white lilac – angel dream…:-)

lilas blanc et son ombre – adorable illusion du paradis retrouvé… beauté immaculée, rêve d’ange, d’amour, de silence, de volupté – Vénus désirée par tous les dieux… 🙂

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white lilac and its shadow – lovely illusion of the paradise regained… pristine beauty, angel dream of love, of silence, of pleasure – desired Venus by all gods… 🙂


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  1. A flower for the Gods indeed ~ there is something special about white lilacs and their dancing with their shadows. Beautiful.

  2. Oh the joys of spring and lilacs. Most lilacs here in Western Canada are purple in color. Lovely photos and thank you for that glimpse of spring we don’t yet have. 🙂

  3. Arrrgh Lilac… Wonderful… I remember my parent’s home we had a white lilac. Lovely until they start to die back… Many thanks for sharing. Hugs, Sue ~ Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. Acum, când primăvara a sosit
    și pomii au izbucnit în floare
    cu gingășie în ele s-a ivit
    un liliac superb de o suavă culoare:
    e albul purității plin de candoare
    ce ne șoptește cu sfială mare,
    să nu-i uităm simbolul
    și-al său parfum de floare…

  5. Wisteria, now lilacs; you have all my favourites. 🙂

  6. Chanceuse! Mes lilacs ne sont que de piètres bourgeons…

  7. Stunning Mélanie! I can smell them from here. 🙂 Of course it doesn’t hurt that there are many blooming here at the moment. 🙂

  8. Your photos are so lovely, I think I can smell them! 🙂 Does the white variety smell similar? Hope all is super in your exciting world dear Melanie 🙂

  9. Eh oui… C’est l’époque du lilas. Dommage que la floraison ne dure guère car l’arbuste en lui-même est assez quelconque en décoration de jardin. Bon WE, Mo

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