from Waimea Canyon to Napali Coast – magic Kauai…

surnommé par Mark Twain “le Grand Canyon du Pacifique”, il fait environ 16 km de long et 900m de profondeur; les scientifiques pensent que le gouffre a été creusé par des millions d’années d’érosion fluviale. Ses falaises-rasoir plongent dans le Pacifique comme un kaléidoscope multicolore d’ocre rouge, vert-émeraude et d’or, tandis que son bord est souvent surmonté d’une “mer” de nuages ​​vaporeux. En hawaïen, “wai” signifie “eau douce” et “mea” = “rouge”, donc l’eau rougeâtre de la rivière Waimea qui coule dans le canyon après une pluie. Voici la splendeur tropicale de la Kalalau Valley – source inépuisable de beauté naturelle: des pitons rocheux escarpés, des forêts luxuriantes sur les pentes de l’un des endroits les plus humides de la Terre, un mini-canyon aride apparenté au Grand Canyon que j’ai visité il y a qqs années… plateaux en terrasse où pousse le taro(patate douce typiquement hawaïenne), des cascades spectaculaires et des piscines d’azur, des panoramas superbes du littoral… C’est un royaume magique – un monde de splendeur, où je n’ai pas suivi simplement les sentiers, mais plutôt mon cœur qui a m’a guidé vers des endroits à couper le souffle, qui inspire, rafraîchit, marque profondément…
* * *
a few pix among hundreds… 🙂

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nicknamed by Mark Twain “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, it is about 16 km-long and 900m-deep; scientists think the chasm has been carved by millions of years of stream erosion. Its painted razor-like cliffs plunge into the Pacific like a multi-colored kaleidoscope of ochre red, emerald green and gold, while its rim is often topped with a sea of gauzy clouds. In Hawaiian, “wai” means fresh water and “mea” = red: the reddish water(Waimea river) that flows along the canyon after a rain. Tropical grandeur of Kalalau Valley and endless supply of natural beauty: weathered rocky crags, lush forests on the slopes of the one of the wettest spots on Earth, an arid mini-canyon akin to the Grand Canyon that I visited several years ago… terraced plateaux brimming with taro fields(typical Hawaiian sweet potato), dramatic waterfalls and azure pools, spectacular shoreline vistas… This is a magic realm – a world of splendor, where I haven’t just followed the road, but rather my heart that has guided me to places which take your breath away, leaving you inspired, refreshed, deeply impressed…


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  1. you are an amazing discoverer, I hope we have a new planet on the earth to be unearthed!

    • merci, Iku2e… if I had another life, I’d spend it on reading, traveling and being in love… 🙂

      • wow that’s great, everyone has another life, i believe it strongly! I wish god will you give that, today I met nice friend like you , from US , I gave your blog link, she might be looking your stuff 🙂 you both are amzing supporter of me, thanks! she also travels and explored more on indian culture!

        • thanx, young man, but god doesn’t give us anything… 🙂 our life is made of choices-alternatives and based upon the decisions we make daily… I believe in myself and in actions, not in passivity, resignation, pessimism, fatalism… My Latin motto is:”memento mori, carpe diem et gaudeamus igitur!” – remember you’ll die, live this very day and therefore let’s enjoy it to the fullest! 🙂 last but not least: you need to know what you do NOT want anymore in life… 🙂 what I mean is:
          “It matters not how strait the gate,
          How charged with punishments the scroll,
          I am the master of my fate,
          I am the captain of my soul…”(Invictus – William Ernest Henley)

          • You are very right, after I did research on this topic of soul, I found what all the religions and beliefs say, and you are totally right! we are the controller of our soul! Let’s live it for the best! thanks for your time!

  2. Wonderful impressions!

  3. Superbe imagini, o duminica placuta draga Mélanie, te imbratisez cu mult drag, Liz

  4. We really do have a beautiful world Melanie, your pictures transport us to some beautiful regions, thank you for sharing.

  5. Great Post, Melanie… a big hug to you dear.

  6. Oricit ar fi apele de intinse, nu vor egala niciodată splendoarea plină de varietate a munţilor! Nici nu putea fi un sfârşit de vacanţă mai frumos, mai spectaculos pentru privire! Cerul a coborât, sau munţii au urcat la cer, nu ştiu, dar cert este că tu ai fost în al nouălea cer!

  7. Que c’est beau Mélanie! Oui, à couper le souffle, vraiment!

  8. Pas à dire, ça a de la gueule!!!

  9. Mais qu’est-ce qu’on fait en France?

  10. Merci pour ces magnifiques vues et belle soirée, Mélanie.

  11. So beautiful and looks peaceful… Enjoy your weekend, Melanie. Hugs ❤ Sue

  12. When I first saw the images I too thought of the Grand Canyon… and then the moon’s surface… maybe with all that red it was really Mars. Neat that you got a shot with the helicopter in it. 😀

  13. Una dintre poze mi-a adus aminte de filmul ,,127 de ore”!

    • “127 hours” inspirat din povestea reala a alpinistului Aron Ralston a fost turnat @ Parc national Canyonlands, Utah pe care l-am vizitat în acelasi timp cu Grand Canyon… James Franco e un actor interesant, capabil sa joace orice rol – trgaic sau comic! 🙂

  14. Awe-inspiring, of course… 🙂

  15. stunning photos – what a majestic place – whew –

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