“Just remember, life is like a box of chocolates…”

motto:”La vie c’est comme une boîte de chocolats, on ne sait jamais sur quoi on va tomber…”(Forrest Gump)

hier, j’ai visité Lahaina, Maui, capitale de l’ex-royaume de Hawaï et l’un des endroits où immobilier est parmi les plus chers des îles hawaïennes, mais je ne compte pas m’acheter un pied-à-terre par ici… 🙂 en longeant Front Street, j’ai eu la surprise de tomber sur le banc de Forrest Gump! et aujourd’hui, je me suis naïvement sentie comme sa “jumelle”, profondément impressionnée et émue… pk?! La semaine dernière, j’ai laissé derrière la neige et le froid, mais c’est normal pour février… eh bien, croyez-moi que je suis encore “marquée” après ce que j’ai vu: des pêchers fleuris et leurs petits fruits, des lys tropicaux, des roses, des glaïeuls, des glycines turquoise et des poinsettias – preuves concrètes que le paradis terrestre existe… comme j’adore les fleurs, j’en suis comblée, c’est vraiment trop pour un seul jour et je me dis que la vie ici est comme une boîte de chocolats noirs aux noix de macadamia! 🙂
* * *
P.S. le célèbre personnage Forrest Gump n’a pas été le premier à dire que la vie est comme une boîte de chocolats… 🙂 dans “Norwegian Wood” publié en 1987, l’auteur japonais Haruki Murakami a écrit:”Rappelez-vous, la vie est comme une boîte de chocolats… Vous savez, il y en a un assortiment, vous en aimez certains, mais pas d’autres et vous en mangez ceux que vous aimez, ceux qui restent sont ceux que vous n’aimez pas tellement… j’y pense toujours lorsque quelque chose de douloureux survient. Maintenant, je dois juste finir ceux-là et tout ira bien.”

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motto:”Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get…”

yesterday, I visited Lahaina, Maui, ex-capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii and one of the most expensive real estate of the Hawaiian islands, but I don’t plan to purchase anything around here… 🙂 along Front Street, I had the surprise to run into Forrest Gump’s bench and today, I’ve naively felt as his “twin sister”, deeply impressed and emotional… why?! Last week, I left behind snow and cold, but it’s been usual for February… well, guess what, I’m still stunned and in awe after I’ve seen: peach flowers and baby peaches, orange tropical lilies, roses, gladioli, turquoise wisteria and poinsettias – concrete evidence that the earthly paradise does exist… as I love flowers, I’m overwhelmed, it’s really too much for one day and I say to myself that life is like a box of macadamias covered by dark chocolate! 🙂
* * *
P.S. the famous character Forrest Gump was not the first one to say that life is like a box of chocolates… in “Norwegian Wood” by Haruki Murakami, published in 1987, the Japanese author wrote:”Just remember, life is like a box of chocolates… You know, they’ve got these chocolate assortments, and you like some but you don’t like others, you eat all the ones you like, and the only ones left are the ones you don’t like as much. I always think about that when something painful comes up. Now I just have to polish these off, and everything’ll be OK.”


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  1. Thank you for the link! one in Maui? 🙂

  2. J’ai bien aimé “Forrest Gump”. Et tu es convaincante quand tu décris un paradis. Tiens, pourquoi ai-je subitement envie de chocolat? Bonne soirée, Mo

  3. Superbe ‘texte’… ti-am sorbit cuvintele, la propriu. 🙂 Stii… ma gandeam mai demult sa-mi tatuez acest citat… undeva in memorie… sa nu-l mai uit… ca eu uit multe! 😉

  4. Excellent analogy with the chocolates. That’s so true. And yet I kick myself for wasting any of them. What does that say about me? 💝 yisraela

  5. Le problème de la boîte de chocolats, c’est qu’on ne sait pas si on saura la faire durer…

  6. Se vede că locurile acestea te-au fascinat la superlativ! Ai străbătut lumea în lung şi-n lat, dar parcă niciodată nu te-am simţit atât de entiuziasmată! Coboară din paradis şi povesteşte cât mai multe! Abia aştept!

  7. Ciocolata la fel ca si viata musai gustata bucatica cu bucatica. Frumoase locuri ai vizitat. 🙂

  8. Your photos makes one long for the summer. Thanks Melanie. Leslie

  9. I think I like the Norwegian Wood version, it’s more complete. I thought these last few posts were from your collection. I hadn’t realized you were currently visiting… aloha! I am glad to see you are having a great time. 😀 ❤ And I'll take anything with nuts and chews. 😀

  10. Beautiful photos! Apparently Marilyn Monroe said it too – or rather said that it was one of her mother’s expressions. I always used to pray that I didn’t get the one with liquor in it. Still hate them today.

  11. If you want the best chocolate and biscuits and cakes in the whole world all beautifully packaged in lovely boxes head for ‘Big Island Candy’ in Hilo …. the gifts my husband brings from there make the pain of separation almost bearable 😉 Enjoy your time as I am enjoying your beautiful pictures and words, as ever 🙂

    • je les connais, comme j’ai passé une semaine sur Big Island et j’ai bcp aimé Hilo… 🙂 thanx for your generous words, admiration & respect for your extremely long distance relationship, I’m speechless…

      • In turn thanks to you… love conquers all. When the trials are over (which we are quite determined they will be later this year one way or another) I will write about it.

        • I do understand you, F… I did experience a similar situation decades ago and I can confirm: genuine and long-lasting LOVE conquers everything… I do hope and wish you to get together asap… bon courage et bonne chance! ❤

  12. oooh dear me, you’re driving me crazy with this floral tribute 🙂 i wish you a beautiful time…

  13. Chocolate coated macadamias are delicious.

  14. Indeed, some one has always eaten the best ones and has left you with the rest! 😀

  15. Excellent, Melanie! You are covering all the bases! Enjoy every place, every island! Best to you! 🙂

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