la couleur du jour – orange nippon pur…:-)

un nouveau crépuscule rapide s’étale sur le ciel dégagé avant d’embrasser l’horizon impatient… j’ai vraiment besoin de mélanger plusieurs mots pour exprimer mes sentiments et mes émotions… tout comme le rouge actif et le jaune chaleureux afin d’obtenir l’orange… voici la couleur dynamique et visible qui tempère toute nuance par son énergie, son intuition et son inspiration – symbole de liberté et de libération… sacrée et pleine de vie, lumineuse et flamboyante, comme un feu purificateur du corps et des passions… entre l’aube et la nuit, les Japonais savent calculer la juste distance qui permet à tout espace de s’ouvrir en grand entre l’extrême Orient et l’Occident… 🙂

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the color of the day: Japanese pure orange… 🙂

another hasty sunset spreads all over the clear sky before kissing the impatient horizon… I have to mix up several words to be able to express my feelings and my emotions… just like the active red and warm yellow to get THE orange… here’s the dynamic and visible color which softens any shade by its energy, its intuition and its inspiration – symbol of freedom and liberation… sacred and lively, glowing and flamboyant, like a purifying fire of the body and of the passions… from dawn to nightfall, the Japanese can reckon the right distance that allows any space to open up between the Far East and the West… 🙂

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  1. This post I have missed… wonderful images.

  2. melanie, thank you for the orange… for the feel of happiness in it! i suppose japan is not a country to which you just show up and wing it 🙂 what about the language barrier? was it very intense?

  3. You are indeed a temptress! Japan is one of the places I have wanted to visit. I did get close spending a few days in Thailand and a month in Vietnam. However, to do so, I would have to leave my beloved France so I shall just enjoy the photos for now at least. 😉 xxx

    • yes, I do admit, your honor! 😉 I love and I often miss Japan, quite and really UNIQUE, nothing in common with Thailand and Vietnam… well, you could leave France, now and then, like me… 🙂

  4. Such gorgeous photos of Japan! I really need to go there soon!

  5. Orange is a stand out colour. Love it.

  6. Stunning pictures. Japanese architecture fascinates me to no end. I enjoyed these a lot, thanks for sharing!

  7. C’est d’une luminosité exceptionnelle qui tranche sur le vert et le bleu des paysages!

  8. De la o vreme a-nceput și mie să îmi placă.

  9. merci de colorer ainsi ma journée – une belle couleur pour débuter la journée

  10. Wonderful share, Melanie… Orange is so vibrant and welcoming. 🙂 xxx

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