Aloha from Maui, Hawaii!:-)

motto:”Lorsque Dieu a voulu créer le paradis sur terre, il a choisi Hawaï!”(proverbe hawaïen)

Il y a plusieurs années, j’ai visité Oahu & Big Island(Hawaii) qui m’ont “marquée” à vie. Me voilà sur Maui, la 2e grande île de l’archipel hawaïen dont les résidents sont très fiers de sa beauté. C’est un vrai paradis qui tire son nom d’un demi-dieu local, jovial et bon vivant: il pêchait avec sa canne magique les îles du fond de l’océan et forçait le soleil à ralentir sa course pour rencontrer la Lune, cachée derrière le crépuscule… 🙂
* * *
N.B. mahalo-thanx for your generous comments, guys! ❤ have a pleasant Sunday and a Pacific week! Me’lani

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motto:”When God wanted to create heaven on earth, he’s chosen Hawaii!”(Hawaiian proverb)

I visited Oahu and Big island(Hawaii) several years ago and they have deeply impressed me. Here I am on Maui, the 2nd largest Hawaiian island whose residents are very proud of its beauty. This is a true paradise which takes its name from a local demigod who was cheerful and hedonistic: he would fish with his magic rod the islands out of the ocean and would force the sun to slow down its race to the Moon, hidden behind dusk… 🙂
* * *
Sunset Love… – Ashley Dickerson

Your love is like a sunset: wild, bright and true.
The colours blend together, forming a magical hue.
The breeze’s warm caress is slipping through the air,
just as though your fingers would be slipping through my hair…
I sit and watch this sunset, knowing it soon will fade away,
thinking of you and waiting ’til we will be together again…
Slowly now it’s going, coming to its end,
Darkness may be closing in, but my craving for you has just begun,
For now I can go home, into my cosy room, lie on my bed,
and close my eyes, fall asleep and dream of you…


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  1. Gorgeous words and images! enjoy paradise Melanie – (me sighing!) 🙂

  2. Ai ajuns tocmai in Hawaii??? Felicitari si petrecere frumoasa : in cinstea acestui fapt, azi voi viziona DVD-ul continund concertul cu ELVIS “ALOHA from HAWAII” urmarit la vremea respectiva de peste un miliard si jumatate din omenire, doar in Romania…NU!!!!!!! Enjoy everything dear Melanie… vorba lui Fabio 😉 !!!

  3. It does look like Paradise. I want to be there! 🙂

  4. I like the imagery of the demigod Maui and his creation. It’s beautiful to have mythology intersposed with the grandeur of the island paradise.

  5. “The breeze’s warm caress is slipping through the air” – nice imagery 🙂 like it

  6. Soak up the beauty!

  7. Stéphane Cassin Photographie

    Merci pour ce voyage, ce reportage photos très dépaysant, beaucoup de couleurs et de sujets 🙂

  8. Melanie, so glad you can join us here in Maui! Your journey carries such beautiful messages! Thank you with gratitude! Heart to heart Robyn

  9. One of my fave places. Beautiful!

  10. Made me long to be there. Visited Hawaii twice. 💝 yisraela

  11. so here you are my dear, warming up your bones, while i wear two pairs of woollen socks!

  12. Aloha Mélanie!, thanks for share your love for dusk and islands, it’s quite clear you’re having a great travel n_n

  13. Merci pour ces belles images car le vrai Hawaï, moi, je ne l’ai jamais vu… Bonne soirée, Mo

  14. Hi Melanie, Hawaii does look like a bit of heaven on earth, for sure. Wish we were there and away from the snow. Leslie

  15. So beautiful Mélanie. I enjoyed reading the poem you shared today.

  16. Hawaii looks lovely, you have visited so many beautiful places, are you on permanent holiday ? 🙂

  17. Sunt de acord cu proverbul, căci văzând pozele tale și cât de bine pare să te simți acolo, cu adevărat Dumnezeu a fost darnic. O duminică minunată în continuare!
    Frumoasă și inspirată poezie!

  18. OMG, I loooooove the T+M rock heart!!! ❤ Soooo cute!!! Enjoy your trip, guys! Love, Lekili!!! C'est le cas de le dire! 🙂

  19. I have never had the desire to visit Hawaii, though it too commercialized. But your words make me pause and wonder, should I give it a second chance?

    • Mrs P, please do not listen to clichés and urban legends that have nothing in common with concrete reality… 🙂 O.K. Oahu belongs to Japan(about 75%!), it’s the most touristic and kinda crowded, but Big island(Hawaii), Maui, Kauai, Lanai and Molokai are unique… I highly recommend these awesome islands, but you decide! 🙂

  20. După cum eşti îmbrăcată îmi dau seama că este cald afară, dar şi în suflet unde nu e loc decât pentru T şi M , toate în acel adevărat paradis! Incarcă-ţi bateriile pentru cât mai mult timp că din felul în care scrii, dar şi după poze eşti în al nouălea cer!

  21. How funny that you should post this just as my husband is boarding a plane for one of his regular trips to Hilo (Big Island) … his observatory is on the top of Mauna Kea … one day I hope to travel with him and see this paradise for myself 🙂

    • OMG, F, do go to Hilo, Hawaii! I spent 1 week over there and I visited the observatory, of course… I wish and hope you’ll join your hubby asap! 🙂

      • I’m so impatient to go… we have issues with a visa (because we married out of the US – they prefer to kidnap you for and have you marry on their soil but that is the way it is) – I will absolutely go at the first opportunity – it is the most golden of opportunites having a husband who is the Director of that place… I can only gaze in wonder at the pictures for now but soon, soon I hope! 🙂

  22. Back si eu! 😀 Pozele tale au reusit sa imi aduca zambetul. La noi ninge ca in povesti, iar eu una visez la zilele calduroase. Te imbratisez cu drag!

  23. So there you are… Amazing! ❤ (m-a trezit la 3 un inceput de gripa cred, febra si frisoane… o privire pe fereastra mi-a confirmat ca iarna nu se da dusa inca… ce viscol si cata zapada… Mel… enjoy the Paradise as long as you can!

  24. Wünsche dir einen schönen Sonntag schöner Text liebe Grüße mal von mir Gislinde

  25. Belles photos Mélanie! Il fera froid quand vous reviendrez à la maison. 🙂

  26. L’archipel Hawaïen est vraiment très joli… mais J’espère que vous savez que Les Mauriciens disent la même chose… Le paradis sur la terre est L’île Maurice! 🙂

  27. Oh lovely, lovely, heaven on earth indeed. 🙂

  28. Hi Melanie, Thanks for the beautiful photos from paradise! Have a delightful Sunday, my friend! 🙂

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