2 is always better than 1, right?!…:-)

Nous deux… – Paul Eluard

Nous deux nous tenant par la main
Nous nous croyons partout chez nous
Sous l’arbre doux sous le ciel noir
Sous tous les toits au coin du feu
Dans la rue vide en plein soleil
Dans les yeux vagues de la foule
Auprès des sages et des fous
Parmi les enfants et les grands
L’amour n’a rien de mystérieux
Nous sommes l’évidence même
Les amoureux se croient chez nous…
* * *
pix taken in Maui & Kauai last month… 🙂

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Us 2 – you and me… – Paul Eluard

We hold our hands together,
We feel at home everywhere:
Under the soft tree and the dark sky
Beneath all the rooftops, by the fireside,
in the empty street, across the sunlight itself,
inside the blurred look of the crowd,
nearby the wise people and the fools,
Among children and grown-ups.
Love has nothing mysterious,
We are the very obviousness
and lovers think they’re at our home…
* * *
Have a super-Monday and an awesome-twosome week, guys… and remember the “LLL threesome” => live, love, laugh! 🙂


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  1. De bien beaux duos pour accompagner les vers d’Eluard! Bonne journée, bisous!

  2. Impressive and very enjoyable pictures.

  3. I do admire your ability to create new posts daily with words that fit the pictures. A simple and beautiful post. 🙂

    • almost daily, Miss Rammy… 😉

      molto grazie-thanx a bunch of rosemary from my frontyard for you did touch my heart – again… ❤ well, I do NOT plan my posts, my draft is empty, but anything can inspire me: a photo, a song, a movie, a quote, an idea, a word, etc… my blog is really just a virtual playground, I'm a literary person(a language teacher & free lancer) and I kindly invite you to read my "about" – to get to know me better… 🙂


  4. Doi e un cerc închis, iar trei e un cerc înflorit 🙂

  5. Tes jolies photos se marient tellement bien à ces mots Mélanie! Super! Bonne soirée!

  6. Two are always better if they are one, awesome week, Mélanie! 🙂

  7. Lovely, two! Leslie

  8. alice in wonderland

    A wonderful week, too! :*

  9. Two make a pair! Double Pawkiss for a Happy Week 🙂 ❤

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