Lourdes et ses “marchands du temple”…:-)

il faut le voir pour le croire: à Lourdes, l’Éden ou le Paradis sont au centre-ville… 🙂 à propos, je suis entièrement d’accord avec Khalil Gibran:“Votre vie quotidienne est votre temple et votre religion…” – pur et simple bon sens! 🙂

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Here’s Lourdes and its “merchants of the temple” where Eden or Paradise are downtown: you have to see it, to believe it! 🙂 btw, I totally agree with Khalil Gibran:“Your daily life is your temple and your religion…” – pure and simple common sense! 🙂


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  1. this post obviously hit some kind of nerve. I take the long view that whatever people believe, will help them, pulls out some kind of “faith energy” that does – at times – work miracles. It’s actually a human force, and not exclusive to any specific religion or belief. What’s interesting is that people think it comes from outside, whereas they’ve just activated their inner souls (or whatever). In my opinion, all the market hoopla is irrelevant.

  2. our whole life can be a sacred ritual! I agree with Gibran but I would like to see Lourdes!

  3. Amazing! I think I prefer Gibran’s point of view.

  4. Thanks for sharing this! Btw, I love Gibran!

  5. De Lourdes! tous à la Lourde…!!!

  6. Même si on ne peut pas ne pas les voir, lorsqu’il m’arrive d’aller à Lourdes, je ne prête attention qu’à ce qui est essentiel, et ce ne sont pas les “marchands du temple” qui arrivent à me perturber! 🙂 Belle soirée à toi! 🙂

  7. well, the pursuit of money does seem to be the universal religion. My brother tells me the Holy Land sites are the same way. I wonder if Mecca is?

  8. Pardon, cind am fosi in Pirinei acum 4 ani 🙂

  9. Hi Mela, nu pot sa nu iti spun ca am fost aici cind am fost la Nice anul trecut. A short hello from an old friend. 🙂

  10. My French dictionary has two definitions for Paradis:”paradise” and “tax haven” (not “tax heaven,” though I’m not sure what the difference is). In any case, I don’t doubt that the Vatican has a fervent belief in both definitions!

    • correct, Sir! you must have found “paradis fiscal”(no tax or duty-free heaven!) and you may know that the Vatican is THE richest state(sic!) in the world… read my mind, please! 😉

  11. Hmmm, no ‘Like’ button today, so…”Like”

  12. Un plaisir pour moi, de revoir ces lieux en photos, Mélanie! Bon dimanche tout entier! 🙂 ❤

    • comme on n’était pas y allé depuis qqs années, on s’est arrêté il y a 2 jours, en route vers Gavarnie, et… oh, surprise: de plus en plus de “marchands du temple” partout!!! 😀 merci et pareillement, Colette! 🙂 ❤

  13. Să ne facem din fiecare zi… o viață?!… 😀

  14. I’m with Khalil Gibran on this one, but it is certainly interesting to visit such a place of pilgrimage for followers of a particular religion. That said – my husband refuses to accompany me… supposedly open minded scientist, suddenly closes off completely – it’s a work in progress! 😉

  15. Tout-à-fait d’accord, dieu c’est l’univers dans sa totalité, et tout comme mes idées et mes opinions, je les ai dans ma tête, et pas sur mes tee shirts, ou mes tickets de cb.

  16. interesting, thank you for sharing, Melanie!

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