cascades de glycines – grappes d’étoiles filantes…

voici les douces et ondoyantes glycines, chères à Monet et à Hokusai, lianes fortes et souples à la beauté impériale… colliers tressés de perles d’améthyste qui honorent le printemps, ultime découverte et réponse à de profonds mystères… cascades éphémères de nectar céleste, espoir d’amour absolu, parfum de brise câline… grappes d’étoiles filantes, joie de nos yeux et marées de plaisir à nos cœurs… ❤
* * *
The botanist Thomas Nuttall named the genus Wisteria in memory of Dr. Caspar Wistar(1761–1818). “Wisteria Lane” is a fictional street in the drama series “Desperate Housewives”… 🙂

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amethyst wisteria falls – clusters of shooting stars…

here are the wavering and soft wisteria flowers, dear to Monet and to Hokusai, flexible and strong lianas of imperial beauty… braided necklaces made of amethyst pearls that honor springtime – ultimate discovery and the answer to deep mysteries… ephemeral waterfalls of heavenly nectar, hope of absolute love, scent of cuddly breeze… clusters of shooting stars, joy of our eyes and delightful tides into our hearts… ❤
* * *
Have an imperial weekend, guys! 🙂


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  1. I love wisteria – though it broke my fence once!!! 🙂

  2. Intoxicating! Tout comme mon village… 🙂

  3. Your beautiful Wisteria brings back many memories for me Melanie, times of long ago in the old village in Tasmania I lived in, 18th century buildings with Wisteria everywhere. I only have to look at your pics of Wisteria and the smell comes back immediately. Great post. Cheers.

    • Hi Ian! I’m glad to hear my pix have reminded you of Tasmania… I’d like to visit it, but it’s sooo far-away from “old Europe”… thanx and have a pleasant Sunday! 🙂

  4. tellement sensuelles, d’une grande richesse de couleur…

  5. How beautiful the wisteria is!

  6. lovely! Beautiful captures. 🙂

  7. J’aime aussi les glycines mais la mienne (beaucoup moins fournie) n’est pas encore en fleurs… Bonne soirée, Mo

  8. I love wisteria – one of my favorites!

  9. Magnifique! Bonne soirée Mélanie! 🙂

  10. Isn’t that Wisteria beautiful! I think I’ll try to grow that. Leslie

  11. Superbes ces glycines, chez nous elles n’en sont qu’à leurs balbutiements, mais cette semaine la floraison s’est bien rattrapée. Bon weekend! Bisous!

  12. Comme c’est magnifique votre glycine Mélanie, beaucoup plus précoce que la nôtre! Un bon week-end fleuri à vous!

  13. Une beauté sublime! And one that does not grow in Québec, dammit!
    Bonne fin de semaine à vous, Mélanie!

  14. Dear Melanie, I can smell them all the way here!!! Love them so, hope you are doing well my dear friend!!! Love and Hugs! xoxo

  15. Beautiful they are, but can cause problems if allowed to grow too close to a house. I had to remove a particularly vigorous plant when we first bought our current home – it had got behind the fascia boards and blocked the guttering. We have a white one growing in our driveway. It adorns several large Queen of the Night Cacti when in full bloom. Quite spectacular.

  16. So beautiful! Merci! 🙂

  17. bonjour! such an uplifting post Melanie! 🙂 and we have wisteria grow wile here in Virginia – it is really pretty – and so are your photos and words – well done – ❤

  18. Lovely floral shots! And they are purple blooms – one of my favorite colors! 🙂 Happy Friday, Melanie!!!

  19. I absolutely ADORE wisteria (it’s only just beginning to show signs of flowering here but I am watching intently!) … and your description is superb … you have excelled yourself for the end of the week, my dear! May your weekend be full of freedom and love and beauty and all things lovely 🙂

    • 1000 merci, F chérie! ❤ comme d'hab', I highly and deeply appreciate your generous words as I'm still a dilettante générale assumée… my very best and same heartfelt wishes to you, rock'n roll babe! 😉

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    Pour Puce 🙂

  21. Mulțumesc pentru o dimineață superb colorată! 🙂

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