sunset @ Kihei, Maui – February 12th, 2015…

le soleil descend sur l’horizon du Pacifique et les couleurs de l’air se jettent dans le crépuscule… ses derniers rayons cachent l’horloge de la vie tandis que la flamme de l’amour continue à nous réchauffer avec ses reflets inépuisables…
* * *
the sun is moving down the Pacific horizon and the colors of the air are flowing into the dusk… its last rays hide the clock of life while the flame of love continues to warm us up with its endless reflections…

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”Close your eyes, close the door,
You don’t have to worry any more,
‘Cause I’ll be your baby tonight…
Shut the light, shut the shade
You don’t have to be afraid
Kick your shoes off
And don’t you fear
Bring that bottle over here
‘Cause I’ll be your baby tonight…”
* * *
Norah Jones – I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight… 🙂


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  1. Beautiful… I truly wish I was there. My favorite is the one with the chairs.

  2. Beautiful sunsets! Love Nora and your new avatar. ❤ ❤ Have a wonderful Valentine's Day… though I think you started early. 😉

    • I love Norah, too and I met her almost 3 years ago on a flight from Houston to Dallas, TX: she’s adorable… small world, indeed! Thanx and wish you Valentine’s days all year long… ❤ 😉

      • That’s the way we celebrate them… actually we boycott Valentine’s Day so to speak, no dinner out, flower’s chocolates… not even a card! But, we do celebrate love EVERY day! If I had to choose one day a year to really express love in a commercialized way or 365 in a pure way… I’d always take the 365.

        What ever way you celebrate, have a LOVEly day! hugs and kisses!

  3. Pozele astea sunt… eeee…. nu mai am cuvinte!!! Le-am pierdut prin ocean încercând să vin înot la tine în Hawai! Când revii de acolo, să te apuci urgent să scrii poezii pentru că aşa peisaje cu siguranţă te vor inspira. Şi dacă nu merge rima, povesteşte-mi mie fiindcă, asemenea privelişti nu pot rămâne necântate!!!

    • scriu “scrisaturi”(sic!) de multicel, da’ mi-s incapabila sa scriu versuri cu rima în vreo limba… 🙂 merci pentru propunere, o voi studia si te voi tine la “corent” de 110V, O.K. 😉

  4. Oh that looks so niceeeee! Leslie

  5. Magnifique! Bonne soirée Mélanie et agréable week-end tout entier!

  6. Romanticismo allo stato naturale descritto dalla macchina fotografica e dalle tue emozioni. Ciao, buona serata e buon Weekend. Osv.

  7. Love the Norah Jones lyrics to accompany the stunning images of the sinking sun.

  8. oOoOo quelle chaaaaance! *.* Beautiful pictures!

  9. Just lovely… ❤

  10. Beautiful Mélanie! It almost makes me wish I were there… but that would mean leaving here.

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