listening to “born to be wild…”:-)

je pense que la perception d’un seul instant vaut parfois l’expérience de notre passage sur Terre qui pourrait se résumer à quelques images superbes et marquantes, accompagnées par des sentiments et des émotions uniques – où rêve et illusion deviennent réalité… 🙂

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I do believe that the insight of a single moment is sometimes worth the experience of our earthly lifetime that might be summed up into some stunning and memorable images, followed by unique feelings and emotions – where dream and illusion turn into reality… 🙂
* * *
“Easy Rider” – one of the movies that we call in French “film-culte”, was partly shot in the Monument Valley and its famous soundtrack played by “Steppenwolf” – Born To Be Wild:


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  1. I love “to be wild”! What magnificent natural castle towers in the desert!

  2. yes, that was a great story of a contemporary but apocalyptic journey into the unknown…(i still remember very well icons such as monument valley)… “we were born, born to be wild…”

  3. Very interesting features Melanie, I did not know about Easy Rider being filmed in some of those locations, I am a great fan of John Wayne and those features bear resemblance to many in his iconic western movies.

  4. Love that song… looking for adventure… 😀 😀 😀

  5. Vive les road movies, et l’aventure… motorisée ou non!

  6. When I saw the movie so many years ago I could barely remain in my seat at the theater I always found Harley’s to sound like WWII radial airplane engines. The Hells Angels started with pilots returning from the war. Memories in echoes that haunted them…

  7. Fabulous… in a word 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday Melanie. xxx Sue

  8. J’ai “Born to be Wild” comme sonnerie sur mon téléphone.

  9. My daughter and I were just discussing the places we would REALLY love to see in the US and this figured high, of course! Steppenwolf on a Sunday morning… that’ll wake the neighbours 🙂

  10. I saw Monument Valley in a Michael Jackson movie, it was a landscape so fantastic that some years ago I thought that was created in a fashion similar to the Neverending Story movie. Nature follows fantasy 🙂

  11. Cela me fait penser à un beau film que j’ai vu:”Into the wild” sur un jeune homme qui voulait absolument vivre en pleine nature.

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