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Surnommé “Colosseum de la nature” par Victor Hugo, le site de Gavarnie est un cirque naturel de type glaciaire, situé dans les Hautes-Pyrénées(à 2h 1/2 de Toulouse), et il fait partie du Parc National des Pyrénées, classé en 1997 au patrimoine mondial de l’humanité par l’Unesco. Sa grande cascade de 423m est l’une des plus hautes d’Europe. Il ressemble à un amphithéâtre fermé par des falaises de 400m de haut et entouré par des pics parmi les plus hauts des Pyrénées, notamment le Mont Perdu(3355m), côté espagnol. 12kms de randonnée(aller-retour) dans un décor majestueux, comme on dit: une vraie promenade de santé! 🙂
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voici qqs photos prises hier – a few pix taken yesterday… 🙂

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Nicknamed “Colosseum of nature” by Victor Hugo, Gavarnie is a “cirque” of glacial origin, situated in the Hautes-Pyrénées(south-western France, 2h 1/2-drive from Toulouse), part of the Pyrénées National Park, ranked as World’s Heritage by UNESCO in 1997. Its main waterfall(423m) is one of the highest in Europe. It looks like an amphitheater enclosed by 400m-high cliffs, and surrounded by some of the tallest peaks of the Pyrénées, including Monte Perdido(3355m), on the Spanish side. 12km-hike(round trip) across a majestic scenery, as we say in French: a true healthy stroll! 🙂
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more @ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cirque_de_Gavarnie


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  1. It won’t surprise you to learn that I LOVE this! Next time my own love is here, I shall insist we take some time in the Hautes-Pyrenees… we only managed the briefest sojourn in Ariege this time but that the thing… planning and looking forward to things is lovely too! 🙂

    • you did guess: I’m not surprised at all… 😉 l’Ariège and its petites Pyrénées are fine, but les Hautes-Pyrénées are simply grandioses… btw, les Pyrénées Orientales(franco-catalanes) et Atlantiques(Côte Basque) are absolute must-visit spots, too… 🙂

      • That’s a promise too… actually, I have been trying to work out where I would have crossed the border into Spain many years ago with a group of friends, when we ended up staying the night in Pamplona… I must get the map out! Husband has been to Pau recently and I do intend to look at all of the Pyrenees – so much to discover! 🙂

        • was your darlin’ in Pau for the “Symposium international sur les matériaux en environnement spatial” from 22nd thru 26th of last June?… ’cause my beloved one was there, too, with an ex-colleague from NASA and a friend from ONERA… 🙂

          • I spoke to my love last night and he reminded me it was Perpignan not Pau! So exactly the other side of the mountains! He also said he would have loved to have been at the conference your beloved attended – very interested! 🙂 He was meeting a rather eccentric woman who has funding to pursue some far-fetched theories on matter in the atmosphere. He, of course, is interested even if things sound bizarre, because that’s how we progress. I need to go to Pau and Perpignan, of course! 😉 xxx

  2. This is fantastic formation and your images are breathtaking.

  3. Hi Melanie! Happy week!

  4. Magnificent, and healthy… but a stroll? 😀

  5. Such lovely images of the waterfalls and the countryside. Love the beautiful buildings!

  6. Ok you’ve done it, I need to go there! I’m packing my suitcase. It might take years but when the time comes, I want to be ready. 🙂 Incredibly beautiful.

  7. C’est en effet sublime! Merci pour les photos, Melanie, et les souvenirs.

    • avec joie, Évelyne… tu sais que Toulouse est à 2h-drive des Pyrénées et de la Méditerranée, mais nous adorons les montagnes – et les volcans – depuis qqs décennies… 🙂

  8. La Harpie Feroce

    Il y a pleins d’arbres chez vous, Mela de Toulouse.

  9. Wow! Were you just here? That is awesome. Maybe…………………

  10. Majestic! Epic place Mélanita, thanks 🙂

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