impasse “monplaisir”…:-)

mes plaisirs simples: mon village, un rayon de soleil, mon matou, une aire de jeux et des fleurs… je n’ai aucun problème avec l’âge et les années qui passent, car c’est un privilège rare, refusé à pas mal de gens… je pense que la jeunesse et le bonheur sont une affaire d’état d’esprit et d’imagination… je suis d’accord avec Vincent Scotto:”Mon âge?… question sans importance, même si je le savais, je ne le croirais pas!” 🙂
* * *
“Il nous faut devenir adultes pour comprendre qu’ils n’existent pas et que nous avons été élevés par des enfants que l’armure de nos rires rendaient faussement invulnérables. L’enfant est à l’adulte ce que la fleur est au fruit: elle n’est pas LA certitude du fruit. Pourquoi s’inquiéter de demain, alors qu’aujourd’hui répondra bien à tout. Le futur n’existe pas dans l’enfance, dans le sommeil ou l’amour, dans la vie il n’y a qu’une pluie éternelle de PRÉSENT…”(Christian Bobin)

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my simple pleasures: my village, a sunbeam, my tomcat, a playground and flowers… I have no problem with my age and the passing years, ’cause it’s a rare privilege denied to many people… I think that youth and happiness are a matter of state of mind and imagination… I do agree with Vincent Scotto:”My age?… irrelevant question, even if I knew it, I wouldn’t believe it!” 🙂
* * *
“We need to become adults to understand that they don’t actually exist and that we’ve been brought up by children, and that the armor of our laughter has made them wrongfully invulnerable. A child is to an adult what a flower is to a fruit: it’s not THE certainty of a fruit. Why worry about tomorrow, since today is going to answer right to everything. Future doesn’t exist throughout childhood, sleep or love, there’s only an eternal rain of PRESENT in a lifetime…”(Christian Bobin)
* * *
P.S. now and then our life seems to be a playground: 🙂

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  1. Beautifully put Melanie. Aging is a privilege. ❤

  2. Don’t you forget (sometimes) your age?

  3. I love your simple pleasures!!! and you are ageless!

  4. For those who were denied a childhood, it is never too late to claim one. Some good quotes and beautiful photos! 🙂

  5. simplicité volontaire, le bonheur

  6. Live in the Present! 🙂

  7. Getting older is inevitable, being old is a choice! I always laugh when I hear: You don’t look your age. What is my age supposed to look like? What is 70, 80, 20 supposed to look like? Some are old at 30 and some are tremendously young at 80.

    Enjoy today like there is no tomorrow! That way there is no room for regrets… I have none!

  8. Que j’aime ces plaisirs simples, Mélanie! Une belle caresse à ton joli matou s’il te plaît! Agréable poursuite de ce jour et bonne semaine! Amitiés ❤ 🙂

  9. You’re a beautiful lady, Mélanie and quite interesting. I’d love that female ex-classmates of university were like you, they’re in their early thirties but their natural beauty is hidden in routines, thick clothes, unneeded silicones, or digital filters and mostly in a grey life. If I had the right to choose a travel partner that would be you, the climber and adventurer, above my mates that think in pensions and life insurance and don’t play anymore.

    • muchas gracias por sus generosas palabras, FR que han tocado mi corazón, conmovida y honrada… ❤ personas que me conocen en la vida real piensan que soy muy interesante, tambien… 🙂 he entendido para la generación de las mujeres en sus treinta años: they must be quite boring… 😉 estoy 100% natural, sin cirugía estética, facelifting, siliconas, botox – brrr, que horrible! 😀 nunca he fumado, nunca bebo espíritus – socialmente un vaso de tinto de Bordeaux o de champagne, como sanamente, camino por lo menos 1/2h al día y mucho amor, naturalmente… 😉 last but not least: tengo curiosidad de aprender algo nuevo cada día… espero y deseo que encontrarás la partener de vida asap… abrazitos y hasta luego, guapo e inteligente young man! 🙂

  10. growing old is inevitable I guess, try to keep fit, stay young at heart, but oh my joints tell a different story 🙂 lovely photos, especially the cat 🙂

  11. Ah des tulipes “Lilac wonder”! J’en ai. Elles fleurissent si peu de temps, hélas… J’aime beaucoup l’extrait de Christian Bobin.

  12. You’ve got the right idea Melanie: living in those moments of small pleasures. Growing older is a privilege, even though I know I’ll never really grow up. 🙂

  13. I like your outlook on life Melanie, the simple pleasures in life are beautiful to experience as we get older, your statement that age is a rare privilege denied to many people, is so true and I don’t think people really appreciate those words and their meaning.

  14. Cheers , my dear Melanie! This is the way to face avanced (old) age… Nobody believes me when I declare that I wouldn’t go back to my earlier years, because now I’m happier… congratulations for your young spirit!

  15. Loved the video and my heart always comes to life where animals are concerned. I have a new kitty as of last month. Adopted her. She’s about four and a half now, she was found alongside a road at about two weeks. She is sighted in one eye as her right eye was protruding out and was infected. I adore her as I sense that in this. Cute – Yisraela and Shiloh mummy’s kitty. 💝

    • we’re a family of catlovers, and our Lucky-Loulou is a Spanish tomcat that we saved from the streets of Valencia, Spain several years ago… olé! 🙂 thanx for your friendly visit and have a pleasant Sunday!

  16. Oh you are singing my song!!! I so so sooooo agree… I have a number which I am told is my age but to me it is entirely irrelevant because I intend to LIVE every day I have and LOVE every moment I’m the fortunate one to be able to 😀 By the way, I adore that cat… what a handsome fellow! 🙂

  17. I don’t believe my age when I remember it.

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