“Rien ne t´efface, je pense à toi…”

motto:”Quoi que je fasse, où que je sois… Rien ne t´efface, je pense à toi…”(Jean-Jacques Goldman)

entre toi et moi – 2 océans avec des falaises escarpées, des passerelles “rouge-passion” fragiles et des forêts de bambou, des étangs aux lotus et plusieurs Lunes… des tons pastel ou ambre marquent les rochers à travers les flots granités qui s’ouvrent pour nous et se referment aussitôt… nous sommes prisonniers d’un pays imaginaire et féerique, plongés dans une absence douloureuse… le soleil levant illumine nos cœurs, l’air est frais, un albatros plane au-dessus d’un cratère, l’eau est redevenu tranquille après les petites “tornades” blanches d’écume… nous essayons de nager à travers un dédale d’îles et d’îlots, entourés de lames de fond… et au bout de toutes ces épreuves, nous pouvons dessiner les contours de notre vie dans un monde de “dieux jaloux” qui voudraient tout garder pour eux, mais ils n’auront aucune chance – tant que nous resterons ensemble! 🙂

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motto:”Whatever I do, wherever I am… Nothing wipes you off, I think of you…”(Jean-Jacques Goldman)

between you and me – 2 oceans with steep cliffs, delicate “passion-red” footbridges and bamboo forests, lotus ponds and several Moons… pastel or amber shades sweep the rocks across the granite flows which open ahead for us and close up right away… we are prisoners of an imaginary and magical realm, plunged into a painful absence… the rising sun lights up our hearts, the air is fresh, an albatross hangs over a crater, water is quiet again, after the tiny “tornadoes” of white foam… we try to swim through a maze of islands and islets surrounded by tidal waves… and after all these trials, we can draw the outlines of our life onto a world of “jealous gods” who’d like to keep everything to themselves, but we won’t let them – as long as we stay together! 🙂
* * *
Jean-Jacques Goldman – Pas toi…


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  1. Beautiful words by Jean-Jacques Goldman. His words sound like he is throwing down the gauntlet, and defying the Gods to keep nature’s beauty for themselves.

  2. Beautiful images and such romantic sentiments, Mélanie. I love that red bridge. 🙂 xxx

  3. Just drop me in to all those… I love them all!

    • O.K. deal, but tell me when, please! 😉

      • We were planning for next year and arranging a visit when we came. ❤ But the travel safety status to Europe is not good… I can't say right now. Too many family members advising against it… but one day, I will make it there… your playground is much too fun to pass by.

        • @”But the travel safety status to Europe is not good…” – really?!… listen to your heart and to your intuition, refuse fatalism, Rammy dear… 🙂 btw, everything(I’m polite, LOL!) can happen anywhere, we don’t need to fly or to travel, serious or fatal domestic accidents do occur daily… 😉

          • I agree but it is out of respect for others that are important to me that I am holding off for a bit. I don’t cotton to fatalistic ideas .

  4. Fantastic photos, Melanie. I am in love with that red bridge. And of course anything to do with the sea. I especially like that you are in some shots. You are so lovely. 🙂 Hugs.

  5. J’adore Jean-Jaques Goldman! Great post. 🙂

  6. Such a beautiful piece of writing and such gorgeous pics of you. I love the one looking day with the water and rocks in the background – absolutely stunning!

    • xié-xié, Constance! glad and honored by your generous words… I’ve mentioned 2 oceans in my text, as these pix were taken in Japan and on the Atlantic coast of the French Basque country…

  7. Lovely photos, would love to visit Japan, it’s so… oriental! 🙂

  8. I was going to ask you where that was. There was a definite oriental feel to the bridge and the colours. Then I noticed you mentioned Japan. So lovely there. Leslie

  9. Very beautiful words – today of all days as my husband starts another 7 weeks away from me, I am touched. Thank you 🙂

  10. La Harpie Feroce

    Un ocean vous sépare, mais vous n’avez pas l’air triste du tout, la vie est belle. Du coup on en profite aussi. Merci Mélanie!

  11. A beautiful offering, Melanie – Thank You

    My best to You


  12. Coucou, bien joliment dit… de belles photos… qui me rappellent les jardins en Chine, également en Thaïlande. Amitiés.

    • merci, Jaky1511… je ne suis jamais allée en Thaïlande ou en Chine, sauf à Hong-Kong, mais 4 fois au Japon – ma passion depuis qqs décennies… 🙂 un mercredi ensoleillé et amicales pensées toulousaines…

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