s rather think that tomorrow is another day… 🙂

have a pleasant and a fear-free weekend! 🙂 


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  1. A wonderful idea Melanie; and so eloquently put. Taking note of our daily lives and living it to its greatest ability. 🙂 Wishing you a very joyous season. 🙂

  2. Wise words, Melanie. Sometimes, our negative thoughts are our worst enemy. Starting each day as a white sheet of paper, fresh as the morning Sun and filled with as much hope. 🙂

  3. I so love the idea of the clean sheet of paper. I shall try to remember this every time I’m feeling covered in negative ink! 🙂

  4. Să nu ne fie teamă de teamă? 🙂

  5. Uplifting and wise instructions. Yisraeia

  6. Ai 700 smile attuali, aggiungiamo anche i tuoi.

  7. said so wonderfully & fearlessly 🙂

  8. J’aime vraiment votre regard sur la vie et vous remercie de le partager avec nous…

  9. That white sheet of paper also must include starting fresh from mistakes made at earlier times. Don’t beat yourself up, learn from them and figure out ways to avoid repeating them.

    You know me… I live by this. Today I am baking cookies and wrapping gifts for my clients’ children. It sure smells good over here. 😀 😀

  10. Departe e urletul fricii de cel care stie sa iubeasca si se dedica ajutorarii altora. Foarte incitanta meditatia ta, Melanie.

  11. I’m all for doing that. But we must write with ink. No going back and erasing. 🙂 So better get it right the first time.

  12. Good suggestion. Here’s to a white paper morning.

  13. Each day, a new day. Stay on the sunny side of the street every day.

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