rêve dans un champ de coquelicots…:-)

motto:”J’ai rêvé tellement fort de toi… j’ai marché, parlé, aimé ton ombre, qu’il ne me reste plus rien de toi… seulement l’ombre qui viendra et reviendra dans ta vie ensoleillée…”(Robert Desnos)

je ne sais pas qui tu es, comment tu es, puisque je ne t’ai jamais rencontré, je ne t’ai jamais entendu et je n’ai jamais pu toucher ton ombre avec un baiser appuyé… mes mains ne se sont jamais posées sur tes épaules, mes doigts ne t’ont jamais caressé le front ou les paupières… c’était juste la douce brise arrivée du désert de ton amour… tu me sens, tu me guettes, tu me désires, ton corps tourbillonne, ton souffle est à bout chaque fois que tu penses à moi… tu as la tête dans les nuages, la mienne est dans les étoiles, mais où es-tu en ce moment, dans quel hémisphère, dans quelle galaxie?… certains mots se sont cachés sous ma peau et me rappellent que j’ai rêvé de toi la nuit dernière, nous étions dans un champ de coquelicots recouverts d’azur intense et bouleversant…

je t’ai aperçu de loin, tu avais froid et chaud à la fois, ton cœur paraissait perdu, il battait très fort, il essayait de rester en vie, il a voulu se poser dans la paume de ma main droite… tu m’a appelée d’une voix déchirante, pendant qu’un vol d’oiseaux métalliques se pressait au-dessus de nous… j’ai tenté de te toucher l’âme, mais trop tard, tu avais déjà disparu… curieusement, toutes les images colorées du début sont devenues noires et blanches, mon rêve s’est brisé, évaporé, je n’ai pas réussi à l’interpréter ou à le déchiffrer… alors, j’ai souri et j’ai songé arithmétiquement: nous sommes une équation impossible à résoudre dans un seul rêve, mais nous savons que nous nous reverrons dans un monde parallèle qui est en attente… et puis, c’est merveilleux de rêver notre réalité – en écoutant cette merveilleuse chanson: 🙂   

“Nous nous reverrons un jour ou l’autre
Si vous y tenez autant que moi…
Prenons rendez-vous,
Un jour n’importe où –
Je promets que j’y serai sans faute…
Le hasard souvent fait bien les choses,
Surtout quand on peut l’aider un peu…
Une étoile passe, et je fais un vœu:
Nous nous reverrons un jour ou l’autre…”
Charles Aznavour: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxuxzGPfIwI

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motto:”I’ve dreamed of you so much… I’ve walked, I’ve talked, I’ve loved your shadow, so that I have nothing left of you… just the shadow that will come back again into your sunny life…”(Robert Desnos)

sunny dream in a poppy field… I do not know who you are, how you are, ’cause I’ve never met you, I’ve never heard from you, and I’ve never touched your shadow with a kiss… my hands have never stopped over your shoulders, my fingertips have never cuddled your forehead or your eyelids… it’s been just the sweet breeze that had come in from the desert of your love… you feel me, you watch me, you want me, your body swirls, you are breathless whenever you think of me, your head is in the clouds, mine is in the stars, but where are you right now, in which hemisphere, in what galaxy?… a few words have hidden under my skin and they remind me of my dream with you last night… we were in a poppy field, covered by an intense and overwhelming blue…

I could see you from afar, you were cold and warm at the same time, your heart seemed lost, it would beat very fast, doing its best to stay alive, it needed to rest in the palm of my right hand, you called me with a heartbreaking voice, while a flight of metal birds flew over us… I attempted to reach your soul, but too late, you were already gone… strangely enough, all the previous colorful images turned into black and white, my dream fell into pieces and vanished, I wasn’t able to interpret it or to puzzle it out… I smiled and I figured it out arithmetically: we are an unsolvable equation throughout one dream, but we both know that we’ll meet soon in a stand-by parallel world… and then again, it’s wonderful to dream our reality, listening to Charles Aznavour’s wonderful song: 🙂

we’ll meet again one day or another,
if you really want as much as I do…
let’s make an appointment
any day, anywhere –
I do promise that I’ll be there…
chance often gets to fix things up
especially if we can help it out a little…
a star passes by, and I make a wish:
we’ll meet again one day or another…”

N.B. todah-thanx-merci “ahermin” for your inspiring pix… 🙂  


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  1. I like your interpretation of longing, desire and hope for a future meeting. I probably would have come up with more ominous words looking at this photo. That’s why I’m so happy to visit your virtual playground 🙂

    • “ominous words”?… WHY, young lady?… btw, it’s just my imagination like (in) the song of the “Cranberries”… 🙂 P.S. I’ve also visited your blog, I wanted to post a comment on Medelin, but… impossible!

      • I see red skies and red flowers and my thoughts stray to calamity… It’s my dark imagination. Can’t help it 🙂 Sorry about the comments – I got into a snit about something and disabled the comments. I’m a volatile creature… Can’t help that either! 😛

        • Melissa, you don’t need to apologize for your “dark imagination”… as for “the snit”, I do hope it’s temporary, try to stay positive and optimistic, to relativize and to see things or other “stuff” into perspective… 🙂 I’d really like to help you out, if you think I can, don’t hesitate to contact me, please.

          • Yes, my issue was only temporary. I just needed to step back and distance myself from the blogosphere a bit. It’s helped tremendously and soon I’ll start asking for comments again. Thanks for your concern! It’s so kind of you to offer your help. 🙂

  2. What a dreamy image! Coqueliquots are among my favorite flowers…

  3. Superbes coquelicots.

  4. just stunning images!!! breathtaking! Poppy fields, so full of dreams!

  5. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous, Mélanie!

  6. Mélanie, with that photo of the poppies in front of the sunset, you have outdone yourself! xxx

    • merci, Léa, mais j’ai bien précisé que les photos avaient été prises par mon ami “ahermin”: N.B. todah-thanx-merci “ahermin” for your inspiring pix… 🙂

  7. Mes vers préférés de Desnos… La vie, c’est comme ça…

  8. Très belle histoire. Merci Mél@nie!

  9. I’ve seen Ahermin’s photographs before, I like so much the colors of his/her work (I didn’t find much information besides his/her generosity) And your words, so many fantastic images in them… It was like reading an epic romance. I love how it doesn’t end in tragedy, but accept the reality beyond the story. Gracias, Mélanita! ^_^

    • con mucho gusto, FR… my friend, Hermin is a talented, smart, generous and handsome gentleman… es un “león”, también! 🙂 P.S. still in Peru?… 😉

      • Oh, yes! I’m still in Peru, I wanted to go to Chile this morning, but I was with the body tired and with the mind distracted, so I opted to rest. Then I’m still here! 🙂 It was a little odyssey. Another león, well, now we are two leones :D, in this part of the world, there aren’t so many lions, because of the climate, couples have children born in spring or summer. We are lions of winter.

  10. Très beau, Mélanie et j’adore les images! Très bonne semaine ensoleillée à vous!

  11. Wow, incredibly beautiful.

  12. Oh, Mélanie, I enjoyed this post and the music so much. Thanks for sharing it. I pray you have a fabulous week ahead of you. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

  13. Orice superlativ aș folosi, tot îmi pare că n-ar fi îndeajuns… ❤

    Săptămâna minunată să-ți fie! Ca un câmp de maci în floare. 🙂

  14. Yes, beautiful pictures! Your words could be the passion and mystery found in a romance novel. ❤

  15. La Harpie Feroce

    Ils sont beaux vos coquelicots, Mela de Toulouse – coucher du soleil à 22h06!

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