of cats and human dreams…:-)

motto: Le Chat – Guillaume Apollinaire

Je souhaite dans ma maison:
une femme ayant sa raison,
un chat passant parmi mes livres,
mes amis en toute saison,
sans lesquels je ne peux pas vivre…

selon les psychanalystes, chaque fois qu’on rêve d’un chat signifie qu’on a beaucoup de fantasmes et d’illusions équilibrés… on a besoin de se sentir bien, aimé, ou à l’aise avec des choses qui ne sont pas réelles ou quelque chose de difficile d’y renoncer ou impossible d’affronter… les chats peuvent aussi refléter déceptions personnelles, celles des autres, ou le monde qui nous donne l’impression d’un faux sentiment de pouvoir ou de contrôle… si l’on rêve d’un chat agressif, c’est qu’on a du mal à accepter la réalité ou d’être objectif… 🙂  

une maison ou une chambre pleine de chats représentent une quantité excessive d’illusions: on croit en beaucoup de choses qui ne sont pas vraies ou possibles, un signe de dépendance affective ou émotionnelle des fantasmes… la peur d’un chat dans les rêves suggère des craintes fondées sur de fausses hypothèses… enfin, la plupart des hommes sont comme les matous: ils nous approchent lentement, timidement et gentiment… ils aiment nos caresses, nos bisous et se frotter à nos jambes, mais si nous essayons de les attraper, ils filent en courant, mais pas mon Lucky-Loulou… 🙂

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the Cat – Guillaume Apollinaire

I want in my home:
a reasonable woman,
a cat walking among my books,
my friends throughout any season,
I just can’t live without them all…

according to psychoanalysts, whenever we dream of a cat, it means we have lots of fantasies and balanced illusions… we need to feel good, loved, or comfortable about things that aren’t real or something hard for us to give up, ’cause we can’t cope with or face it… cats may also reflect delusions we’ve had on oourselves, others, or the world that sends us a fake sense of power or control… if we dream of an aggressive cat, it could suggest that we have difficulty accepting reality or being objective… 🙂  

a house or a room full of cats may represent an excessive amount of illusions: we believe in plenty of things that aren’t true or possible, a sign of emotional or affective addiction to fantasies… if a cat scares us in our dreams, we may have some fears based upon untrue assumptions… last but not least: most men are like tomcats: they approach us slowly, gently, shyly… they love being hugged, cuddled, and they like rubbing against our legs, but if we try to catch them, they shove off – well, not my Lucky-Loulou! 🙂
* * *
P.S. cute bonus: 🙂

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  1. Awwwwww ce chat a l’air tellement doux!!! J’ai envie de le câliner très fort 🙂 Est-ce qu’il me grifferait? 😉

  2. Lovely cat post, Mélanie. I loved the Guillaume Apollinaire verse. The hilarious bonus I’m going to send to my daughter. She’s crazy about her cat, but I’m sure she’ll also enjoy seeing the guys. 🙂 xx

  3. LOL on the bonus! 😆

  4. Ha-ha! Aici este pe teritoriul meu: pisicimea! Motanul meu îmi toarce în urechi o mulţime de poveşti din lumea pisicească. Şi câte declaraţii de iubire îmi face! De atâta iubire era slab ca o scoveargă deşi îi dădeam să mănânce pe ales. Acum, de când ţi-am ascultat sfaturile, s-a îngrăşat şi-i luceşte blăniţa lui cea albă – de mi-e mai mare dragul să-l mângâi, mai ales că nici nu-i mai cade părul! Dar este la fel de drăgăstos cum îl ştii.

  5. “If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but deteriorate the cat.” – Mark Twain

  6. I don’t ever dream of cats. What does that mean? 😉

  7. Hello my friend! Your post was bittersweet, I lost my baby man last week. Truffles was a Siamese and talked all the time. We deleted some odd but special habits and if you missed the time he had a fit. I love all animals, always had cats and dogs around. Having a cat for 15 years is very special. I enjoyed the photos. 🙂 M

    • bonjour M! we love animals, in general and we’re all catlovers… we also lost our 2nd kitty 4 years ago, so I do understand your pain… ❤ thanx for dropping by, friendly thoughts and c u asap! 🙂

  8. The ending made me laugh! 🙂 Cats always bring me moments of pleasure. I currently have no cats but if I had a pet, it would only be a cat.

  9. I’d be lost without my cat. Yisraela

  10. La Harpie Feroce

    Alors je suis un chat.

  11. Ils sont beaux tous ces chats, quant aux rêves je ne crois pas me souvenir d’en avoir vu un les traverser contrairement à Babouche qui ne manque pas de passer sur mon oreiller la nuit. Bonne soirée! Bisous!

  12. How can those puss-cats fail to warm the day? Your words, as ever are a joy to read 🙂

    • I just love your rhetorical question, F… 😉 you did touch my heart again… ❤ speakin' of joy, you know that I’m not living in a ‘teddybear land'(sic!), but I refuse and I avoid to complain about life, as it’s boring, vain and useless… I’ve chosen mon état d'âme to be cheerful, positive, optimistic… 🙂

      • So, so right! What’s the use in complaining and moaning… All you get are the wrong kind of wrinkles! Glad I’ve touched that lovely heart of yours! 🙂

  13. awww, I love cats, and miss my two still. Lovely photos.

  14. Nice cats, the colorful handcraft seems like something a Peruvian artisan could do 😉

  15. These made me smile. And on a Monday morning, that’s a very good thing,

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