Rocamadour – nid d’aigle en équilibre au-dessus de nos têtes…:-)

Rocamadour est également un site touristique de premier plan, l’un des plus visités de France, avec presque 2 millions de visiteurs par an, après Le Mont-Saint-Michel, la cité de Carcassonne, la Tour Eiffel et le château de Versailles… 🙂

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Rocamadour – an eagle’s nest over our heads… 🙂 2h-drive from Toulouse, also known as the “Faith citadel” – a great tourist attraction, one of the most visited spots in France, almost 2 000 000 visitors a year, after Mont-Saint-Michel, Carcassonne, the Eiffel tower and Versailles… 🙂 more here:
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  1. like a place in a storybook. Lovely photo of you there!

  2. Rocamadour must be the half way point between you and I… it is two hours from home and is number one on the list of places my daughters each insist on being taken to again and again when they are over. It is just incredible clinging to the rock face as it is – time for another visit, I think!

  3. Beautiful Melanie! When I visited there it took my breath away. Thank you for sharing fond memories!

  4. It looks like a town from a fairy tale 🙂 Shame on me, I’ve never heard of this place. Thank you for adding the link to its page on Wikipedia. Best wishes!

  5. Not being an eagle, I would find those heights difficult. I would remain at the bottom, looking up at the beautiful sights.

  6. “Imi petrec viata pe strazile oraselor pe care le vizitez. Nu un muzeu te face sa intelegi un oras, ci mersul pe strazile lui.”(Woody Allen) p.s. frumoasa perspectiva vazuta de pe acoperis.

  7. Je dois visiter! Je connais bien le fromage! Il me semble quand même qu’il faut y aller hors-saison, Mélanie!

  8. Imensitate și splendoare… Salutări din Basarabia, dragă Melanie! Mulțumesc pentru o sărbătoare-a ochilor!

  9. Oh boy, If I let my husband see this, we will definitely have to find a way to go there. I would never make it up the stairs, but usually there’s a cafe at the bottom. 🙂

  10. Oh! Je connais Mélanie! J’ai eu le bonheur d’y passer, lors de mon voyage en France!
    Bons souvenirs! Bon week-end tout entier! ❤ 🙂

  11. A masterpiece of photography. Intensely beautiful. You leave me no choice now. I will have to visit France! I really need to learn the French language. Blessings.

  12. Roca de Amador 🙂 btw, you look great!!!

    • Ròc Amadori(Rocamajor) – in Occitan dialect, spoken in our région Midi-Pyrénées… gracias por tu amabilidad y generosidad, me han dicho que I look great por varias personas, debe ser cierto, I presume… 😉

  13. J’ai visité Rocamadour l’année dernière. La petite cité mérite bien sa réputation. A visiter absolument… de préférence en dehors de la haute saison pour en profiter encore mieux.

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