pristine white petals – Milky Way on Earth…:-)

j’ai souvent pensé que les fleurs blanches ressemblent à un avant-goût de paradis et du “déjà-vu”… pourtant, elles sont une incitation à la joie et au ravissement de la vie – une exaltation à sa densité et à sa beauté… c’est une illusion de liberté qui nous détourne de l’angoisse métaphysique causée par le temps… l’AMOUR reste l’unique “palliatif” pour oublier ou contourner notre quête – de partir et de nous évader en dehors de nous-mêmes pendant quelques secondes… et d’autoriser notre cœur à aimer, malgré le risque de (nous) “perdre”… enivrons-nous avec le nectar doux-amer de ces fleurs de juin, sorte d’empreintes virtuelles, donc temporaires… 🙂

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I’ve often thought white flowers seem to display a foretaste of heaven, and yet, it’s kinda “déjà-vu”, they are an encouragement to live and to enjoy living – an exaltation of its density and its beauty… just an illusion of freedom that diverts us from the metaphysical anguish caused by time… LOVE is the only workaround(“palliation”!) to forget our quest, to get away and to skip out of ourselves for a few seconds… and to let our heart love, despite the risk of losing ourselves or getting “lost”… let’s get “drunk” with the bitter-sweet nectar of these June flowers – sort of virtual prints, therefore temporary…
* * *
P.S. mon collier blanc s’appelle “Voie Lactée” – my white necklace is called “Milky Way”… 🙂


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  1. I like your idea of white flowers being like a Milky Way on earth. Lovely.

  2. Beautiful images and such an uplifting message 🙂

  3. I’ve never liked receiving flowers as gifts because I know they’ll fade quite soon. But you’re right, Melanie, you should just enjoy the blooms while they last and not worry about what’s going to happen later 🙂 Love the necklace! What a fantastic design!

    • I do understand you, Melissa, even though I appreciate a bunch of flowers offered by close and loved ones: to me, their thought and intention matter more than anything else… 🙂 oh, if you really like my necklace, I could send one, I’m serious! RSVP! 🙂

      • That’s very kind of you, but I’m currently without a permanent address. Did you make it yourself?

        • O.K. I can see your actual IP… 😉 oh, I have NO artistic talent, as if I had 2 left hands, while being right-handed… 🙂 but I could get you another one for less than 5 euros(3-4 US$!)…

  4. florile sunt trecatoare… important este acel “strop de stralucire” dintre cele doua coordonate.

  5. Beautiful thoughts here!

  6. White flowers will cleanse the hearts of people.

  7. ow, les fleurs du magnolia… ❤

  8. I read once that to Asians white means death and red, love, to westerners white is love and red is death like blood. I think white is more like purity, and also opportunities… a white paper can live infinite worlds with a pencil. Beautiful flowers and exotic necklace, Cappy gal! 😉

  9. De la très belle poésie, comme d’habitude, Mélanie!

  10. White flowers are my favorite! Followed by purple and yellow. I have banned pink from my garden. Je ne vois jamais la vie en rose. 😉

    • O.K. Ma’am… we have again similar tastes, and guess what: I never see la vie en rose either, I’m a realistic earthly sign and I see things the way they are, not how they should be… 🙂 so you’ll have somme purple flowers asap… 😉

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