La casa de César Manrique – Lanzarote Canary island…

“Toute ma peinture est volcanologie et géologie dans son fondement basique… Les classifications sont négatives, car elles affaiblissent l’art… Je veux extraire l’harmonie de la terre afin de l’unifier avec mon sentiment pour l’art.”(César Manrique)
* * *
César Manrique – un passionné de la nature et de sa beauté, de l’équilibre et de l’harmonie, de la VIE en général… un artiste complet inspiré par Picasso et Miro, il a utilisé et cultivé des “langages” créatifs divers: peinture, sculpture, urbanisme, art public; toutes ses œuvres témoignent d’une forte volonté et une détermination “volcanique” afin d’intégrer l’art dans l’environnement. Manrique a appelé “arte total” tout objet syncrétique et totalisateur, en essayant d’expliquer sa propre vision à travers ses œuvres exposées dans plusieurs espaces publics.
* * *
N.B. this post is dedicated to my dear “old” friends N & I, a German-Romanian couple who’ll spend the following 2 weeks on Lanzarote Canary island… 🙂

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“Volcanology and geology – those are the rudiments of all my painting… Classifications are negative because they weaken art… I want to extract harmony from the earth to unify it with my feeling for art.”(César Manrique)
* * *
César Manrique was passionate about nature and its beauty, balance and harmony, LIFE – in general… a complete artist inspired by Picasso and Miro, he used and cultivated various and creative “languages”: painting, sculpture, urban planning, public art; all his works show his strong will and his “volcanic” determination to integrate art into the environment. Manrique has named “arte total” any totalizer and syncretic object, trying to explain his own outlook via his works exhibited in several public spaces.
* * *
more amazing Lanzarote here:


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  1. Happy New Year Melanie! Kindest regards and best wishes for the new year! Ian

  2. Babe, I’ve been afraid to travel to the Canary Islands, people have told me, and I have also read that, the Islands have extremely high radiation levels, due to all the nuclear testing having been done there.

    Do you know if this is true, or rumour?

    • Génie babe, this is the 1st time I hear such a bizarre rumor about the wonderful Canary islands: I’m beyond stunned and outraged!!! we’ve been to the big ones(4) and we’ll return to the small ones asap… tons of Europeans – mostly Germans, Brits, Scandinavians and French have spent weeks or months there for decades and they are fine! 🙂

      speakin’ of stupid rumors… I remember 2 weird ones: JFK and Elvis Presley are still alive!!! 😀

  3. Beautiful art.I am an artist at heart. I collect art for my home. I embrace it all. Yisraela

  4. Wonderful and volcanic home, lovely work of the lava shape running inside the house. I agree that classifications weaken art but they can be useful to the ones that, so much times my case, haven’t a clue that can help to understand the artist.

  5. C’est de toute beauté Mélanie, merci de nous partager un si beau texte et de si belles photos, merci mon amie, gros bisous, Gigi 😊

  6. Lovely photos Melanie. Is that hardened lava flowing through the window?

  7. Voila une superbe découverte pour moi, merci douce amie. Joyeux mois de décembre, Mélanie. Je t’embrasse, Liz ❤

  8. Superbă, îmbinarea dintre roci și plante. Acum mă duc să-l caut pe internet pe César Manrique, să fac cunoștință cu opera sa. Mulțumesc, Melania! Să ai zile frumoase !

  9. a wonderful artist, great pictures.

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