Who said Monet doesn’t grow on trees?…:-)

Does a living rainbow exist? Yes, it does! 🙂 The word “eucalyptus” comes from the Greek: eu = good and kalypto = cover. Magical looking forests with multi-colored streaks of eucalyptus trunks make these trees a distinctive landscape design element. I’d come across some in Costa Rica 2 years ago, but the stunning rainbow eucalyptus from Kauai is truly one of the most amazing trees, it definitely has the most beautiful bark I’ve ever seen. It’ll never have the same color pattern twice, making it like a work of living art. The unusual phenomenon is caused by patches of bark shedding at different times. Its manifold colours are therefore indicators of its age: freshly shed outer bark will reveal the bright green inner one. This one darkens over time and changes from blue to purple and then reaches orange and maroon tones. While this may appear to be a “cool tree” with camouflaged bark, it actually continues to morph in all the colors of a rainbow.
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eucalyptus trunks @ Keahua Arboretum, East Kauai…

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This isn’t “somewhere over the rainbow”, but somewhere UNDER the rainbow: so, if you don’t live in a warm, moist climate, then you might not have ever run into the most beautiful bark on Earth… 🙂 With bright and uniquely-colored trunk and branches, the rainbow eucalyptus is one of the most amazingly colorful species of tree. This vibrant picture looks like a work of art created by an exquisite painter. After the rain, an extraordinary and spectacular foliage effect is created when ‘rainbow’ eucalyptus trees begin to shed their bark to reveal their invisible bracelets – bright colours beneath: wonderful splashes of green, orange and purple. They look like “fairy trees” or solid cliffs that speak and sing with the Pacific: quiet and thoughtful, they struggle with storms, whirlwinds, huge waves. Attached to its ground and truly appealing, they’re content with a tiny piece of heaven and love the gentle caresses of the tradewinds… Once again Lady NATURE the Beautiful is the most talented artist that no one can match or exceed! 🙂
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Have a splendid rainbow week, guys!


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  1. Magnifiques couleurs sur ces écorces.

  2. The nature is the most talented artist that no one can match or exceed, indeed! Minunate poze, Melanie! Toate cele bune, cu drag și prețuire, Georgeta ❤

  3. Showed this post to my wife and we both agree these trees are stunning, incredible and every other adjective previous commenters have used. Being in an arboretum, it’s good to know they’re safe from lumbering. They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but these kind of trees don’t grow on money, either!

    • I’d seen some in Costa Rica 2 years ago, but these Hawaiian ones have simply “overwhelmed” me… yeah, they’re safe and protected by federal law… yeah, money doesn’t grow on French trees either, but it does come out of ATM’s and you need a lot in Hawaii! 🙂 Thanx, Sir and my very best to you-2.

  4. Absolutely amazing natural art, Mélanie. I loved seeing these. 🙂 xxx

  5. Tu as raison d’avoir posté ce diaporama. Je n’avais jamais été consciente de la beauté des troncs d’eucalyptus. Bonne fin de journée, Mo

  6. asa ne arata mama natura ca pensula ei este mult superioara omului artist! mereu altfel, mereu special nu conteneste prin a ne uimi! si tu – “cea mai iubita dintre pamanteni” vezi frumosul la cel mai inalt nivel! e gratis?

  7. I have never seen anything like this Melanie. A living work of art indeed. Gorgeous!

  8. Stéphane Cassin Photographie

    Ces arbres sont super beaux, on n’a pas fini de découvrir cette belle nature, merci pour ces photos magnifiques! 🙂

  9. Stunning. When I saw the post in my reader my first thought was: Oh, someone’s painting trees!

  10. Stunning trees!

  11. Monet grows on one, too – the more one studies his work!

  12. “I think that I shall never see, a thing so lovely as a tree.” Truer words, on seeing these pictures! Unbelievable what nature paints; nothing man-made can compete. Lucky you to be in Hawaii. Merci, Melanie!

  13. How very interesting to read about the eucalyptus trees… beautiful shades of the bark in your illustration, Melanie! Wonderful observation of nature and of Monet. Delightful post! 🙂

  14. Belle collection de photos… une belle comparaison avec les couleurs de Monet. (Suzanne)

  15. What a beautiful viewpoint… in nature!

  16. Oh, Melanie, I so agree! They are absolutely beautiful! What could be better than a rainbow tree? And as I am writing this comment, the song “Somewhere over the rainbow” was playing in the background on a television commercial! Such beauty! When I was in Arizona a few weeks ago, I was mystified by the (I think they were called) Palo Verde trees… the bark of the whole tree is the most incredible green! I am going to “go out on a limb” and say that you have a post about these trees as well! 🙂 Much love ❤

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    Monet sugli alberi?

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