Happy 74th B’day, Joan Baez & MERCI, Lady Liberty!

a genuine rebel lady with plenty of causes,  like her “twin” Simone de Beauvoir… Miss Baez is both francophone and francophile… ❤

To the people of France,

I wish to send my deepest sympathy to those most closely affected by the executions at Charlie Hebdo, and to a French public in mourning. Liberals and conservatives in equal measure understand the value and importance, not to mention joy, of satire, humor, nonsense, and courage in the 21st century. Which makes the executions at Charlie Hebdo more than enraging, more than terrifying, more than shocking (as there is little left to shock us in these times). It makes the murders, simply, heartbreaking. I ask permission to share in your grief.

Thank you,
Joan Baez

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FREEDOM is the engine of DEMOCRACY, it does have a heavy price and we should NEVER forget that it’s not just an outdated word. We need to protect civil peace at all costs, to accept our differences, to live together in France and all over the world… I was living in the US when the “9/11” tragedy occurred and I did feel American, today JE SUIS CHARLIE – to life and death,  like millions of people in solidarity with France – my homeland. PLEASE-SVP sign and forward this petition to show the extremists that France and the free world (will) remain united against barbarism: https://secure.avaaz.org/fr/avec_charlie_4/?kkKkSib

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  1. L'Ornithorynque

    Une grande dame, d’une grande époque… celle d’un rêve un peu fou (car libre) de paix…

    Avec Marianne Faithfull, au parcours plus cahotique, qui tourne toujours (l’ai encore ratée sur Bruxelles – autre concert le même jour, si je ne me trompe), deux personnalités incontestables, références musicales et… muses émues.

  2. She is one of my favorite female voices. I was introduced to her music (a version of “Barbara Allen”)while a senior in high school (1964). She also spoke at Boston University, which I had attended, but I was unable to get inside the over-crowded auditorium to hear her. At least I have her greatest hits CD. Thanx for posting.

  3. A beautiful tribute Melanie, Vive La France! 🙂 xo

  4. A beautiful heartfelt tribute from a great Lady who understands the meanings of Peace and Freedom.

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    Happy birthday, Joan… and many more!!!

  6. Ooohhh, wie ich sie liebe. Ich habe viele ihrer Songs früher selber gesungen und mich auf der Gitarre begleitet…

  7. A wonderful message from Joan Baez. “We shall overcome.”

  8. I like what Joan Baez said: I ask permission to share in your grief. Classy!

  9. je suis Charlie… I am with France in heart and spirit.

  10. Je suis Charlie I share in France’s grief and heartbreak. My heart is warmed by all of the French citizens that have showed up in the thousands to say NOT AFRAID!

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    Je suis Charlie

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    Nous sommes tous Charlie

  13. Trying to bring France to its knees, they succeeded in bringing Europe to its feet! Brilliant post, Mélanie!

  14. My heart is with all who are suffering within this tragedy. I have been a member of Avaaz for many years and the petition is already signed. Blessings and for some reason it appears that I have been unfollowed from your blog, which explains why I have not seen any of your updates recently. Blessings sent to you with Love, Sue

  15. A woman to be admired. Refreshing. Yisraela

  16. Si inca ceva, ca asta chiar n-as vrea sa uit:”Je suis Charlie” & Vive la France!

  17. Joana lui Baez mi-a placut pe vremea cind o ascultam. DAAA! Mai exact prin vremurile lui “make love not war” si ale primului Woodstock. Dupa aceea n-am mai ascultat-o, dar nici n-am uitat-o. Si pentru ca n-o uitasem, atunci cind am aflat ca-i cu democratii, desi nu m-a mirat, m-a dezamagit, ca multi alti artisti americani cu vederi socialiste. Asta nu inseamna ca n-o apreciez ca artist, ba dimpotriva, acum o ascult – Blackmore’s Night – Diamonds & rust: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrDwWTg2Dg0

  18. what a strong woman, “fighting” for women’s rights, peace, for children…

  19. Nous avons les même goûts apparemment. J’en étais fan depuis l’âge de 20 ans, elle était jeune aussi… J’aimais aussi Bob Dylan et Leonard Cohen. Bonne soirée, Mo

  20. Et merci Mélanie. Vive Charlie Hebdo!

  21. Thank you. Merci Joan Baez!

  22. That is indeed a heart-warming message from Joan Baez. My thoughts and prayers, Melanie, for all in your country and to you mon amie.

  23. Signed (after verify that people of other countries can sign) fear cannot kill the idea of liberty.

  24. Bonjour Melanie – merci pour votre article – notre si belle France…

  25. J’aime beaucoup Joan Baez et j’ai eu l’occasion d’aller à ses concerts en France, c’est vraiment une artiste engagée de talent.

  26. cu zambet pe buze si gand de libertate si pace, asa ne invata EA! dar zilele astea… c’est dommage… ni se umbresc privirile, se indoliaza inimile si avem o mare grija a pacii, a zambetului, a libertatii… rau incercate si in pericol mare!!! in mintea mea rasuna vorbe biblice ce spun “cu cat veti chema mai mult pacea, cu atat va fi mai razboi!” love you, melanie… and take care!!!

  27. La, inca, multi ani! Ca-i merita. Multumesc!

  28. nice & sweet message from a great artist like Joan Baez, the situation in France is so crazy righty now, every day we have a serious case of violence, they want to start a reign of terror here and that’s somehwow crazy because those are the facts of small groups of individuals and not an organized movement or army, so it’s hard to focus on them. We just hope situation will settle down quickly, because it’s really being hard right now. We will continue to express our opinions and our freedom as we always have, they won’t win on this!

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