Nā Pali(high cliffs) coast – Kauai the Magnificent…:-)

spectacular shoreline of razor-like cliffs that plunge into the Pacific, scarred shoulders of an ancient shield volcano where life and death merge together between dramatic waterfalls and bubbling streams… the ocean is extremely tempting here, even though Na Pali coast’s currents have always been “invisible killers”… the reef is especially tricky to navigate whenever the trade winds blow strong and the risk of being shipwrecked might appeal to some “romantics”, but if actually “realized”, it would surely be a terrible nightmare… almost everything looks huge and surreal, kinda a “Jurassic Park” mystic feeling, with a hobbit-like valley, you watch everywhere, expecting a flying pterodactyl or a giant dinosaur to swoop down from the cliffs at any moment… I suddenly recalled James Bond, riding in a red chopper throughout this seaside in “the man with the golden gun”…  e komo mai Na Pali! – welcome to Na Pali coast! 🙂 

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the crystal-clear cascades rush into the ocean’s electric green or dark blue with a gushing sound… glowing beams of light come out through the ceiling’s hole like a bolt of lightning that creates a glass circle within the water… you think of fairy tales and you expect to see mermaids swimming across the mysterious winter waves or sitting along the rocks… a magical display of stunning and blended colors over a palette of a perfect artist – from deep cobalt blue to shades of emerald-green or gray, all continuously changing… Lady Nature’s peace draws a real spellbinding glimpse and a slight taste of paradise with fragrant scent of wild ginger flowers and the rhythmic beat of the endless Pacific Ocean… isolation and attraction, sacred and primal altars on staggering planet Earth – a natural wonder and an amazing realm of splendor to explore, a place that takes your breath away, leaving you inspired and refreshed…

have a fairytale weekend, guys! 🙂   


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  1. Fantastic geology, the sheer rock faces and stunning arches, carved from the endless seas. One can only stand in awe of Mother Nature.

  2. Hola querida Mélanita cabrita 😉 Did you know that there are classes for people that want to become mermaids? LOL! http://news.distractify.com/fun/bizarre/mermaid-academy/

  3. Incredible geology, stunning landscape!

  4. Mesmerising images and such tantalising words, Mélanie. 🙂 Hope you’ve had a great weekend. xxx

  5. I wasn’t “updated” for a long time concerning your travels, so tell me, is this the Indian coast? Or an island? But no matter what it is, it’s magnificent! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Definitely a ‘Jurassic Park’ feel. Hoping no T-Rex finds you! Gorgeous photos Melanie.

  7. J’ai pu lire le texte en anglais mais je commente en français. Tant pis pour la cohérence… Les paysages sont spectaculaires. Magnifiques mais tout de même un peu inquiétants…

  8. Simply magnificent! Yes, something like from the movies… 🙂

  9. what a beautiful place – and you describe it so well- yes, mermaids and other worlds!

  10. Stunning Mélanie! However, with the warm sunshine here at home, I am the last one to be tempted! I have shared it on LinkedIn as not everyone is there or here in France. 😉

  11. Lovely photos with some unique formations! Hope you have a fairytale weekend yourself – may it be as lovely as the pics in this post!

  12. Not sure what I like the most… the stunning cliffs, the beautiful azure waters or the cave that beckons me to come in. 🙂

  13. The mermaids were in the boats visiting from far way the blue islands of Nā Pali 😉

  14. Uitându-mă la peisajele din pozele tale, constat încă o dată că natura este un artist desăvârșit care modelează de-a lungul timpului. E mereu plină de surprize frumoase. Toate cele bune și un weekend minunat!

  15. Fabulous and evocative pictures and equally evocative description. Truly a paradise… enjoy your own paradise wherever you are this weekend, lovely M!

  16. It certainly looks surreal… So beautiful! Thank you for sharing this Paradise. Have a sunny weekend! 🙂

  17. La Harpie Feroce

    Vous n’écrivez plus en francais? là, je n’ai pas le temps de traduire.

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