l’iris – la déesse des fleurs…

le soleil d’avril lui éclaire le visage,
éphémère arc-en-ciel dont le grand cœur,
poussé par la brise et par les nuages,
est fort impatient d’embrasser cette fleur…
une abeille égarée l’approche et voltige,
et même plus tard, elle reviendra à nouveau,
au-dessus de l’iris tremblant sur sa tige
comme un jeune papillon sur un vieux roseau…
du parme royal, il garde toute l’empreinte,
prise juste avant l’aube aux larmes des cieux,
unique parmi ses sœurs avec cette belle teinte,
qui réveille l’esprit et enchante les yeux…
tendre, adorable, gracieuse messagère,
dont les pétales s’apprêtent à s’envoler,
leurs formes sont aussi vaporeuses et légères
comme ce printemps qui vient de s’installer…(MNB)

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iris – goddess of flowers…

the April sunbeams light up its face,
ephemeral and large-hearted rainbow,
pushed by the breeze and by the clouds,
and very eager to cuddle this flower…
a lost bee approaches it and flutters over,
and even later, it will come back once more,
above the iris on its shaking stem
like a young butterfly upon an old reed…
it has kept the whole royal purple print,
taken just before dawn from the heaven’s tears
unique among its sisters with its beautiful shade,
that awakens the spirit and delights the eyes…
tender, lovely, gracious messenger,
whose petals get ready to fly away,
their shapes are both vaporous and soft
like springtime that has just settled down…(MNB)
* * *
N.B. Mistaken for a lily since Antiquity, the petals of an iris seem to send out an oblique light whose texture is changing, shimmering, “iridescent”. According to the Greeks, the rainbow was “the scarf” of Iris – the messenger between gods and men, hence the name of this flower. Another analogy with the rainbow:”iris” is also the bright membrane of the eye, and “iridescence” is the ability to spread light into colored rays. As a symbol of purity and innocence, it’s been another cause of confusion with lilies. Some of the Flemish “Primitives”: Hubert and Jan van Eyck, Van der Weyden, Hugo Van der Goes painted both iris and lilies together, into symbolic bouquets. Then, the Impressionists, like Monet and Van Gogh had the blue-purple flower burst out of their canvas. In Japan, lots of paintings and engravings represent the iris, reflecting its importance to the Japanese culture: each year, it’s celebrated in the parks, even poems and theatre plays are dedicated to it. The iris family includes about 300 botanical species, its evergreen sword-shaped leaves and blue-purple flowers are the most common ones.


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  1. I was happy to come upon this post Melanie. As always, your pictures are beautiful, and iris is one of my favourite flowers. 🙂

  2. Stânjeneii tăi sunt foarte frumoși, Melanie, mi-au încântat ochii și am înțeles inspirația ta de a scrie acest minunat poem. Mulțumesc, îți doresc un sfârșit de săptămână pe gustul tău!

  3. A beautiful flower and I have a blue one in my garden which is a very old plant which I rescued from my Granddads garden many years ago… Thank you for evoking that memory of when I dug it up to replant and split the roots many times since 🙂 Enjoy your weekend Melanie. Hugs, Sue

  4. Sunt fragili și expresivi. Eu am și galbeni. Dar mai am de așteptat mult până-mi zâmbesc. 🙂

  5. doamne, cat de frumosi sunt Meli! eu sunt capiata dupa florile astea, chiar astea de la tine, de gradinaa, albastru de prusia!. Au un miros de pe luna, iar daca o rupi isi schimba mirosul, devine mai cald, un pic intepator si dulceag, e clar ca se produce o explozie de energie acolo, parca vor sa te atace cu mirosul ca sa le lasi in pace. Ai observat ca la alte flori e insesizabil cand le rupi, sau aproape la toate, si papadia mai e cam tot asa dar nici pe departe. Bine dar le iubesc si fiindca erau in intaia gradina a copilarie mele, cand le-am vazut primas data erau cat mine de mari. Iti dai seama ca stanjenelu asta m-a invatat ca fac un rau rupand-o, el cu mirosul lui, ce n-a putut sa ma invete nimeni pana atunci si cat m-am chinuit s-o pun la loc … si m-a mai invatat ca oricat te-ai stradui sa repari ce-ai omorat, omorat ramane de-aia am bagat-o sub rochita la spate sa nu ma vada bunica numai ca ii iesise motu pe langa ceafa mea si hm, restul nu se pune
    pai da, ce isteata ai fost sa faci incursiunea asta! irisii lui Gogh ii stiu, atat,una dintre cele mai scumpe picturi din lume
    mi-a placut si poezia pana la urma :-))

    • ma bucur ca ti-a placut poemu’-mi simplu si naiv… n-am cules si n-am primit niciodata aceste flori regale… irisii mei ti-au reamintit de copilarie, pe când mie-mi reamintesc de cei ai lu’ Van Gogh pe care i-am admirat cu ani în urma… 🙂

  6. I’d love to know somebody called Iris, it’s so sweet name and I associate to the eyes, thanks Mélanie for the flowers, first time I see them 🙂

  7. Silk flowers – In Giverny, they border the streets – as one more garden … splendid and poetic – In Pragua, flowers for balconies !
    Happy Easter, Melanie

  8. iris, the renewed and lasting peace in the nature. van gogh, maybe he was looking for that…

  9. Splendides iris, c’est une merveilleuse plante du printemps.
    Bonne soirée.

  10. Now I know… 😉 Very interesting indeed! Thanks for your explanation, Melanie ❤ 🙂

  11. This is just a test to see if I have returned to my own body!! Hopefully this will work and by way of explanation to others, my earlier comment showed me as Melanie (I wish!) 😀

  12. Iris have always thrilled me… I have happy memories of my father cutting a few and bringing them indoors for my mother and the way the colour instantly lifted the last vestiges of a fading winter in the house. And now I know so much more about them… thank you! 🙂

  13. I love the iris. When I lived in the US, I always had a bouquet of irises for my birthday. Their flowering and my birthday coincided beautifully.

  14. Your blog focuses on the beautiful iris flower today and my blog post is all about orange flowers. It is great that we have an appreciation for the same things! Have a great day, Melanie! Enjoy it to the fullest!

  15. wow, it’s really interesting… I didn’t know much about this flower… I always thought that it’s a really “elegant” flower, I love the petals and the colour… Happy Easter, Mélanie, to you and your family. Cris

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