we’re all UNIQUE “islets”…:-)

chaque personne est censée être un îlot ou une espèce unique comme les plantes ou les animaux et c’est la forte sensation que j’ai éprouvée au Costa-Rica… 🙂 après avoir parcouru une partie de la “transamericana” qui descend de l’Alaska vers la Patagonie, au long de la “ceinture de feu” du Pacifique vers la Cordillera Central, la végétation devient de plus en plus dense… montée d’adrénaline garantie au-dessus de la canopée d’où je n’apercevais que les cimes des volcans… une petite brise ramenait une vague odeur de souffre de l’immense “caldera” du volcan Irazu dont le cratère abrite un lac vert-jade pendant la saison humide… j’ai respiré à fond les couleurs vives et sombres, j’ai deviné à ma gauche les côtes abruptes du Pacifique et à ma droite, l’Atlantique et ses Caraïbes turquoise, en pensant aux Costariciens(“los Ticos”) qui répétaient aux touristes:”Costa Rica – pura vida!” 🙂

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each person is supposed to be an islet or a unique species like plants or animals and it’s the strong feeling I experienced in Costa Rica… 🙂 after a 2h-drive on the “transamericana” that goes down from Alaska to Patagonia, along the Pacific ring of fire to the Cordillera Central, vegetation becomes much thicker… adrenaline rises above the canopy where I was able to behold only the tops of the volcanoes… a soft breeze brought over a dim smell of sulfur from the huge “caldera” of Irazu volcano whose crater shelters a jade lake during the rainy season… I took a deep breath of bright and dark colors, I tried to guess at my left the steep coastline of the Pacific, then to my right, the Atlantic and its Caribbean turquoise waves, thinking about “los Ticos”(Costa Ricans) who would repeat to the tourists:”Costa Rica – pura vida!” 🙂


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  1. That is one great crater, and that bird in the picture is so beautiful, it’s unbelievable.

  2. Mon rêve, la Patagonie et la Terre-de-Feu, et un peu quelque part sur les traces de Magellan, qui m’a donné la curiosité de cet endroit… Tout pour que cela ne reste pas un rêve.

  3. De cate ori iti admir calatoriile sau ce imparti cu noi din ele… amutesc. Cate ai vazut si ai sa mai vezi… o chestie de “cap”/inima(?) si optiune.

  4. This was so nice of you to share with us. I miss traveling! I am lucky to have family to spend time with and grandchildren to make me laugh and enjoy!

  5. Tu as beaucoup voyagé, on dirait. Tu as vu des paysages impressionnants, aussi… Bonne soirée, Mo

  6. Beautiful place, and it seems that the volcano is colder than the tropical jungles judging by your cardigan. A perfect tropical paradise (even they don’t have a human army) if not were for the army of mosquitoes XD

  7. enjoy experiencing adventures through you 🙂

  8. Vraiment magnifique! Bonne semaine toute entière Mélanie!

  9. Those volcanos bring a lot of needed nutrients to the earth. That is why things tend to be so lush.

  10. What a beautiful piece of the earth Melanie. So beautiful.

  11. I can imagine how breath taking the view must have been, being able to see both oceans at the same time… suddenly the world seems small and large at the same time. 😀

  12. Eu nici nu stiu ce inseamna blogroll… 🙂

  13. oh dear, you seem to be a citizen of the world. wonderful!

  14. Remarkable place… the lush vegetation, the toucan with his outrageous beak and then the crater… huge, bare. Very evocative pictures – we are indeed all a species unto ourselves and we have a duty not to harm others! 🙂

    • Costa Rica is really UNIQUE… like Japan & Iceland! 🙂

      • My husband’s assistant is Puerto Rican… he and his wife intend to retire to Costa Rica in a few years… so long as mon mari doesn’t offend them we should get the chance to visit 😉

        • Costa Rica is full of American and Canadian retired people who live with about 2000 US$/month – more decently and more comfortably than in their countries… last but not least: one of our neighbors(in his late 40’s) purchased a beach house on the Pacific coast 5 years ago where he goes twice/year, but he generously lends it to relatives and friends all year long… 🙂

  15. Din nou vulcani… Imi place! Nu scrii si un articol in romaneste? 🙂 Provocare…

    • daca m-ai citit @ “about”, am precizat ca-s nascuta-n România, da’ voi fi trait mai multi ani aici(Franta & USA) decât în tara-mi natala… deci voi fi vorbit si scris mai mult franceza si engleza decât limba-mi materna, pe care o stapânesc înca onorabil, far’ s-o amestec cu expresii sau/si cuvinte “straineze”… am mentionat ca n-am blogroll, n-apartin la nici-o retea sociala si nu-s abonata la nici-un blog pen’ca n-am timp… ah, am scris si-n româneste “pe vremuri”(sic!) aici, la invitatia unui vechi prieten – tot din afar’: 🙂

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