Vigur islet and its cute puffins…:-)

after Látrabjarg, the largest seacliff & fearless puffin spot – 14km-long and up to 441m-high, the westernmost point of Iceland and of Europe, if Greenland and the Azores are not counted, here’s tiny Vigur… safe from foxes, “lundi”(puffins in Icelandic!) are everywhere and they provide stunning photographic opportunities, from close range – kinda “bird photography for dummies”… 🙂 these sweet birdies are particularly tame, frequenting the grassy and higher side of the cliffs… Látrabjarg and Vigur are deservedly 2 of the most visited tourist attractions in Iceland’s Westfjords.

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Vigur is the 2nd largest islet(about 2km-long and 400m-wide!) of the Isafjordur Bay – nicknamed “Paradise Island” by its charming owners… 🙂 After 1/2h boat ride from Ísafjörður, you reach this private island that belongs to one family living there all year long, spending much of the winter preparing the eider down, gathered over the summer and sent to their German and Japanese customers. They mainly live on tourism, collection of eggs and puffin hunting: smoked puffin breast tastes like chicken liver, it’s often served with mashed potatoes & gravy – one of Iceland’s national meals… The only wind mill in Iceland and the smallest post office in Europe are on Vigur.
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  1. How awesome to be so close to puffins.

  2. Such gorgeous photos of the rugged landscape! And the puffins – aren’t they the cutest?!!?

  3. What a beautiful place! The scenery and of course the lovely, cute puffins 😉 Must be an ideal location to live as it’s so tranquil… 🙂 Thanks for this delightful post, Melanie ❤ Have a wonderful weekend, mon amie! 🙂

  4. Beautiful scenery, and those little Puffins are absolutely beautiful. What a fantastic Bird.

  5. I have a good friend who recently visited Iceland, and now she loves everything ‘puffin.’ Beautiful photos and post!

    • thanx, Pam and welcome to my rye field! 🙂 I’ve been to unique Iceland twice and I’ll certainly return asap… btw, your state is awesome and interesting, as well… 🙂

  6. Hello friend! I love puffins! Great photos. Beautiful but too cold for me. M

    • thanx, M! between the end of May and the beginning of September, Iceland is really wonderful and not that cold as many people think… and far more interesting than Texas! 😉 last but not least: you’d love its Northern Lights… 🙂

      • You got me there, the Northern Lights are on my Bucket List. I didn’t put my whole list up, it’s quite long. It would be wonderful to escape the Texas heat. I’m married but not blind, I would like to see men from Iceland. I have this image they are taller and not skinny. Nice muscles from the work. Just drifting to fantasy land. Thank you for the photos, the lights have fascinated me since I was a child. At 51 now, that’s a long time. I’ve traveled mostly in Europe. Have a great ‘?’ – I don’t know what day it is there, late Sunday or early Monday. 🙂 M

        • I lived in Houston, TX for 5 years… hey young lady-M, in French we say that life starts at 50… 😉 I’m also quoting Coco Chanel:”No one is young after 50, but one can be irresistible at any age. If a woman is badly dressed, you’ll notice her dress, but if she is impeccably dressed, you’ll notice her. Luxury is not the opposite of poverty but of vulgarity.“ 🙂
          * * *
          we have 7h time difference, so it’s Friday mornin’ and almost 8am here… buenas noches en Tejas y hasta luego, guapa! 🙂

          • Not born Texan just riding thru. Houston is far from Iceland. You’re the same as a friend in Germany. Life didn’t start for me at 50, my health has beat me down. It took two years to find my heart problems. I was getting my grove back and spent a year to learn I have Lyme Disease. Lyme has me changed to house and feeling like death. When I recover in 1-3 years, watch out. I’m so ready to travel. My Bucket List cheers me up when down. I’m writing about a local hot air balloon ride. Hope you’ll stop by and check out the post. I look forward to more great photos from you. It’s Friday at 1:08 am. I don’t know Spanish, travel Spanish. 🙂 M

            • @”Houston is far from Iceland.” – we got back to France several years ago, so Iceland is less than 3h-flight from our “old Europe”… 🙂
              * * *
              thanx for your kind comments, M… ❤ wish you my very best, quick recovery and c u asap! 🙂

  7. Great photos – and I had no idea anyone ate puffin! There’s a bit of learning for me today!

  8. Ştiind cât de mult îţi place să colinzi lumea şi la cât este de deosebită Islanda, era imposibil să nu o vizitezi. M-a fascinat această ţară – din cele citite – şi nu numai pentru frumuseţile pe care le oferă natura ci şi pentru unele aspecte care o deosebesc de alte ţări. Spre exemplu apa filtrata este pompată la robinet în casele oamenilor direct din izvor, iar apa caldă din casele islandezilor provine din gheisere şi izvoare calde. Şi mai îmi place absenţa formalismului: islandezii nu folosesc formula “domnul” sau “doamna” sau chiar “domnişoara” – folosesc doar numele, chiar şi când discută cu preşedintele ţării.

    Acele păsări atât de frumoase se mai numesc cumva şi papagali de mare?

    • ceea ce descrii aici, l-am constatat la fata locului… 🙂 @”papagali de mare”?! – nu stiu, e prima-data când aud… 🙂 puffin – în engleza, macareux moine – în franceza.

  9. oare le plac margaretele?

  10. Îmi plac păsările astea, parcă ar fi niște jucării, și îmi mai plac casele islandezilor, divers colorate și cu acoperișuri ascuțite. Frumoasă plimbare ai făcut, din nou!

    • si mie, iar islandezilor le plac în… farfurie! 😀 am fost de doua ori în Islanda(sud-est si vest) si sigur vom merge si-a 3-a oara, în alte “zone”, cum procedam de ani… 🙂

  11. Puffins are so clown-like. Visit my P=puffin and you can see what Maine puffins are like. In Maine they are closely watched by environmentalists in order to preserve them as a species.

    • Merci, Noëlle, I did visit Maine a few years ago, even Bangor and Portland… I love your state, it looks like our Bretagne, same ocean “oblige” and Acadia Nat Park is sooo pittoresque! 🙂

  12. I love all the photos, especially the puffins!

  13. Sounds like a place with a frozen time, a place where you could feel that you have lived centuries. Curiously my favorite image is the bouquet of daisies (I think they’re daisies) between two birds and the water (Ocean?) flowing with a soft sun.

  14. I love the gaudy painted beaks of puffins… I am sure they are tasty but they look too cuuuuuute! The Island is stunning… I often think I would prefer to be on a remote island with the occasional party of visitors that I could say goodnight to at the end of the day and just be at peace again 🙂

  15. Ayyy! Que lugar tan bello 😀

  16. looks amazing

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