Ciutadella de Menorca – encantadora y atractiva…

Voici la charmante et agréable Ciutadella(“citadelle” en catalan) – l’ancienne capitale de Minorque, avant Maó-Mahón, située à l’extrémité-ouest de l’île, “l’anti-Ibiza”: pas de fard outrancier, pas de DJ “roi de la plage”, pas de “stars”! La vieille ville, classée monument historique, est sillonnée d’un dédale de ruelles médiévales, bordées de palais, d’églises et de forteresses. Dans les environs, il y un important patrimoine archéologique préhistorique: des vestiges mégalithiques de l’âge de bronze(entre 1000 et 300 av. J.-C.). Ce sont des taulas(en forme de “T”) – supposés être des autels; talayots – vastes structures circulaires ou carrées jusqu’à 40m de diamètre; navetas – en forme de bateaux renversés, censés être des habitations ou des sépultures. On ne les retrouve pas dans les autres îles Baléares, ce qui reste un mystère pour tous les archéologues et les historiens.

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This is charming and attractive Ciutadella(“Citadel” in Catalan) – the ancient capital of Menorca before Mao-Mahon(mayonnaise town!), situated at the west end of the island, “the anti-Ibiza”: no outrageous “makeup”, no “king of the beach DJ”, no “stars”! The Old Town is a historical monument itself, crisscrossed by a maze of medieval lanes, palaces, churches and fortresses. Around the outskirts of Ciutadella, there’s still a major archaeological prehistoric heritage: megalithic vestiges of the bronze age – between 1000 and 300 B.C. These are called: taulas(“T” shaped), meant to be altars; talayots – large circular or square structures up to 40m in diameter; navetas – shaped upturned boats, supposedly dwelling places or tombs. They are exclusive to Menorca and aren’t found on the other Balearic islands – yet a mystery to all archaeologists and historians.
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long story, short: I highly recommend Menorca Balearic island and if you plan to visit it, feel free to contact me, please… 🙂


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  1. Les vestiges sont impressionnants… Bon week-end! Bisous!

  2. Ohhhh, I would love to visit the Mediterranean one day. Beautiful photos.

  3. Fascinating and really colourful! I love the way archaeologists always ascribe anything they are not sure of to having a religious significance. I imagine that in a future time, if all they could find of our civilization was the remnants of a car, they would say it had been a conveyance to bring offerings to the god of the time.

    • yes, Menorca is a must-visit… oh, you may be right about THE car as a possible or probable “god”, but for the moment, let’s live in the present time! 🙂

  4. La Harpie Feroce

    Solide comme un roc.

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