I’ve learned that we all can have “angel wings”…:-)

I’ve learned that regardless of how much we know, it’s never enough, but it’s O.K. since every day, with each new experience, we’re offered new opportunities for discovery and growth… learning is always in session and life urges us to excel at being both enthusiastic and inspired – as a current student and a possible teacher, but enthusiasm is simply “caught”, not “taught”… the greatest challenge of our life is to choose and to decide what’s really essential, to do it better and to disregard everything else… the more creative we are, the more things we notice, and we shouldn’t ever look back – except for something positive, useful, necessary, recalling that self-pity is a waste of our precious time and trust is the main factor in our personal and professional relationships…

I’ve learned that “the secret” of growing old gracefully is never to lose interest and excitement for visiting new places and meeting new people… our dreams make us powerful and simple things are often the most satisfying, but if they go wrong now and then, we don’t have to follow them… a full life is not determined by how long we live, but how well we try to live it, our good health is our only wealth… spite is a boomerang – even if it’s never acted out, there’s no elevator to attaining our goals and things we believe in, we have to take the stairs, step by step… life may look like a “blind date”, and sometimes, it’s never late to improve ourselves and to keep up our  self-confidence, ’cause if we’re tempted to rely or depend on others to make us happy, we’ll be endlessly disappointed…
* * *
N.B. these are “caladium – angel wings”; pix taken in Kauai, Hawaii last February… 🙂

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I’ve learned that LOVE is our greatest investment for it returns huge dividends… 🙂 attractiveness is a fine and caring attitude that has nothing to do with face lifts, silicone or botox and, btw, age is important for certain French cheeses or Bordeaux wines… 🙂 heartfelt words and generous deeds can be long-lasting, we can never guess or imagine when and where their influence will end… people who have mastered the art of living seem to be guided by an internal compass: they might not always stay on track, but they do find a way of returning to the proper course… let’s fill up our existence with interesting experiences, not useless worries or false excuses, regrets and remorse over the past and fear of the future – “twin thieves” that rob us of the present moment…

I’ve learned that we could daily reach out and touch folks, we all love that human touch – shaking or holding hands, a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back… about 90% of the things that happen are good and the rest are bad, nevertheless, for our balance and harmony, let’s focus on the 90 percent… so, let’s look ahead, thinking there are still many sunsets to watch, awesome books to read, unknown spots to discover and a lot to learn… if life has taught us “stuff”, let’s share it and pass it on… for a cheerful day, let’s search for something bright and wonderful in Nature, let’s listen to pleasant music, let’s send an optimistic note to someone, let’s do something nice for somebody – without their knowledge, etc… btw, what have YOU learned lately?… 🙂  


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  1. A beautiful & inspirational post. {Abrazos}

  2. Intéressant et très bons mots.

  3. Melanie your philosophy on life is beautiful. If everyone adapted it, the world would surely be in a better state. ❤

  4. I’ve learned that LOVE is our greatest investment for it returns huge dividends! 🙂

  5. Beautiful words Melanie, enjoyed the reading. There is always something to look forward to, and beauty to share.

  6. Beautiful post, Melanie. Rick and I were just talking about this exact thing. You know what? As soon as I stopped letting the past live in the present, the future got interesting and exciting. 😀 😀 ❤ ❤

  7. Very nice, Melanie! Yisraela

  8. This is beautiful, Melanie! ♡ Thank you for your light and airy heart… your optimism is a wonderful trait and I appreciate you! Here’s to always creating… 🙂 ♡♡♡

    • grateful and thankful for your generous comment, LLL = lovely lady Lorrie… ❤ as you've noticed, my playground is stress-free, fun, lighthearted pleasure – "far from the madding crowd"… 🙂

  9. Mélanie, that is one of the best posts ever! As for the ‘lets’, let’s take the road less traveled. I don’t want to get on course as my course keeps changing when something new presents itself… Change is inevitable, growth is optional 🙂 xxx

  10. I think we have to grow up and mature, but we’ve to avoid to get old. I know people who stopped to have interest in their lives, in their twenties. I guess they wiped out their youth very soon. Thanks, Mélanie 🙂

    • I see what you mean ’cause it’s a universal matter… 😉 well, we can’t avoid getting old, and it’s quite a privilege, but age is above all a state of mind… con mucho gusto, FR! 🙂

  11. great text, dear mélanie, love it ❤ life is like a selfmade song. we sing and we choose, from birth till death, which way it's going… happiness could be the rhytm and sorrows the melody. doesn't matter, if it's in versicles or in prose, when the keynote is good. no worries even if the strophes don’t always rhyme. the song is good, when the mood at the end is fine…

  12. What have I learned lately? One thing I’ve learned is that there are few things sadder than retirees who don’t know what to do with themselves (apparently never having had any interests in life beyond their jobs). If nothing else, become a volunteer and help those with problems who aren’t able to enjoy the kind of time you have.

    • you’re sooo right about people who have not prepared their “after-work”(retirement)… sometimes, they even find out that they have nothing in common, no affinity or empathy with their life partner after 2-3 decades together, some of them split or divorce at 60-65…(I’ve known 2 cases these past years!)

  13. Wonderful, profound and inspiring Melanie. I think every person should be a life long learner!

  14. Yes, I agree! What an inspiring post, Mélanie. And I love your shots of the angel wings in the sunshine. Enjoy the day! ~Theadora

  15. Beautifull post. Inspiring.

  16. Thanks a ton for revealing the secret of ageing gracefully dear M. Love and hugs, Roha. 🌻

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